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Jarvee Reviews 2024

Ever since Mass Planner shut down, people have been waiting for a replacement piece of software to automate their social media accounts.

Could this be it?

Let’s review Jarvee.

What is Jarvee?

Jarvee Review

Jarvee is a social media automation tool.

If you have a knack for creating tons of content on multiple platforms but aren’t interested in logging in multiple times a day to upload, Jarvee would argue that they are the solution.

Jarvee works on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. It’s a one-stop hub for controlling all of your content on all of these platforms and its efficiency goes beyond simply scheduling.

Jarvee is an application for Windows but it is supposed to be compatible with Linux and Mac as well.

However, we have heard nothing but bad things about the compatibility levels of these types of programs.

We mentioned that they offer a free trial, which is potentially the best part. Otherwise, they aren’t offering a lot that you can’t get elsewhere – and elsewhere, you might actually be able to get the level of accountability that you deserve.

The thing that we are most put off by with Jarvee is that they need your computer system to run continuously. With everything happening online these days, we don’t suggest that you trust companies like this that need access to your computer – too many things can go wrong.

Of course, they are now past the firewall, and have every opportunity to steal personal information. There’s no reason that companies like this can’t help their clients through their website or the cloud without having to ask for access to their computer.

Jarvee claims to help its clients get around action blocks by Instagram, but if you think about it for a second, there’s a reason that these restrictions are in place. They are in place because they keep you safe, and make it so that you can stay in favor with the Instagram algorithm.

You don’t want to find a company who can help you get around these – you want to find a company who can help you stick to these limits, and stay within Instagram’s favor.

The trouble with Jarvee is that you have to research their settings in depth, and they are always changing and updating them, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Companies that have found an effective way to help their clients on social media won’t feel the need to constantly change what they’re offering, because they know if works.

The fact that Jarvee feels like they have to continuously change what they’re offering implies that their clients are having issues with the features, and they aren’t working in some instances at all.

Jarvee Review - Logo

A Full Jarvee Review – Multi-Platform Automation

It’s been proven that organic growth can be driven by automation.

Each platform has its own specific protocols, but generally, the principle of reciprocity is in permanent effect on social media.

People love to be noticed, but we don’t think that Jarvee can help them with this.

On Instagram, this means following, unfollowing, and following back. Direct messages, auto-likes, and comments are used.

Like with Twitter hashtags are taken advantage of and all of this means you’re casting a greater (but more targeted) net within your niche. All of this while you focus on things offline.

With Facebook, Jarvee may find grounds within your niche, contact potential customers and constantly update the page in your stead with content.

However, we don’t actually think that they are going to go as far as you would like. In fact, we think that they are lazy with their features, as well as generic.

Similar specific tactics are used on each of the respective platforms. Imagine the time you’d spend constantly updating, uploading, and engaging on just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you have 1,000 followers on each.

Assuming the usual 10% consistently engage every upload that’s still 300 people. A good chunk of your day is going to that.

Every. Single. Day.

Jarvee claims to help, but you really need to use a different service.

Instagram Automation with Jarvee

The thing about Instagram automation with Jarvee is that it’s too good to be true.

They tout the claim that it’s easy, and this is where the problem lies. You don’t want it to be too easy, because this means that it’s most likely fake. They have way too many options for you to choose from, which are quickly going to get overwhelming.

We don’t like that they leave you in charge of everything, either – this means that if you haven’t got a lot of experience with this kind of thing, you won’t end up doing very well, and relying on a company like this that wants you to do most of the work is concerning at best.

Residential Proxy Use?

We don’t really like it that Jarvee encourages their clients to use astatic residential proxy with their features. This basically means that their features are definitely violating the terms and conditions of all major social platforms out there, so if you want to stay safe while you use their features, you need to implement this additional level of anonymity.

The fact that you need this at all isn’t ideal, and there are plenty of alternative companies out there that wouldn’t require such a thing. There are plenty of companies that are confident enough in their features and their ability to stay safe that they don’t need to request their clients use a proxy to protect themselves.

The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t see this as a good thing – in fact, it’s a pretty bad thing.

