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Flick Reviews 2024

These days, it is pretty difficult to get around the fact that hashtags are pretty important when it comes to your social media growth in general, and we aren’t just talking about Twitter.

Yes, hashtags originated on Twitter, but over the last few years, they have exploded onto the scene when it comes to other social media networks, and as a result, you can find them virtually anywhere.

This means that you can hardly ignore the importance of hashtags in relation to the success of your social media networks these days, so if you’re wanting to take care of your brand, and really nurture your hashtag strategy, you might want to make the most of a company that could help you with this.

Let’s review one company in particular and determine whether they are worth your time or not when it comes to your hashtag strategy on Instagram.

What is Flick?

Flick logo

Flick is a discovery tool for hashtags that makes the most of artificial intelligence to assist people in finding the right hashtags for their industry and niche.

Flick Tech can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend researching for the ideal hashtags for your social media profiles.

In fact, they reduce this time so much that it is only going to take you a few minutes, when the task can typically take a few hours.

They let users filter their hashtags based on size and engagement, as well as topic.

Using hashtags that you have sourced through Flick Tech can help you connect better with your target audience, which is naturally going to lead to an increase in engagement, growth, and lead generation.

Getting Started with Flick


One of the things that you are going to love about Flick Tech, which we discovered when reviewing them, is that their process is a lot more straightforward than you might think.

They have a service model that has just three steps: search, manage, and optimize.

They have a hashtag search feature that lets you find other hashtags that are relevant to the ones that you are currently using with your social media content.

The best part is that they don’t just throw random hashtags your way that are slightly relevant, they find ones that rank high when it comes to engagement.

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Another feature of Flick Tech that we really like is what is called a viral post finder.

This is the kind of feature that can help you understand and find different kinds of content, and how each of your content type performs with your audience.

You can also locate other people’s content that includes this kind of information. Images are going to come up in search results so that you can see why and how they are so popular.

For this review of Flick Tech, we decided to take a look at a number of different features, including how they manage things, and how they collect hashtags.

They have a feature where you can archive and create a library of your favorite hashtags, in case you want to keep them for the future.

You can also export your hashtag lists to a number of different devices, which makes it super easy to save them, and then apply them to posts in the future.

Flick hashtags

They have also just released a mobile app, so that you can access hashtags that you have stored in your collection really easily.

Lastly, Flick Tech offers a hashtag metrics feature. This is all the information that Flick Tech thinks is important and relevant to the hashtags that you have looked for.

They’re going to offer up information about things like daily average post count, as well as potential reach, and the number of average likes.

👉 Get started with Flick FREE

Of course, this is going to assist you with working out which hashtags are working well when it comes to your content and your brand, and which ones aren’t.

We think that it is really easy to get started with Flick Tech. Once you have logged into the profile that you’ve created with them, you can connect their features to your business profile on Instagram.

If you still aren’t sure about them, you can always make the most of their free trial for seven days.

Flicks’ Pros and Cons

In this Flick Tech review, we wanted to include advantages and disadvantages, because at the end of the day, every company has their pros and cons, no matter how reputable they are.

Let’s take a look at these.

  • Expert hashtag tools
  • Can help specifically with Instagram
  • Services are clean and easy to use
  • Set up is super easy
  • Lots of tutorials on how to use their features
  • Ability to download information and export
  • Free trial
  • Specific to Instagram

Flick Pricing Review

Flick Pricing

Flick Tech has a variety of different price points for you to choose from, so that you can fit their pricing in with your budget.

Their most basic version is going to cost you 4.99 pounds per month, and with this basic package, you will be able to connect one of your Instagram profiles, and enjoy their basic search tools as well as their analytics function.

Then next plan is going to set you back 9.99 pounds per month, and this package is ideal if you are just starting to grow your brand online, and you need to make the most of all of their basic features.

👉 Get started with Flick FREE

It offers suggested filters, and allows you access top search results, and hashtag collections. Their priciest package is going to set you back 49.99 pounds per month.

This is a really good option for anybody who has more than one Instagram profile that they are trying to manage.

They can assist you with as many as six Instagram profiles, and you can save as many as 500 hashtags in your collection.

As we have mentioned already in this Flick Tech review, they offer a free trial for seven days as well, in case you want to know a little bit more about how they work before you decide to commit to anything.

Top Flick Alternatives

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What About Their Team?

