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#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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One of the biggest components of Instagram strategy is hashtags— although hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007, they’ve been a longtime staple for getting more reach for your Instagram content and making your posts discoverable. 

There’s much to be said for Instagram hashtags and the results that they can provide, but it can be tough to pin down strategies that actually work.

How do I know which hashtags to use? How many should I use? Where do I put them? 

It’s a lot to consider, and using simple guesswork to drive results through hashtags on Instagram is not a viable option. So, how can you find out which hashtags will work for you? 

We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help optimize your Instagram hashtag strategy through the use of a free Instagram hashtag generator.

This is one of the best ways to keep your hashtags organized and always stay on top of hashtag trends in your niche. 

In this guide, we shall cover: 

  • Top free Instagram hashtag generators
  • What an Instagram hashtag generator is 
  • The benefits of using Instagram hashtags
  • 5 pro tips to optimize your Instagram hashtag strategy
  • FAQs regarding Instagram hashtags

After you review this guide, we’re sure that you’ll have the confidence and know-how to take your hashtags to the next level and see better results for your content through higher engagement, more reach, and increased follower counts, just to name a few. 

Ready to get the most out of Instagram hashtags? Let’s go! 

List of the Best Free Instagram Hashtag Generators

  1. Flick – 🏆 Winner!
  2. MetaHashtags
  3. Inflact’s Hashtag Generator

The Best Free Instagram Hashtag Generators, Examined 

Now that we know the benefits of using Hashtags on Instagram, you’re probably ready to find out about the awesome tools that can help you find just the right ones for your content. 

As with most things, there are plenty of paid hashtag tools that you can use; that said, finding ways to maximize on your budget is always important, and you should know about the best free tools on the market that deliver results. 

There are actually a good number of free Instagram hashtag generators, so we’ve compiled a list of the top ones so that you can have the highest level of success while spending the least amount of money. 

That way, you can allocate those dollars into other elements of your Instagram strategy and management.

Here we will identify and discuss the top 15 free Instagram hashtag generators and discuss who they’re best for, what features you can expect, cost (if any), and a final verdict on the tool. 

1. Flick


Best for: Individuals, small to large businesses, freelancers looking for an optimal and thorough hashtag strategy. 

Features: Flick is known as the best Instagram hashtag generator, and that’s not all that it can do for you. It has a variety of other high-quality features that are among the best in social media.  

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Flick allows you to search hashtags based on filters, post hashtags and captions with your content, organize hashtags into sets, analyze hashtag performance, track post-performance and analysis, schedule Instagram posts of all kinds, view your Instagram content visually before it goes live, and more. 

It’s clear that Flick can provide benefits for hashtag generation and at the same time create a streamlined workflow that will keep you running on schedule. 

Pricing: Flick has two affordable no-contract plans, Solo ($15/mo) and Growth ($49/mo). 

Verdict: If you’re looking for value and quality, Flick is definitely the best in the business. Flick has excellent reviews. Their user interface is unmatched and they also use official data from Instagram’s API to construct the hashtag rankings and performance evaluations.

The sets make posting a breeze and you get so many other features. It’s not free, but they may be releasing a free version very soon. 

2. MetaHashtags


Best for: Anyone looking for a better hashtag strategy 

Features: One of the most popular tools out there for hashtag generation, MetaHashtags offers you a variety of different ways to track and search for hashtags.

You can use a variety of filters, save to collections, export hashtags, detect and remove banned hashtags, and more. 

You can get hundreds of hashtag results through this service and also see what hashtags others are using.

Price: While there is an effective free version of this tool, if you’re looking to access some of the more advanced features and filtering, you’ll need a subscription. Subscriptions range from 9 Euros to 29 Euros per month. 

Verdict: It’s a powerful tool and can offer a lot of great suggestions for hashtags. If you can budget some funds for a hashtag tool investment, this is a good option; if not, you can still rely on the free version. 

3. Inflact’s Hashtag Generator


Best for: users that like AI and want multiple ways to search for hashtags

Features: Inflact will allow you to generate hashtags by keyword, by photo, or by URL. In addition, they have three sections that include hashtag generator, hashtag trends, and hashtag details. 

Inflact Hashtag Generator is also available on iOS allowing you to use their services from a mobile device. It’s a very easy-to-use platform and Inflact gives a lot of advice about how to use it and what it can do for your IG performance. 

Price: The hashtag generator by Inflact is free

Verdict: Inflact has created a solid hashtag generator that will give you a go-to spot for accurate hashtag information. No place to store tags, unfortunately. 

4. Analisa


Analisa is one of those hashtag generators that might not have been around for too long, but what they lack in reputation, they make up for in expertise.

They have wasted no time in perfecting their craft, and all you need to do in order to come up with the most robust hashtag strategy for your Instagram profile is enter a hashtag that you would like to research, or the URL of an Instagram profile that you are interested in competing against.

As far as people that they assist, they can help everybody from influencers, agencies, media publishers, and brand marketers, and they can help you with follower demographics, campaign reporting, historical data, competitive analysis, and influencer mapping.

5. Tags Finder


Best for: those looking to target hashtags by country and other filters 

Features: Tags Finder makes it easy to use specific search filters for hashtags and will also provide 30 results for each search. In your search, you can use up to 10 hashtags and they’ll find related best options. 

You can then copy those hashtags for easy posting. Another great feature of Tags Finder is that they’ll give statistics, related hashtags, similar hashtags, as well as info about banned hashtags.

Price: The service and all of the above offerings are free.