Jarvee is Really a Bot


Jarvee try to talk up a big game on their website about what they are and what they are offering their clients, but at the end of the day they’re nothing more than just your average social media bot.

They love to hide behind words like ‘automation’ and ‘system’, but honestly they aren’t offering anything that you can’t get anywhere else, and we would argue that what’s on offer out there with other companies is going to be more worth your time.

Their main concept is that their bot is going to save you time, so that you can put that time into your content instead. Jarvee is no different to anything else out there, so the issue that we have is that they claim to be so much more than they actually are.

Jarvee aims to create consistent interaction with your content and your profiles through their automated features, which means that they can of course help you with literally everything from your likes and comments to views, follows, shares and more.

All of the interaction is completely fake, meaning that you’re not actually getting legit people looking at your content or interacting with your profiles. You’re getting a system and a software, and this software doesn’t actually care about the welfare of your social networks – they just want to create lazy engagement and sell it to their clients.

Of course, you might be excited about what Jarvee offers from a time-saver point of view, but we would argue that you can find similar services out there that can save you time, but also keep you safe and send genuine engagement your way.

The Setup Process

Another thing that we don’t like all that much about Jarvee is it is complicated to set up. The thing about the social media marketing industry is that you want companies to make your life easier, not harder. The last thing that you want to do is to have to set something up on your end that is complicated and extensive – you’re going to get halfway through and throw your hands up in frustration.

This might have been the MO a few years back when everything was a bit slower, but you simply don’t have time for it anymore. We have to reiterate here that we don’t like that they need access to your computer system – this is way too risky.

Auto Comments Feature Not Worth it


You might be excited at the prospect of being able to automate some of your social media interactions, but hear us when we say that Jarvee isn’t genuine enough to trust with this. There are some companies out there that can implement this type of automation and can actually help you in a genuine way that generates real interactions – but we don’t think that you’re going to get this with Jarvee.

At the end of the day, you have to think about the fact that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t favor bots, so they are going to quickly recognize if you are using one that they will call you out for it. You also don’t want anyone who isn’t genuine looking at your content, because this isn’t going to get you the target audience that you need.

Jarvee also isn’t an efficient program to use if you’re someone who just needs help with one account – it’s only going to be worth it if you have multiple accounts that you need help with, and even then, we hardly think that it’s worth it.

In our opinion, the bottom line with Jarvee is that it is difficult to use and if you’re not careful, you are going to set the bot in a way that your profiles are going to get detected, suspended, and banned. We don’t think that they are worth your time in this respect.

Email Support is Slow at Best

Jarvee doesn’t have any chat support on their website, so it’s going to take you a decent amount of time to get in touch with them should you need to. This is concerning especially considering that they are an ongoing service that needs to have a good level of accountability with their clients.

Jarvee Review: Automation Software
Jarvee automates a range of social media platforms

The Price-tag on Jarvee

When compared to the cost of a professional social media team, Jarvee is almost free, but there are hidden costs that aren’t necessarily monetary. They’re offering a free trial, and after that, you’d choose from one of three plans.

The Starter Plan – $19.95 per month for 10 social media accounts

The Professional Plan – $49.95 per month for 70 social media accounts

The Premium Plan $69.95 per month for 150 social media accounts

All accounts come with ALLEGED premium support.

For these prices you get the content scheduling, targeting options to help assist in finding exactly who you need to reach out to grab your goals and management of multiple accounts.

However, it’s not the kind of engagement that’s going to sustain your profile for a long time.

Pricing Review

Jarvee Pricing

Another thing that we don’t really like about Jarvee, in general, is that their pricing seems to be a bit on the steep side.

Of course, one of their most basic price points that you can see above is $29.95 which is going to last for a month, and we think that this is the most reasonable one.

But any more than this, and you are definitely getting ripped off.

Unless you are a huge company that has a lot of money to spend on your social media marketing, you’re going to quickly realize that you need to spend as little as possible.

The good news is that companies that are high quality aren’t going to charge all that much for their features – certainly not as much as Jarvee is charging.

Jarvee’s Professional and Premium plan is way too much, and they have probably put their pricing this high because they believe that they have enough clients hooked at this point that they won’t complain about them.