One of the things that’s really important when reviewing companies like Flick Tech is making sure that they have ample information about their team on their website.

It is all very well to go on about services and features, but if they don’t have evidence that they’ve got a real team behind their features working hard behind the scenes, it’s difficult to know whether you can truly trust them or not.

The great news about Flick Tech is that we found plenty of information on their website about how they work, and what they are currently offering their clients, so that you can feel confident that they are in it for the long haul and believe in having a high level of accountability with their clients.

A Review of Flick

+ Positives:

Secure Site

We are so pleased to see that Flick Tech has included security and encryption when it comes to their website.

Of course, at this point you probably think that HTTPS is pretty basic when it comes to security, but it still counts towards the overall security of their website, and it means that you can share sensitive information through the website, without having to worry about whether somebody is going to infiltrate the firewall, and take it.

Visible Pricing

Flick Tech understands that the majority of its clients are going to want to see how much they’re going to pay for their features before they commit to anything, so like all really reputable companies out there, they have made sure to make their pricing visible on their website.

This way, you can get a feel for all of them, and you don’t have to worry about whether there are going to be any hidden costs further down the track.

This is just another sign of a company that has a great level of accountability with their clients.

FAQ Page

As we have mentioned briefly already, Flick Tech has more than enough information on their website about their team, including an FAQ section, so that you can learn all about their company and how they work before you sign up for any of their features.

Again, this is an essential part of doing business online, because it ensures that you are staying open and accountable to your clients.

Real Reviews

We are pleased to say that Flick Tech includes not only real reviews on their website, but real reviews on third-party websites as well, which is a great way to determine whether the reviews on the actual website are biased or not.

There are a lot of companies similar to this that are more than happy to make up reviews about their features in order to get more clients on board, but we don’t believe that this is the case here.

We believe that Flick Tech is being authentic and genuine when it comes to their reviews, and we truly believe that they have a lot of existing clients who are more than happy with their services.

Secure Payments

Another thing that’s really important to think about when it comes to using a service like Flick Tech is whether they have secured their payment gateways.

You can get all the way through the feature selection process, only to realize that they haven’t got a secure payment gateway, and you shouldn’t relinquish any of your personal information to them.

However, we are glad to see that Flick Tech has encrypted every aspect of their website, including their payment gateways, so that you can share credit card information, without worrying about where it is going.

– Negatives:

Instagram Specific

The only thing that we have to say that is slightly negative about Flick Tech is that they are specific to Instagram, which means that they can be slightly limiting when it comes to the rest of your social media networks.

If you are someone who is trying to grow all of your social media networks at the same time, you might be disappointed to discover that they can only assist you with Instagram, which means that you are going to have to go elsewhere for the rest of your social growth.


What is Flick Tech?

Flick Tech is an easy-to-use and simple hashtag analytics and search tool that can help you find quality hashtags for your Instagram profile.

You can also use this hashtag tool as a tracking tool, so that you can see which hashtags are doing really well.

What is the Flick App?

Flick Tech offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and it offers you the same functions as you would get with their online tool.

It lets you perform Instagram hashtag searches, and allows you to check analytics, and you can do all this directly through your mobile phone.

How do you Manage Hashtags?

Through Flick Tech, you can create a collection of Instagram hashtags, so that you can save these hashtags for future use.

This means that every time you need a set of hashtags for your content, you can access your collection, instead of having to spend a lot of time searching for new hashtags to use.

Is Flick Tech Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

At this point, we are pretty confident that Flick Tech is completely safe for you to use, because they have put so much time and effort into their features and have such a good existing reputation with their clients, that there’s no way that they could be taking advantage of you.

We believe that they have thought of everything, and truly care about the success of your Instagram profile, especially when it comes to your Instagram hashtags.

They want to provide their clients with the best possible services, that are going to make all the difference when it comes to their hashtag strategy, so that they can go ahead and become really successful.

We also don’t think that their pricing is all that bad either, and believe that if you have success in mind, you are easily going to be able to afford these guys, not only now, but in the future as well.

The fact that they also have a lot of existing clients that are happy to say good things about them says a lot, too.

Review Summary


Flick is a discovery tool for hashtags that makes the most of artificial intelligence to assist people in finding the right hashtags for their industry and niche. Find out more in this full Flick review.

Price: Solo £10/mo

Price Currency: Pound

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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