Back in the day, it seemed as if everyone was focused on producing images as the main source of their social media content. However, in recent years, other types of content have gained momentum, including audio.

While you can release video and audio on a bunch of different social media platforms, it didn’t really take off until the social audio app Clubhouse was created in 2020.

Something that made it even more exclusive was the fact that it was available on an invite-only basis.

Now, Twitter, not wanting to be left behind, has come up with a similar feature called Twitter Spaces, that allows you to have live audio conversations on the Twitter platform.

In this Twitter Spaces statistics guide, we’re going to look at what Twitter Spaces is, how many people use it, and how it compares to Clubhouse.

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What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a brand-new feature that lets Twitter users have a live audio conversation on the platform.

You can host these conversations in what is called an audio chat room, or a space, and you can invite other people to be part of your audio chat room.

If someone you follow on Twitter is hosting a space, then it is going to appear as a purple bubble at the top of your timeline and will stay there for as long as the conversation lasts for.

Anybody that has more than 600 followers on Twitter can host a space like this, so if you are trying to expand your offerings when it comes to your Twitter profile, you might want to think about making the most of this brand-new feature.

It is available for both businesses and individuals, and it lets you build a more personal connection with your audience.

Another thing that makes it slightly more appealing compared to Clubhouse is that it is open to the public, which means that anybody can join as a listener, no matter how many Twitter followers you have.

Additionally, as many as 13 people can speak in a Twitter Space, and there can be two co-hosts, and one host.

How Many People Use Twitter Spaces?

When it comes to the next section in our article about Twitter Spaces stats, it is difficult to land on precise numbers, because the data just isn’t available.

However, considering Twitter has more than 450 million monthly active users, with a large percentage of these based in America, we think that there’s a good chance that a lot of these individuals are going to make the most of this new Twitter feature in the future.

As we have mentioned, you need to have more than 600 Twitter followers to create a Twitter Space, but as far as listening into one, it doesn’t have matter how many followers you have.

Key Twitter Spaces Statistics in 2024

Twitter Spaces is a feature that was added to Twitter as an alternative option to Clubhouse.

It lets user accounts communicate with their target audience using an audio solution where users can “tune-in” to listen. The following statistics will provide you with more information.

1. The Twitter Spaces feature initially began in December 2020.

While Twitter Spaces was initially launched in December 2020, it wasn’t made available to all Twitter users until May 2021. The initial phase was limited to a certain number of users.

(Twitter Blog)

2. A few “bugs” caused a temporary shutdown of Twitter Spaces two years after its initial launch. 

Elon Musk shut down Twitter Spaces in December 2022 due to some bugs in the feature.

Between December 15th and 16th, 2022, the feature was taken offline to fix some bugs. Musk and some journalists had argued on one of the Twitter Spaces.


3. October 2021 is when hosting on Twitter Spaces became available on Android and iOS.

Prior to October 2021, only Twitter accounts that had at least 600 followers could host on Twitter Spaces. After October 2021, this audio chatroom feature was opened up to all iOS and Android users.  


4. Twitter Spaces stores recordings for up to 30 days.

Since Twitter stores Spaces recordings for up to 30 days, your audience can listen to the playback without being there when it’s shared.

Also, Twitter says it does this to check for any ToS violations. Listeners can also share links to Spaces to their own networks. 

(Twitter Create)

5. As of May 25, 2023, the largest Twitter Spaces had over 3.2 million listeners, the highest ever so far.

Until this record-breaking event on May 25, 2023, November 2022 saw the largest of Twitter Spaces that had been hosted, which was by Robin Wheeler hosted the Space where there was a total of 2.7 million listeners.

The May 25, 2023, Twitter Space was Elon Musk Live with Ron DeSantis and had a total of 3.2 million listeners.


6. K-Pop artists hosted 3 of the top 5 most listened to Twitter Spaces on the platform in 2021.

K-Pop fans are big on Twitter since 3 of the top 5 most listened to Twitter Spaces come from K-Pop artists. As of June 2021, GOT7 BamBam set the record on June 9, 2021, with 44,208 listeners.

NCT, TWICE, Ranboo, and Nic Carter were among the top 5 most listened to Twitter Spaces.

(Twitter Blog 2)

7. Research from January 2022 shows that only 12% of consumers in the United States were aware of Twitter Spaces.

After over a year of being available on Twitter, only 12% of American consumers said they were aware of Twitter Spaces in a survey.

This included consumers 12-years old and up. This research came from Edison Research. However, Twitter Spaces had more awareness than Clubhouse and Spotify Greentoom.


8. Twitter Spaces for Communities was launched in October 2022.

As of October 2022, Twitter Spaces is available to Twitter Communities where you can host Spaces within said communities.

