To hide hashtags or not to hide them?

When it comes to using hashtags, you have no option – you must have them to make it on Instagram. Hashtags are the main way you can promote your content beyond just your feed and deliver it to the masses.

If you are looking for a way to promote your content, then learn how to use your hashtags.

They are key to gaining more followers and expanding your reach.

Hashtags come in various types, ranging from general to specific. General hashtags help you extend your reach to other users, while specific hashtags seek to boost your engagement. Make sure you know what kind of hashtags work for your campaign, and use them the right way.

Instagram allows you a total of 30 hashtags to use at any one time, but it is recommended that you use just a few, say, 6 or whatever number you deem works for you.


Why hide your hashtags?

On the other side, experts argue that hiding the hashtags can get you more engagement from your followers. Just the way hashtags are important to your search, they are also detrimental to your campaign when used in excess.

If you use more than the recommended number of hashtags, you can’t transform your viewers into followers. Use too many and your audience will see you as a brand looking just to increase numbers without associated value.


So, how can you hide hashtags?

  • Open your favourite text editor on the phone(Evernote or notes)
  • Type a dot (.) then press return several times
  • After the last dot, place your first hashtag
  • Follow with the rest of the tags to form a list (maximum 12 hashtags will do)
  • Select all the text and open the Instagram app
  • Post your photo, and then caption it.
  • After posting the photo, click on the comment button and paste the info you copied that contains the dots and the hashtags, paste the text and then click on “Post.”
  • That’s it – you have hidden the hashtags.

Hiding the hashtags doesn’t mean you won’t be found when users search for your content. The hashtags will still be there and will be associated with your content; it is just that they won’t make your Instagram feed messy.

However, as you hide the hashtags don’t forget to follow the best practices that make hashtag work for you.