When you archive a post on Instagram, it disappears from your feed but remains in your account’s archive for future reference.

If you archive a post, all the comments and likes will remain if you decide to unarchive it afterward.

If you’ve had an Instagram account for over a decade and are sick of seeing the same over-filtered, low-resolution images, or if you’ve decided to use Instagram for professional purposes and need to conceal your private posts, you can do so.

We’ve laid out the easy procedures for restoring an Instagram post from the archive.

How To Unarchive A Post On Instagram

Here’s what you need to do to restore an Instagram post from the archive:

  • First, open Instagram and navigate to your profile.
  • You should see three vertical lines over your profile picture and name in the top right corner. Tap it.
  • The options list will come up. Find The “Archive” and tap on it.
  • By default, it’ll take you to Instagram’s collection of old story highlights. If you want to see posts you’ve hidden, hit the “Archive” label at the bottom of the page, then pick “Posts.”
  • If you want to unarchive a post, you must navigate to it and click the three dots in the post’s top right corner.
  • If you want to share your profile with others, select “display on profile.”

Your profile will once again show the post. In addition to republishing an archived post, you can delete it entirely.

To remove something from your profile entirely, choose Delete instead of Show on Profile and click the Delete button. In that case, your post will be erased forever.

You can archive and unarchive as many times as you like. You have unlimited opportunities to archive and unarchive.

Why Would I Want To Archive Or Unarchive A Post?

Without deleting it entirely, you can make a post private and inaccessible to others by moving it to an archive.

The original comments and likes on an archived post are still visible, giving you a complete record of the post’s life after it was published.

Restoring an archived post for public viewing requires unarchiving it first. This can be done for a private account so that the post can be shown to others again.

If you have a business account, this could mean restoring a previous post from a holiday or other festive occasion.

As long as you maintain ownership of the Instagram account, your previous posts will be saved indefinitely in the archive, from which you can retrieve them at any time.

What Does It Mean To Unarchive A Post?

When you unarchive a post, Instagram will show it in your feed. When a post is unarchived, it returns to the date it was first published.

Past comments and likes will be shown as well. Those who follow you or visit your profile can respond to this update.

When you want to revisit this topic in the future, simply republish it to your feed.

What Your Post Looks Like After You Unarchive Instagram

How Many People Use Instagram Stories

Some Instagram users are nervous about what will happen if they unarchive an old post. They are concerned with how it would appear to their followers.

Here’s everything you ought to know if that’s the case.

It Appears In The Previous Spot On Your Feed

When you re-post something from your Instagram archive, it will appear in the same location. The item will NOT show at the top of your feed as a new post would.

It Shows Up With The Same Caption And Date

The original publication date remains intact when you unarchive a photo or video. This procedure does not affect the caption or hashtags.

No One Gets Notified That You Unarchived A Post

People who regularly visit your profile feed may be aware of the republishing. Your followers will not be notified when you archive or unarchive a post on Instagram.

The Likes And Comments Remain The Same

Instagram post statistics are unaffected by the decision to unarchive a post. Users will continue to see the same number of likes and comments.

Your content’s chances of being shown on Explore diminish, though.

There’s No Time Limit

You have complete control over how long your posts remain hidden. Moreover, you can unarchive them at any time.

Final Thoughts

We have provided an answer to the topic of how to unarchive a post on Instagram within the scope of this article.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, the Instagram archive feature is a brilliant idea that puts you in charge of what other people view.

We may be becoming used to the transient nature of the internet, but some things should be preserved for the long run. 

Even if you can’t physically hold onto those experiences, you have Instagram to look back on.

When you archive a post on Instagram, it disappears from your feed but remains in your account’s archive for future reference.