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NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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UseViralBuy Instagram Followers


UPDATE: Follow Adder, as well as Jarvee no longer works due to Instagram’s restrictions.

Follow Adder Reviews 2024

If you need a growth service for Instagram that’s going to work, scroll all the way to the bottom of this review where you will see our alternatives to Follow Adder.

Read through our review to see what Follow Adder had to offer, and what standard you can set yourself when looking at other companies to work with.

Top Follow Adder Alternatives

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What’s the Point of More Instagram Followers?

The longer you are on Instagram for the more you realize how important your Instagram followers are.

You might not have been someone who initially wanted to put too much emphasis on your Instagram followers, but now you are realizing that you almost have no choice.

Instagram is now one of the leading social networks for social media marketing, and it’s almost impossible to get by unless you have a specialized focus on your Instagram followers.

The number of Instagram followers you have directly correlates with your level of authority and credibility in your chosen industry, meaning that if you want to do well with your brand online, you’re not going to get very far if you don’t try to increase your followers.

If you had to choose between an Instagram profile that has 100 followers and an Instagram profile that has 10,000 followers to follow, we’re willing to bet that you would want to follow the latter.

It is just how the world works, and Instagram growth companies can help you achieve your engagement goals.

Follow Adder’s Features

Follow Adder was an Instagram bot that was full of functional features that each had its own capabilities.

Followadder programming was built and updated by its own programmers and by users who made requests regularly.

New features/functions were added on a regular basis to ensure functionality and performance. Everything you needed to grow your niche was in this program.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Completely customizable
  • White list option so certain profiles are never unfollowed
  • Black list option so certain profiles are never followed
  • Full user data
  • Follow backs for users who follow you
  • Create, import, and/or export customizable lists
  • Remove users with default profile images
  • Ignore users with private profiles or default profile images
  • Time delay feature for automated actions
  • Obtain a list of any profile’s followers
  • Full overview of multiple account stats
  • Superior support services
  • Consistent, regular updates and new features added
  • Proxy support
  • Use multi-thread HTTP requests to boost speed
  • Total activity log to track what the program is doing
  • Ability to visit resulting profiles for further inspection
  • Import/Export direct messages or profile lists
  • Free trial
  • Free customer support

Follow Adder’s Features In-Depth

Follow Adder Features

Let’s break down Follow Adders features a little bit more:

Complete Automation

Follow Adder’s most popular feature was its automation feature.

It could help you automate following and unfollowing, which is going to gain your followers because a percentage of the people that you interact with are going to follow you in return.

It was also going to help you automate commenting and liking so that you can increase your profile’s visibility and traffic.

They even automated direct messaging, so that you could send out a customized list of messages to all of your followers over a specific time period.

Scheduling Your Content

Follow Adder could help you schedule content ahead of time and can also help you work out the best time to be posting content.

The best part was that they could automate this process so that you can share high-quality posts to your feed when it’s appropriate.

This way, you could make sure that your content is fresh, and consistent so that your audience was engaged at all times.

Advanced Targeting

Follow Adder ensured that it only targeted people who were most likely to be interested in your account, based on their personal interests, and they say that this can be done through comments, geo-location, usernames, and hashtags.

By making the most of this feature, you were making sure that the followers you gain were much more likely to engage with your content on a regular basis, instead of just receiving useless, fake accounts that weren’t going to add to your profile’s credibility in any way.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Follow Adder’s dashboard was not only intuitive, but it was simple and easy to use, so that you could automate your account really easily.

We love that you could download their dashboard onto your desktop so that you can edit and customize your features to search your personal preference.

You could also gain access to their complete activity log, so that you could see all the steps that are performed by the program.

You could even visit the Instagram profiles that these guys are interacting with for you, so that you can make sure that they are the right ones for your growth.

Can Help You Manage More Than One Account

Follow Adder was an excellent choice if you were someone who was trying to grow more than one Instagram profile at the same time and needed multi-management.

You might be a part of an agency, or you might be a brand that was utilizing Instagram’s business pages to grow different areas of your business and needs to find a company that can help you with it all.

Of course, this approach was going to help you save money in the long run, because you won’t have to go through multiple companies to get management assistance with all of your Instagram profiles.

Set-Up and Support

Follow Adder made it really easy to get set up with them, so to do so, you would just need to configure your targeting, as well as other settings including lists and speed, and then you were good to go.

They also offered really good customer support, as well as a great community of people who have already applied their features and have a lot of good things to say about them.

Getting Started with Follow Adder

To get started with Follow Adder, you used to be able to visit their website or browser, choose the package that you would like to purchase, and then download the software and the registration code based on whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Mac.

From here, you could customize your settings within the dashboard, and start to grow your Instagram profile.


Follow Adder Pricing

Follow Adder had quite a few price points for you to choose from, and they also offered their clients a money-back guarantee that lasted for seven days.

