While Instagram’s reel function is immensely popular, it’s helpful to know how lengthy videos can be before you start making them.

These are the maximum length restrictions for Instagram Reels in 2024.

Although rival applications like TikTok have gained popularity recently, several individuals still use Instagram regularly.

Reels were introduced in 2020 and influenced by TikTok’s short-form, vertical video format, and algorithm-based content recommendations.

There has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of Instagram’s Reels feature, but if you intend to make, edit, and share your own, it can be beneficial to understand how long your reels can be.

Every detail is listed below.

What Are Reels On Instagram?

In August 2020, Instagram launched a new Reels feature, making sharing and discovering short videos easier across the app.

As an additional perk, Instagram has made it simple for users to add music to their Reels.

Any video at least five seconds long and saved to your camera roll can be annotated with commentary or soundtrack noise by utilizing the import audio option.

As an extra benefit, creators may also ask for fan feedback on the direction of future videos by polling them on what they want to see.

However, people wonder how long Instagram reels can be in 2022 because of all the changes, so let’s find out by reading on.

Why Does The Length Of Your Instagram Reel Matter?

Instagram Reels

Engagement with your Instagram Reels may vary depending on how long it is. When your Reels are the proper length, the program will reward you.

This implies your Reels will get seen by a wider audience. In general, Instagram’s Reels algorithm gives a boost to Reels.

  • High levels of involvement (likes, shares, comments, saves, and watch time).
  • You can use your voice, Reels audio, or the Instagram music collection songs.
  • Videos that fill the entire vertical screen. Maintain a 9:16 aspect ratio at all times.
  • Use various text, filters, and camera effects to express yourself.

You need people to interact with your Reels by watching them, commenting on them, sharing them, and so on.

Reels should be just the right length to keep viewers engaged and prevent them from switching to another program.

If your reels are too long, viewers may lose interest and stop watching. This will signify to the algorithm that your post is boring.

The system learns that your content is worthwhile if people keep watching your shorter Reels. This can lead to your content being presented to new viewers.

However, clarity isn’t always preferable. It will be tough to deliver any real value to your audience with a seven-second product demo Reel.

In this case, viewers will simply move on to the next Reel without rewatching the previous one.

This will send a signal to the algorithm that your content is boring.

How Long Can Reels Be On Instagram?

In Instagram Reels, users may capture and edit 15-second movies with various music, filters, and other features.

Does Instagram just allow for 15-second reels? Just how long can Reels be on Instagram?

When the Instagram Camera launches in July 2022, users can record reels up to 90 seconds in length. In the past, we were only allowed 60 seconds.

Instagram Reels now has time limit options of 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds.

Here’s how to make a 90-second Instagram Reel.

  • To access your reels, click the Plus icon in the center of the app, or swipe right from the Feed.
  • Select reels from the slide menu present at the bottom. 
  • Select the length option located on the left side of the display. Then select “90” from the menu that appears.
  • Your video’s speed can be modified, and music can be added, effects can be modified, etc.
  • To start recording a video, click and hold the Record button. Next, you’ll be able to add captions and music to the video. 

How Can You Alter The Duration Of An Instagram Highlight Reel?

Assuming you’ve learned the art of recording Instagram Reels, you may be wondering if and how you can customize the duration of your videos.

The options for creating a new video are located in a panel on the left of the screen.

The duration of your video can be adjusted with the third tool down, labeled “length,” which features a representation of a number inside a circle.

We have 15, 30, 60, and 90-second durations; just choose one.

The number within the circle will update to reflect your length selection as you make it. You can use that time to make an Instagram Reel of the appropriate length.

The Ideal Length Of An Instagram Reel For Views

How Long Can Reels Be On Instagram

When creating an Instagram Reel, anything longer than three seconds, but preferably closer to three, is recommended for maximum views.

Multiple reports highlight the shortening attention spans of modern audiences.

The same holds true for Instagram Reels and other forms of social media marketing; shorter films generally perform better.

If your Instagram Reels go above the 90-second limit, people may not feel compelled to watch the full thing.

They may have stayed to the end out of curiosity, but by then, they may have lost interest. Produce 15-second or fewer videos that sum up the main points to increase views.

Long-term views can be increased by mentioning CTAs such as sharing, commenting, tagging, and saving.

The Ideal Length Of An Instagram Reel For Shares

Within the first 15 seconds, discuss your main point. Then, add three seconds for a CTA that emphasizes sharing.

Your Instagram Reels are now approximately 18 seconds in length. A straightforward statement such as “Like and share this video if it helped” might be added.

Most viewers will be pleased to comply if you make Reels they find useful and interesting.

The Ideal Length Of An Instagram Reel For Comments

The length of an Instagram Reel is irrelevant if its goal is to garner comments. Simply put, it’s how you organize your primary information and calls to action.

Use the primary footage of the Reel to spark dialogue by asking the performers questions. Include a short CTA, “Tell me what you think in the comments.”

Get them to participate in the conversation by making them feel like they’re in on it.

Give people a voice and listen to what they say about your client’s services and products.

How Does IGTV Differ From a Reel?


Instagram Reels allows users to upload and share amusing 60 to 90-second-long video snippets to which they may apply filters, music, and other effects.

If you want to share longer, more in-depth videos than you can fit on an Instagram Reel, IGTV (Instagram TV) is the place to do it. 

The maximum length of an IGTV video that a standard account user can upload is 15 minutes.

If you have a verified Instagram account, you can upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have answered the query of how long can reels be on Instagram.

The maximum length of one of our Instagram Reels is 90 seconds. Their maximum duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds to 60 to 90 seconds.

Instagrammers now have 90 seconds to work with when making videos on the platform, and they’re using that time to make Reels about anything from cooking to memes.