Another interesting fact about this new option is that it’s also accessible to non-members. However, non-members can only listen in. They cannot engage.

(Twitter 2)

9. October 2022 marked the month where Spaces hosts had to stop charging for Twitter Spaces.

Hosts could charge a fee for tickets to listen to their Twitter Spaces prior to October 2022 when that option was ended.

They were allowed to sell tickets that cost between $1 and $999. There’s been nothing to point to that coming back.


10. Scheduling up to 10 Twitter Spaces in advance was enabled in September 2022.

In September 2022 you could start scheduling up to 10 Twitter Spaces in advance.

Prior to this update, hosts could only schedule one Space to come up in the future.

(Twitter Help)

General Twitter Statistics

Twitter Spaces

11. 90% of The American Population Knows What Twitter Is

This means that even if they don’t use it, they are aware of what Twitter is.

What’s really interesting about this Twitter spaces statistic is that it is actually a decline from the year before, when 92% of Americans said that they knew what Twitter was.

To compare, 95% of Americans say that they are aware of Facebook, and 91% say that they are aware of Instagram.

This Twitter spaces statistic probably doesn’t surprise you, and the reason for this is because of its monthly active users.

This is a global ranking, but it doesn’t include China, because China doesn’t allow its citizens access to a number of different social media platforms currently.

13. Twitter Was 17 in 2023

To be honest, this is a pretty tough Twitter statistic to wrap our heads around, because it feels like it was just a few years ago that Twitter burst onto the scene and was responsible for inventing the hashtag.

However, Twitter has actually been around since 2006.

14. 19.4% of Twitter Users Are in America

We mentioned in other parts of this article just how prevalent Twitter’s user base is in America, and Twitter spaces statistics like this do nothing but back it up.

This means that 68.7 million people in the U.S. use Twitter. In second place is Japan, and in 3rd place is India.

15. Twitter Has Way More Male Users than Female

This also might not come as a surprise, but roughly around 70% of people who use Twitter are male, compared to 30% who are female.

Twitter Spaces vs. Clubhouse

Because Twitter Spaces is a direct competitor of Clubhouse, let’s take a look at both, comparing both their advantages and disadvantages.

Twitter Spaces Pros

One of the most appealing features when it comes to Twitter Spaces is the fact that it is relatively accessible and open. You only need a Twitter profile to join in on the conversations and host them.

You can have conversations with your followers, as well as people outside of your network. This is going to create opportunities to connect and network with new people and have interesting discussions.

Another feature that is worth noting is its compatibility. This means that you can access Twitter Spaces on both Android and iOS devices.

They also have a desktop version, although this comes with limited functionality. However, given that a lot of social media platforms only work on a mobile device, you can see that Twitter Spaces is offering more flexibility.

It is also extremely interactive and lets you send tweets and reactions in real time during those conversations.

You are also able to connect with other members in the discussion and send them a private message. Twitter Spaces also lets you transcribe conversations.

Twitter Spaces Cons

One of the biggest downsides to Twitter Spaces is that you need more than 600 followers to create a space.

Yes, you can join existing conversations if you have less followers than this, but you aren’t going to be able to host one.

You might not think that 600 is a lot, but there are a lot of people out there that don’t have this many Twitter followers, and this of course means that they are going to be limited to using Twitter in a conventional way, and not being able to make the most of this new feature.

If you want to be able to begin discussions of your own with Twitter Spaces, you will need to work really hard to gain more Twitter followers.

Twitter Spaces also limits the number of individuals who can be part of a conversation. You can have an unlimited amount of people listening, but only 11 people can be speakers.

As a result, the platform can be slightly restrictive if you want to conduct a large-scale discussion. Lastly, Twitter Spaces doesn’t let you schedule conversations, or have a cohost.

If you want to be able to host a conversation that is business related, then restrictions like this interfere with your ability to collaborate with other professionals.

Who Should Use Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is a good platform for people who already have a pretty good social media following. It is also good for professionals or businesses who want to be able to reach an audience that is based in America.

Twitter has a relatively mature userbase when compared to other social platforms, with the majority of its users falling into the 35-to-49 age bracket, which means that if you want to connect with more people that fit into this demographic, you should definitely consider using Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is also a good option if you want to simply just be able to connect with different people. Because anybody is able to join conversations you can gain new exposure and form friendships online.

Clubhouse Pros

Clubhouse includes an interface that is user friendly, that lets you find discussions on a number of different topics.

You can also schedule your conversations, and even add up upcoming events to your calendar, so that you don’t miss them.

As the name suggests, Clubhouse allows you to join and create clubs. These are centered around specific topics, and usually include scheduled conversations that you can be part of.

As a result, if you are interested in a particular industry or niche, you can share your interests and passions with people that are like-minded.

