Over the last couple of years, people have started really paying attention to NFTs. However, just like with other aspects of technology, there’s one name that has risen to the surface above others, and that is OpenSea.

OpenSea is the first and biggest marketplace for NFTs. It is considered the eBay for cryptocurrency.

People use it to purchase collectibles, gaming items, and virtual goods that are supported on a blockchain. Crypto punks, a popular NFT, has earned more than $2 billion in revenue.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the 10 most interesting and relevant OpenSea statistics that you need to know right now, including funding rounds, revenue, its users, and more.

Quick OpenSea Statistics 2024

  • OpenSea has over 1 million registered users
  • 121 million people visit the site every month
  • OpenSea is the 211th most popular website
  • OpenSea is the 310th most popular website in America
  • OpenSea is valued at $13.3 billion
  • People spend an average of 9 minutes and 26 seconds on the site
  • OpenSea made $365 million in profit in 2021.
  • Most of OpenSeas traffic comes from America
  • 63% of OpenSeas traffic is from Direct
  • YouTube accounts for 18.8% of OpenSeas social traffic

In-depth OpenSea Statistics 2024


How Many Users Does OpenSea Have?

OpenSea has more than 1 million registered users in 2022.

Over 121 million people visit the OpenSea website each month.

OpenSea’s popularity is closely linked to the rise of NFTs. The most interested in NFTs by region is Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, with America being number 15 on the list.

Social media platforms have also increased the popularity of NFTs, from conversations about how they’re going to change the world, to how some see them as a scam.

Some of the most influential celebrities that are known for purchasing NFTs include Snoop OpenSeag, Mark Cuban, and Gary Vee.

Snoop Dog’s NFT’s are worth $19 million, Gary Vee’s are worth $100 million, and Mark Cuban’s are worth $500 million.

When Was OpenSea Created?

OpenSea was created back in 2017, by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. Its headquarters are in New York City, and it has another office space in San Francisco.

The beta launch was in December 2017. This officially made them the first open marketplace for NFT on Ethereum’s blockchain.

OpenSea Profit

OpenSea made approximately $365 million in profit in 2021, and the majority of this profit came from Ethereum transaction fees.

The Ethereum transactional volume of OpenSea was about $14 billion in 2021. According to OpenSea, they keep 2.5% of each transaction.

How Does OpenSea Make Its Money?

The way that OpenSea makes most of its money is through transactional fees. They charge 3.5% for every transaction.

This means that if you sell an NFT for $100, OpenSea is going to take $2.50. Their fee structure is similar to other popular NFT marketplaces, including Rarible.

How Many People Work for OpenSea?

OpenSea currently has around 110 employees.

What Is OpenSea Valued At?


Currently, OpenSea is valued at $13.3 billion, after a $300 million round led by Coatue and Paradigm.

Before this round, it was announced that OpenSea was eyeing up a $13 billion valuation. According to OpenSea, these funds are going to be used for four things.

This includes improving customer safety and support, accelerating product development, investing in the web 3.0 community, and expanding their team.

OpenSea has a total of nine funding rounds, with their funding amounts sitting at $427 million.

OpenSea is backed by top firms, and top Angel investors including Kevin Durant and Mark Cuban.

Who Founded OpenSea?

Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah founded OpenSea in 2018.

Devin worked as a software engineer for Pinterest before founding OpenSea, and he’s also founded a couple of other companies, including ClaimOpenSea and Iris Labs.

Alex previously worked for Palantir.

Is OpenSea Public?

Currently, OpenSea isn’t a public company. And according to reports, OpenSea isn’t planning on going public anytime soon.

This means that it isn’t possible to purchase OpenSea shares on the stock market. However, we have a feeling that at some point in the future, OpenSea will file for an IPO.

Which Country Use OpenSea the Most?

According to OpenSea statistics, America uses OpenSea the most. America is responsible for 23% of OpenSea’s total traffic.

Second in line is Canada, at 4.76%. OpenSea statistics like these are based on the desktop version of OpenSea.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these OpenSeas statistics, the popular NFT platform had a record-breaking transactional revenue and volume in 2021.

In January 22 alone, their transactional volume of Ethereum was $4.95 billion.

As a result, this transactional volume has increased more than 600 times in 2021, as a result of a surge of interest in NFTs.

OpenSea was valued at $13.3 billion in early 2021, and whether this will sustain itself completely depends on whether people continue to see it as the most trusted NFT trading platform.

Right now, NFTs are still pretty new with a ton of controversy, as well as a lack of regulation.

In time, we will be able to see whether this is something worth investing in, or whether it is just a passing fad.