You can think of Instagram and social media as the second gold rush. Everyone’s running around, looking to capture as many followers (gold) as possible. Unfortunately, there are only but so many hours in a day. And when you have a company or brand to run, you don’t have that kind of time.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a successful IG account. This includes actively following, liking, sharing, and commenting on the posts of others.

The good news is there’s a way to get the best of both worlds — more time to do business, while still building an engaged Instagram account — Instagram automation.

Let’s take a closer look at this practice.

So What is Instagram Automation Anyway?

It’s just as it sounds — a way to automate the processes of managing an IG account. Some of the tasks you can assign to these platforms include:

  • Liking photos and videos
  • Following/unfollowing people
  • Liking comments
  • Sending DMs
  • Uploading posts
  • Writing comments


As you can see, you can automate just about everything on Instagram. While Instagram made a great move by allowing business profiles to automate tasks — there’s still a ways to go to before it streamlines automation.

Next, let’s take a look at why you should consider using Instagram automation techniques.

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Automation?

The most obvious benefit of implementing Instagram automation is that it enables you to grow your account passively. You’re practically sitting there doing next to nothing, and your account is growing exponentially. The results some brands see when integrating these tools make them a must-have. The practice of delegation is significant today, especially since many professionals are overworked. So learning how to delegate and which tasks to delegate is essential.

This is why you’ll find more people outsourcing their social media marketing. With automation, you can cut down on the expense of marketing your brand on Instagram. Now, this isn’t to say that IG automation is a set-it-and-forget-it ordeal. You need to be involved in the process. For instance, you’ll need to capture and upload quality images. And you must keep a close eye on your analytics to see if your targeted hashtags and keywords are yielding results.

However, when you use automation with other methods, you can streamline your efforts and reduce the number of hours you spend on social media tasks.

Will IG Automation Lead to Account Being Banned?

Well, in a nutshell, your Instagram account is at risk of being banned when you use spammy automation tools. In other words, if you’re making the IG experience less wholesome and fun, then IG is likely to suspend and ban your account.

Now, it’s essential to point out that Instagram (which is now owned by Facebook) has the means to eliminate all bots. But they don’t. This is because they know that automation is a part of business. And when used the correct way, it can improve the community.

For one, you’re targeting relevant people and then genuinely engaging with them. These steps aren’t spammy at all. Plus, all of the most successful people on Instagram are using some form of automation.

Again, Instagram knows the importance of automation — this is why they’re integrating their own automation features. By focusing on generating quality content and engagement, you won’t have to watch your back from the IG police.

The Downsides of Instagram Automation

It’d be great if the process were all sunshine and no rain. But this isn’t so. The main issue is understanding how to use automation efficiently.

Now, what we’ve covered thus far revolves around automation tools. The problem you may run into with these is that it can potentially harm your brand’s reputation. For example, if you type up a list of 100 different comments, your automation system and the bot rotates them, and things will eventually get out of context. For example, saying “congrats” on a photo and post about the user’s family pet passing away. It’s embarrassing and can severely hurt the potential growth of your brand.

As others start to see your comments, it’ll come across as unauthentic, fake, and spammy. These aren’t qualities you want associated with your Instagram account. Without the proper strategy, you could end up tarnishing your brand’s reputation. Then there’s the fact that Instagram has been on a rampage about shutting down Instagram Bots, such as Instagress. So eventually, this could affect you once your tool goes away.

An Alternative Way to Automate Your Instagram Marketing

Bots are just one way to improve your Instagram marketing. Another option is to use a company that uses tools to grow your IG account.

In this case, you’re working closely together with experts in the industry. You have your own account manager you can ask questions to. And you receive regular reports to identify what’s working and what’s not. But what’s best of all is there’s nothing for you to learn or do. You just sit back and allow the pros to do it for you.

This is a prime example of delegation and how it can work for your marketing efforts.

So where can you get this type of service from?

Stellation Media offers various packages for brands in different stages of their Instagram marketing. It comes with done-for-you IG engagement to boost your followers and likes.

How to Make Instagram Automation Work for You

Whichever way you decide to go, it’s ideal to have a strategy in place. Otherwise, you’re automating blindly.

Here’s a quick break down of what you need to do.

Create a Clear Definition of Who Your Target Audience Is
It’s not enough to have a vague idea of who you want to target on Instagram. If all you know is that you want to attract young girls, then this will send your campaign spiraling down a never-ending rabbit hole.

So to prevent this, you need customer personas. This should detail the age, gender, location, and interests. For instance, teen girls in the Midwest who are into health.

The more specific you can be, the easier it’ll become to target folks who will want to follow your Instagram account.

Deliver High-Quality Content
Hopefully, you didn’t think that Instagram automation meant you could take a backseat on developing quality content.

Whether you or an agency is creating your posts, you need to ensure you’re uploading gorgeous photos and quality videos.

Instagram is all about visual content. The posts you publish should also resonate with your audience, so they’re more likely to engage with it.

Know Which Hashtags You’ll Target
A part of knowing your audience is knowing which hashtags to use to attract them. You’ll need to sprinkle these throughout your posts to help them find your content.

When you’re using automation tools and services, these hashtags are also targeted to find relevant users to engage with. Then once they check out your profile, they may engage back or even follow you.

The Instagram Automation Process

Not sure how Instagram automation works? Well, there are key steps that automation tools and services take to grow your Instagram account.

Auto Follows
To start, it requires finding potential followers and then following them. This can sometimes provoke users to follow the account back.

These users are found using those hashtags we discussed.

Auto Posting
Then your posting schedule is created. With a tool, you’ll need to create your posts in advance and schedule them.

With a service provider, your posts are created for you. You’ll still have to provide engaging photos and videos, though.

Auto Liking
As your automation tool finds potential users to follow, it also engages with posts, such as clicking like.

What’s excellent about likes is that it gives users a nudge. Depending on how big they are, they may nudge back.

Auto Comments
This is the tricky part. When you’re using bots, it’s critical to make the comments sound authentic.

The only way to achieve this is if the comments are relevant to the post.

Auto Direct Messages
This seems odd, especially when you’re using a bot. But these tools can target specific users (either those you list or those found using hashtags) and send them a contextually relevant DM.

You shouldn’t do this en masse though. Also, the DMs aren’t anything in-depth. It can be something as simple as “Thanks for following!”

Auto Unfollow
You’re trying to grow your IG account so why on earth would you want to unfollow users? Well, for one, you don’t want to have an account that has a higher number of “following” than “followers.”

If you’re following more people than that are following you, then it doesn’t look good. With automation tools, you can unfollow users that don’t return the favor within a few days.

Automating Your Instagram Marketing

Stellation MediaReady to start improving your IG engagement? Then it’s time to get automated. Your next choice is to decide whether you want to opt for a bot or a live service.

Having humans working on your account will ensure you’re engagement is authentic. That’s not something you can ensure with a bot.

So check out Stellation Media today to see how you can get your IG growth & automation set up!

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