Verdict: Tags Finder is a no-frills tool to help you get some more ideas about which hashtags can help your Instagram performance. They don’t have an option to make hashtag sets, which is a downside. 

6. Hashtracking


Best for: Those who like analytics as well as data in infographics.

Features: Hashtracking will provide you with a variety of detailed reports about your hashtag use and explore hashtags and see what their performance is like. 

Many of their services come at a price, but you can access their Historical Instagram and Twitter Snapshot reports at no charge.

If you’d like to check out relevant data for your Instagram or would like extremely detailed reports for a fee, Hashtracking is for you. 

Price: Plans start at $60 per month and go up to $1800 per month but you can access the IG and Twitter historical reports at no charge. 

Verdict: It’s a good reference point and the data they provide is incredibly valuable. Unless you’re willing to pay for their services, Hashtracking probably won’t be a long-term solution but more of a resource. 

7. Command


Best for: IG users who want to have a complete understanding of their hashtag use and what recommendations are best. 

Features: Command Instagram Analytics is an app that can help you to figure out exactly what’s going on with your Instagram hashtag strategy and historical hashtag performance.

You’ll be able to see where you have potential mistakes and optimize your actions. 

You can get caption and hashtag recommendations, profile analytics, demographics, scheduling, and more. 

Price: Command is free with the potential for in-app purchases in the form of a subscription, which they do give a free trial for. 

Verdict: If you like to view your information on a mobile device and want a dedicated app for hashtag suggestions and performance, Command is a solid, well-rated option. 

8. Display Purposes

Display Purposes

Best for: IG users who like interesting website design and need a reliable source of IG hashtags 

Features: Display purposes has a very simple setup; all you have to do is type a few hashtags in the box and you’ll get some suggestions.

The great thing is that the service will also let you know which ones are banned or spammy by removing any of these suggestions before you even have to see them. 

They also offer the option to scan your IG profile for any banned hashtags you previously used. 

The limit for searches is 30 hashtags and you can choose how many  up to that number that you want them to provide. In addition, Display Purposes offers an informative blog with a lot of great IG tips. 

Price: Free

Verdict: Display Purposes is a valuable and very simple hashtag generator that has blog content about Instagram strategy; even if you don’t use their hashtag generator, check out their blog— free advice. 

9. AutoHash


Best for: users who want to use their phones or pictures for hashtag generation

Features: This app is available for both Android and iOS, it allows you to upload a photo and it will provide you with relevant hashtags for the photo that you provided. 

How? It uses this through a computer vision algorithm; you can also get location-based hashtags that are relevant through their geo technology.

It’s very easy to add the selected hashtags and you can even use their app for auto hashtag creation. 

Price: AutoHash is free with in-app purchases

Verdict: It’s interesting that you can use photos to create hashtags and their auto hashtag generator is a nice feature. 

10. Photerloo


Best for: Tech people who like to use advanced AI developments 

Features: Photerloo is another awesome app option for hashtag generation that allows you to find hashtags directly from a photo that you upload.

You’ll be able to get keyword and hashtag suggestions and upload this photo to multiple sites. 

You’ll gain 5 photo uploads per week with their free plan. You can get hashtags for not only Instagram but also for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. 

Price: Free with paid options $60/year or $8/mo

Verdict: If you want a hashtag generator that works strictly with photos, Photerloo is a great option for both Android and iOS.



Best for: users looking for popular hashtags and hashtag combinations

Features: You’ll be able to get relevant hashtag recommendations from SISTRIX that are connected to your niche. 

These recommendations come from a database of over 15 billion hashtag combinations, and these combinations are updated on a regular and frequent basis. 

You’ll get suggestions of up to 30 different hashtags and it’s a very simple generator to use

Price: Free

Verdict: SISTRIX offers a wide variety of hashtag combinations but doesn’t provide as much analytics and filters as other services. 

12. Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa

Best for: Indecisive users that need guidance

Features: Ask Lisa is a unique app in the sense that not only will the app provide you with relevant hashtags for your photos, it will also tell you which photo is best and which one will get you the top results on Instagram. 

Ask Lisa is an app that is available on iOS and Android and it is very user friendly. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Verdict: This is a really cool app that can help you to make better decisions about your content while getting hashtag recommendations for your specific content. 

What is an Instagram Hashtag Generator? 

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of Instagram hashtag generators, we first need to understand exactly what they are and what kind of tools they can provide. 

An Instagram hashtag generator is a tool that provides you with a go-to resource for hashtags that will perform well on Instagram in your niche. They can work for any niche and can provide you with new hashtag options you’d not previously considered. 

In fact, you can usually perform targeted Instagram hashtag searches and the generator will populate a list of viable hashtags that are going to bring you the best results when you use them on your posts. 

Other features of an Instagram hashtag generator include things like trending hashtags, hashtag organization and set creation, search filters, and more. 

It can be incredibly tedious and time consuming to track your own hashtag performance without the use of a hashtag generator; it takes time to compile all of the tags you used, when you posted it, what results you got, and then compare the data as a whole. 

Some hashtag generators will also provide you with analytics, but one thing is for sure— when you use a hashtag generator you know that the hashtags are high performance and will get you more reach than simply guessing and crossing your fingers. 


We’ve reached the end of our Instagram hashtag generator guide.

Now you’re well equipped with 15 of the absolute best hashtag tools for Instagram to help you find the optimal hashtags for your profile and get more followers and engagement, hopefully turning that into profit. 

Not only do you have 15 tools to choose from, you’ve got extensive information on how to best implement hashtag strategy as well as common questions answered related to hashtags. 

Do you have any go-to hashtags?

What else would you like to know about hashtags on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!