Clubhouse lets you facilitate conversations on a mass scale. Over 5000 users can be in a Clubhouse conversation at any given time, letting people from different backgrounds hear exciting and inspiring ideas from industry leaders.

The platform also makes it really easy for its users to co-host and members need to request to speak during a discussion.

As a result, the platform prevents disruptions and chaos while letting multiple users be part of a conversation. Lastly, Clubhouse make sure that members are authentic.

This is why they have an invite-only system, but beyond this, they also ask new users to offer up a number of personal details.

This security measure helps to keep spammers away, and protect authentic users against those who might want to misuse the platform.

Clubhouse Cons

One of the biggest disadvantages to Clubhouse is that you need to be invited to create a profile. This requirement of course limits a lot of legitimate users from joining and being part of discussions that are worthwhile.

Another disadvantage to Clubhouse is that you can’t use the app on your computer. It is only compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Again, this is limiting if you want to use your desktop or laptop to be part of the conversation. Clubhouse also doesn’t have captions during live conversations.

As a result, it can be challenging to keep up with a conversation if you aren’t fluent in the language that is being used, or you are hard of hearing.

Why You Should Think About Using Clubhouse

Another thing that is going to be appealing about Clubhouse is that it caters to a younger demographic than Twitter Spaces, which means that it is a good choice if you’re wanting to connect with younger business professionals.

It also has fewer members than other social media networks, which means that it might be a really good choice if you want to make the most of the exclusiveness of it.

Clubhouse is also suited for people who want to be able to focus on specific discussions or topics. With Clubhouse’s features, you can join groups that are discussing specific topics.

These conversations might have thousands of users involved, which means that they can easily give you access to a wider array of opinions than other options out there.

How Companies Can Benefit from Twitter Spaces

There are a ton of brands out there that are already making the most of Twitter to create a community around their product or service, and Twitter Spaces is only going to amplify these efforts.

Here are a number of ways that you can use Twitter Spaces to benefit your brand.

Share Company Announcements or Updates

With Twitter Spaces, it is easy to create a space to share information about policy changes, product updates, upcoming and new products, future updates, and more.

This is a great way to make sure that your followers are in the loop and staying engaged with your company.

In fact, the team behind Twitter Spaces itself has been hosting spaces to share updates about their community.

Another way that you can make the most of Twitter Spaces is to build your authority within your industry by hosting discussions on specific topics that are trending.

This can include future predictions and tips around the topic, and just general commentary. To gain more visibility for your Twitter space, you can consider inviting industry influencers as speakers.

Twitter has also introduced an option to invite as many as two co-hosts for your Twitter space, so you can even add these influencers as co-host.

Just be aware that co-hosts have the authority to invite other speakers, manage requests, and even remove participants from the space. They’re also going to count towards your speaker capacity.

Take Care of Your Brand Community

Twitter Spaces is also a great opportunity to interact with your followers in real time and build those really important connections.

When you host a Twitter space, you give your audience an opportunity to engage with your brand.

This could include a live Q&A forum, conversations and discussions around customer service, general feedback sessions, and more.

What the Future of Twitter Spaces Looks Like

Twitter Spaces

Of course, Twitter knows that in order to be able to keep up with other competing features like Clubhouse, it needs to be constantly improving its spaces feature, so that it can be more beneficial to individual users and businesses alike.

Here are a few of the updates and features that you can expect to see from Twitter Spaces in the future.

Ticketed Spaces

Twitter is thinking about testing out an option for hosts to create ticketed spaces, where listeners can get exclusive access to a conversation.

Once this feature becomes live, you will have the option to create spaces with a limited number of seats, and you can even charge people a fee for joining in on the conversation.

Twitter Spaces have said that they do want to be able to monetize spaces, which is why they are playing around with this feature.

Setting Reminders and Scheduling Spaces

Hosts of Twitter Spaces are also going to have the choice to schedule a space for a future date. The good news is that you’ll be able to sign up to be notified when the space is due to start.

Improved Captions

Twitter is also trying to enhance the accessibility of the live caption feature. The goal is to not only make the captions more accurate, but users are also going to have the option to customize or pause them as they need.

Final Thoughts

Right now, Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are two of the most popular audio-based social media platforms available.

According to the Twitter Spaces statistics above, Twitter of course has a much larger user base, which means that there’s a good chance that more people are going to be using Twitter Spaces in the future than Clubhouse.

The other thing that makes Twitter Spaces so popular is the fact that it is more accessible, because you don’t need to be invited in order to make the most of their features. However, you do need to have more than 600 followers.

Twitter spacers is ideal for those who have an established social media following and are wanting to make more connections.

Another great thing about Twitter Spaces is that it is compatible with most devices, and also includes features that benefit people that might be hard of hearing.


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