Discord is made up of communities, small or big, and anything in between.

These communities are commonly known as “servers” which talk about any topic you could possibly imagine: from a nuclear family discussion to Roblox streams, name it and Discord has it. 

Exactly how many Discord servers are there today?

They are many!

Tune in until the end of the article to find out the details plus exciting facts about Discord servers.

How Many Discord Servers Are There in 2024?


Exactly how many Discord servers are there?

As of the latest count, there are now more than 19 million active servers on Discord.

Despite the majority of this number being from the gaming sector, research shows a growing population of non-gaming communities on the platform. 

Moreover, smaller, invite-only groups account for a bigger space compared to public servers.

There are two main types of channel interaction for Discord servers.

One is the text-only channel type which allows users to send and share only text scripts with their peers, while the voice-only channel limits interactions with voice and video.

But in July 2022, the social media giant introduced texts on voice-only channels for the first time. 

Number of Discord Servers from 2018 to 2022

Discord is a growing community – thanks to the pandemic which highlighted the need for a more fun way of communicating online.

In 2020, Discord witnessed its server count hit 6.7 million, up from its 4.4 million settlement in 2018. 

Here is what the overall landscape of Discord servers looked like over the years:

  • 2018 – the platform was home to 4.4 million servers during the year
  • 2020 – the platform was home to 6.7 million servers during the year
  • 2021 – the platform was home to 13.5 million servers during the year
  • 2022 – the platform is home to 19 million servers and growing

How Many Servers Can You Join in Discord?

Discord is home to a never-ending list of interesting communities.

As much as you want to be a member of every single one of them, there is a limit to how many you can join. 

According to its Community Guidelines, a user can join a maximum of 100 servers.

But before you give out that frown, know that you can always create a new account if you want to join more.

More than one is always better!

How to Join Discord Servers?

Aside from knowing how many Discord servers are there, it’s also important we know the ways to join them.

There are two main ways to join Discord servers. One is through invitation, thus a more exclusive option.

And another that does not require all those hassles but at the expense of getting more “trashy” and sometimes useless conversations from random users. 

How to Join an Invite-only Discord Server

How To Change Nickname On Discord

Here is how to join a Discord server restricted to invite-only membership recruitment:

Step 1: As the name suggests, invite-only Discord servers require an exclusive invitation from one of the server’s current members.

Normally, this invitation is sent to you through an invite link which will redirect you to the server upon clicking

Step 2: Clicking the link will automatically redirect you to the server page. But you can’t access it just yet.

There will be an access prompt that would show up which is normally labeled as “Join + name of the server”. Simply click on it to proceed

If you find yourself redirected to the wrong server after clicking on the link, simply tap on “No Thanks” below the Join button

Step 3: Upon clicking “Join + Server Name,” you have been officially recruited. You can now view the conversation discussed by all members of the server.

Don’t forget to send your first “Hello” just to break the ice! 


A whopping 19 million! That is how many Discord servers are there today.

Servers are a fun and easy way to discuss anything of interest, be it gaming, politics, family affairs, and many more!

Remember, you are limited to only 100 servers per account.

You don’t want to waste any of these. The key is to select your communities wisely.

Thanks for reading our article!


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