Clubhouse is quickly taking over, and it is now one of the most popular social media networks on the market.

It first got its start as a relatively obscure, exclusive app in Silicon Valley, but it has quickly developed for a more mainstream platform, and now there are lots of people making the most of this brand-new opportunity. So, how big is Clubhouse, and how did it get to the point that it is today?

In this article, you will get all the key Clubhouse statistics you need to know about it right now.

Quick Clubhouse Statistics

  • Clubhouse currently has more than 10 million users every week, an increase on 600,000 in December 2020.
  • Currently, it is valued at $1 billion.
  • It has managed to raise more than $10 million.
  • It has more than 180 venture capitalists backing it.
  • It is considered a Unicorn start-up, and can be put in the same category as Airbnb and Uber.
  • It is currently considered the 5th best social media networking app.
  • It launched in April 2020.

How Many People Use Clubhouse?

Currently, 10 million people use Clubhouse, which is impressive considering just 2 million were using it in January 2021.

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people use Clubhouse

How Popular is it?

There are other metrics that show how popular Clubhouse is. This includes the fact that it is the 5th most popular app right now, behind the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp.

It has been downloaded 2.3 million times since January according to Fortune.

Clubhouse downloads

Search Interest Statistics of Clubhouse

According to statistics from Exploding Topics, ‘Clubhouse app’ keyword as a search has increased by more than 99% over the past six months.

Search Interest in Clubhouse

Clubhouse Outside of America Statistics

Clubhouse is presently available in 154 countries, which means that it is starting to become more well-known outside of America. It is currently the most popular social app in Turkey and Germany.

Clubhouse outside of the US

It was downloaded more than 440,000 times in Japan in February of 2021. It is also really popular in China.

Most Popular Users for Clubhouse

Clubhouse has quite a few famous names on its user list, as you can see from our list below.

Rohan Seth4.48M
Paul Davison3.98M
Tiffany Haddish3.82M
Felicia Horowitz3.70M
Marc Andreessen3.52M
Chris Lyons3.50M
Jared Leto3.49M
Bomani X3.39M
Shaka Senghor3.25M
Van Jones3.24M
Ben Horowitz3.20M
Andrew Chen3.12M
Josh Constine3.10M
Nait Jones2.93M
Jeff Carvalho2.83M
Meek Mill2.82M

How Much is it Worth?

Clubhouse is currently valued at more than $1 billion. Back in May 2020, it was considered worth $100 million, so this is a huge jump in value in a really short space of time.

May 2020$100M
January 2021$1B

How Does Clubhouse Make its Money?

Clubhouse is currently a social media sharing app that is pre-revenue. This means that the platform isn’t monetized right now. In saying this, though, it is planning on rolling out testing for this sometime this year.

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They will most likely focus on a crowdfunding model that is going to pay creators directly, as opposed to paid ads.

Is Clubhouse on Android?

Right now, you can just use Clubhouse in iPhone and iOS. However, they have said that they are working on a version for Android.

Can Anybody Join Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently invite-only. This means that you can sign up and reserve a handle, but if you want to actually use the app, you will need to be invited.

Clubhouse App Ratings

Clubhouse currently has over 600,000 ratings online. Let’s take a look at their ratings in detail:

1 star: 10,002
2 stars: 4,563
3 stars: 20,140
4 stars: 43,642
5 stars: 531,087

Final Thoughts

This is all we’ve got so far when it comes to Clubhouse statistics. This audio chat room app is taking off quickly, and it’s becoming really popular among those who are invited to use it.

Whether it does end up going mainstream like Instagram, or fades away at some point like Snapchat, we will just have to see. However, we think that it is doing pretty well, and is only going up at this point. Good things ahead, we hope.