The best part was that you could pay through their encrypted payment gateways, and you could pay via Visa, American Express, or MasterCard.

All of their price plans were for six months, and they varied based on how many profiles you want help with.

Their basic package cost you $24 a month, their premium package cost you $48 a month, their professional package cost you $94 a month, their agent package cost you $188 a month, and their publicist package cost you $425 a month.

Their most basic package could help you manage one Instagram profile, while the most expensive package could help you manage 25 Instagram profiles.


Is Follow Adder Safe to Use?

Follow Adder was definitely safe to use, especially because they kept all of your personal information safe from prying eyes. However, now that Instagram has implemented additional restrictions against companies like this, they are no longer safe to use.

Are Your Login Details Safe?

Don’t worry, your personal information like your login details were completely safe with them, but if you do have any concerns, you can always change these. We suggest changing them now if you have worked with Follow Adder in the past.

Can Your Profile Be Banned From Using Follow Adder?

There was always a risk that your profile gets suspended or banned, but we think that if you choose the right settings and don’t overdo it, it was going to be difficult to get banned with Follow Adder. Now, that risk has disappeared, because you can’t use them for your Instagram growth anyway.

The Benefits of Follow Adder

Using social media networks becomes a time-consuming task that no one could maintain no matter how many hours there are in a day.

That’s one of the primary reasons businesses and some individuals preferred to use bots like Followadder simply to automate social media engagement.

Follow Adder put your engagement and network building on autopilot so you could…

  • Find and create user lists that can be exported
  • Schedule automated image posts
  • Get real Instagram followers
  • Use powerful searches by hashtag, location, and other protocols
  • Automate direct messaging
  • Automate video and photo liking and commenting
  • Follow/Unfollow Instagram users
  • Increase web traffic, self-promotion, brand awareness, sales, and more
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard
  • Grow your Instagram following by engaging your audience from the dashboard
  • Stop struggling with getting likes on your images
  • Find more opportunities for engagement by creating special search strings to follow specific users, keywords, and hashtags
  • Build awareness of your brand though automated activities like liking, commenting, and photo like-backs
  • Benefit from Instagram’s credibility of being the 27th most trafficked website on the globe
  • Boost your Google ranking by increasing your followers and activities

Follow Adder Helps You

  • Maximize your audience reach with Instagram promotion that occurs with engagement that boosts your follower base
  • Build interest in your niche/brand
  • Expand your niche via related micro-niches
  • Follow users who follow other, relevant accounts to increase exposure from influencers on Instagram
  • Engage with other users via likes and comments
  • Gain a loyal following from customers through engagement
  • Run daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly contests and giveaways to your fans to fully engage and create more interest in your brand and your profile – Use the appropriate hashtags in your images so others will use them to drive further exposure to your brand
  • Schedule your image posts to save time and post multiple posts during the day to maintain fresh content and a consistent flow of content
  • Find and use distinct hashtags that are relevant to your niche/market and properly engage with pictures in that category

Our Follow Adder Test Results

We’ve tried this software over a range of accounts over the last 6 months.

Here are some statistics from one account – we haven’t enabled many of the features and it’s only on about 50% speed – yet you can see it still produces new followers and engagement every single day.

Follow Adder Results

Again, just remember, this is historical data, and it doesn’t reflect Follow Adder’s current status.

Review Conclusion

You will save time and increase your exposure, expand your brand, create more engagement, and get more followers and likes by automating those tedious tasks on Instagram with tools like this.

Too bad that they’re no more.

The good news is, we’ve got alternatives that you can tap into right now. If you used to use Follow Adder, you are going to be disappointed to hear that they are no more, but this certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to grow your Instagram profile successfully.

Just make sure to change your password if you’re worried about Follow Adder still storing it.

Follow Adder Alternatives

Follow Adder was excellent when it was still working, but it is no more. Check out these alternatives so that you can press on.



Growthoid has everything you need to do well with your Instagram profile. They are a managed growth service, and everything about their growth is completely organic.

They also say that they can find people to interact with your content that follow competition accounts, and their pricing is really good as well.



SidesMedia knows that it’s going to be tough to win over their clients, especially if they have had a bad experience in the industry already.

However, they also know that if they promise to be accountable and trustworthy, they have a shot of achieving this.

Based on their existing clients, we think that they have done really well in winning over their trust, and they also have an excellent service turnaround time, too.



Growthsilo is a great Follow Adder alternative because they have very similar features, and they also have a very similar business ethos that’s going to make you feel comfortable and confident in what they have to offer.

We love that the setup process is really easy as well.

Review Summary

Follow Adder
Follow Adder

You will save time and increase your exposure, expand your brand, create more engagement, and get more followers and likes by automating those tedious tasks on Instagram with this tool.

Price: Basic $24 /monthly

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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