The biggest thing to take away about their features is that most of them are supposedly this expensive because they can help you with multiple profiles, but the reality is that the majority of their clients won’t have this many profiles that they need help with.

They most likely will just need help with one or two, which means that the pricing is going to be a complete waste of your budget.

Jarvee claims that each of their packages comes with a free trial and customer support, but considering their customer support isn’t all that great and their free trial is a given, we definitely still don’t think that these rates are worth it.

Jarvee also claims to not ask for any permissions that are going to compromise your privacy, but we’re just not convinced that this is true.

Jarvee Review - Windows
Jarvee is downloadable software that runs on Windows

Is Jarvee a Scam? Is Jarvee Safe?

Jarvee is a scam.


Because it isn’t running as it is meant to. It might have run well at some point in the past, but now the goal is to sell its clients a low-quality piece of software that isn’t going to work as it claims.

Once you receive the software, you will quickly find that it is slow, and doesn’t target the right people based on your industry and niche.

What’s more, it goes outside of Instagram’s compliance limits, meaning that they are going to get you in trouble with Instagram at some point.

We don’t think that Jarvee is safe to use, and we don’t think that they are a good option if you are looking to take care of your social media networks, and don’t want anything getting in the way of this.

Too many people have experienced issues when running Jarvee, so we cannot recommend it or say that it is safe.

Top Jarvee Alternatives 2024

In all honesty, it only runs on Windows and many people have recently reported it doesn’t work at all for Instagram anymore.

Here are some tools and services that come highly recommended in user reviews right now.

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Terrible Jarvee Reviews on Trustpilot

There are some really awful Jarvee reviews on

Bad Jarvee reviews on Trustpilot

Other Information on Jarvee

Creating a start-up and getting it off the ground is difficult.

Continuing to grow your business is more so. Doing all of that and finding the time to properly run the necessary social media to get the word out can be all-consuming and nigh impossible without help.

Luckily there is a multitude of options to make you can stay at the helm of your business and your social media accounts remain a beacon for customers to find you.

  1. Abandon the concept of sleep and personal time – you can truthfully run your business, create content and engage your followers if you’re willing to accept that your personal life and 6-8 hours of rest are things of the past.

If you’re able to function and manage your time well maybe you’ll get everything running smoothly and eventually hire others to delegate your dozens of tasks to before you inevitably crash.

  1. Hire a team of professional social media managers and use your time to focus solely on your business and your personal life – for those with a budget that allows this, I’d definitely suggest going this route.

If your business already has a high-level investment be it from you or outside sources, put some into social media and focus your attention on the business itself, and coordinating with your team to create content. You’ll be happier this way.

  1. Automation – everyone isn’t willing to give up every hour of their day or invest possible hundreds of dollars (US) per month into social media teams. These individuals are more or less left with choosing to let either their business or social media lag behind.

While the obvious choice is to get to your account later this isn’t always easy or even necessary.

Automation enables you to more or less ‘set and forget’ your way to organic growth and engagement.

You simply check it occasionally to gather data, schedule more content and learn how you can improve performance.

Jarvee promises to help with this, but actually fails to deliver because their automation is easily detected, which risks your account and makes your life more difficult overall!

Jarvee Review Conclusion

So, to summarise, we don’t think that Jarvee is safe or worth your time for a number of reasons.

Obviously, we don’t think that their pricing is reasonable, considering you have to pay what an agency would pay for their social media marketing.

We also don’t like that their software used to work, but now it doesn’t, and they haven’t put any time or effort into updating it or making sure that it’s compatible.

We don’t like that Jarvee isn’t in compliance with major social networks like Instagram, and we aren’t comfortable with the fact that you have to download Jarvee to use their software – this means they have access to your computer.

In its heyday, Jarvee might have been worth your time, but it’s certainly not anymore.

Go for something else, and feel more secure in your social media marketing efforts.

Avoid Jarvee.

Jarvee Review Summary

Jarvee 1

Ever since Mass Planner shut down, people have been waiting for a replacement piece of software. Here’s our Jarvee review.

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