We’ve made a list of the best sites to buy Discord members for your server in 2024.

With one of these, you will be able to amass the critical number of server members that will serve as a base for your exponential growth.

And before you ask, yes, we’ve only included legit sites that offer organic growth and real members.

No need to waste time with exhaustive research, sampling everything you stumble upon, and trial-and-error.

The cream of the crop, right here. So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Best Places to Buy Discord Members in 2024

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Discord Members

If you’ve ever had anything to do with social media promotion, the chances are that you’ve heard about Media Mister.

A company that offers a wide selection of social media promotion goodies, Media Mister also allows you to buy members with pretty juicy packages.

👉 Buy Discord Members

How do they do this?

By establishing and investing in a giant network of associates and partners rather than account farms and creepy bot spamming, Media Mister opted for the more organic, more efficient, and overall better approach to promotion.

Years have passed since they’ve made that decision and the results are more than obvious from their reputation and lasting legacy.

And, of course, let’s not forget it, their position in our “best sites to buy Discord members” list!

All you have to do to get Discord members from Media Mister is to select your country and provide the site with an active Discord invitation link.

For proper execution of the order, make sure that the link remains active at least for a week.

By the end of this period, your order will be completely realized.

The size of the order can go from a minimum of 100 Discord members to a maximum of 1000 Discord members per order, so the time required to fully execute the order varies from just one day to one week at most.

As soon as the payment gets verified, you will start getting your new members.

Every single new server member is real, organically sourced, and will stick around for as long as the server remains active.

In case of dropouts, Media Mister guarantees refills as soon as you report them.

Couple this with experienced staff, excellent targeting, great customer support, and guarantees on safety, privacy, and quality of service, and you get top-quality service that will be very tough to beat.

Media Mister, hats off to you!

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Discord Members

A company dedicated to social media marketing promotion with unbeatable prices, fast delivery, and a promise to quickly increase the popularity of your Discord server, GetAFollower is bound to become your best pal on Discord if you opt for their service.

Their offer is top-notch.

👉 Buy Discord Members

With experts in social media promotion, they are able to drive traffic from real people, with precise targeting, all that while being completely respectful to the safety and privacy of you and your server.

There are 4 pre-made packages that you can order from GetAFollower.

In order to buy Discord members from them, you have to pick a package of either 100, 250, 500, or 1000 members, select your location (country, to be more precise), and provide the site with a valid and active Discord Invite link.

Depending on the package, the time required to fulfill the order goes from as soon as all in a single day to one week at most for the largest package.

Like Media Mister, they have made an extensive network of affiliates and partners, so cross-platform promotion is also a pretty good option to consider.

Driving traffic from one corner of the global village to another is GetAFollower’s specialty after all.

GetAFollower’s offer is simply too attractive to resist.

Opting for them won’t ever be a mistake.

Quote us on that if you like!

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Discord Members

Buy Real Media represents another point of interest on your journey towards growing your Discord presence.

Buy Real Media promises (and delivers on these promises!) lightning-speed delivery of members, affordable prices, and organically-sourced users with real people behind the keyboard. 

👉 Buy Discord Members

However, if you’re not interested in new members being particularly “real”, you can get fake but “seemingly real” members for even lower prices.

Perhaps this is not your cup of tea, but there are people who are just as pleased with the metrics alone, especially if they come for a fraction of the price.

These accounts will never be a hazard to your server or your account as Buy Real Media has internal services that always check the activity of fakes.

If any of them start to resemble bots, they will be removed to prevent any damages.

Buy Real Media prides itself with superb customer support to whom you can always address any question related to your order and they will be pleased to provide you with a swift answer and solution to any potential problem.

Buy Real Media is not tied to Discord only.

They also do other social media, which can be a major boost if you intend to do some multi-platform campaigning.

Whether it is that bit of extra reach for your server or growing directly in these other places, Buy Real Media has got you covered.

Delivery time of these social media goodies, Discord included? 4 to 8 hours only.

As promised, lightning-fast!

4. UseViral

UseViral Discord Members Promotion Service

So, you intend to buy Discord server members?

Allow us to introduce you to a new buddy of yours – UseViral!

An expert social media promotion agency, UseViral specializes in media engagement on both major and fringe platforms.

As a result, they are more than capable of making you popular wherever you decide to form a digital community! Does that mean Discord as well? You bet it does!

UseViral offers Discord members for your server from a pool of real and active users that are motivated to contribute to your server in addition to being a mere presence.

Additionally, UseViral can also drive engagement from other branches of their social media presence as well. How convenient!

UseViral’s Discord member packages go from 100 in a package to 1K in a single order, with prices ranging from $8 to $200, which is a bargain, even if compared with some more famous names on this list.

The purchasing process goes as follows: you give the link with an invitation to your server, make the payment, and voila, you’re done and soon-to-be a Discord megastar.

The whole process is done very quickly, and you can maintain communication with their customer support service at all times in case of any problems coming up, which is pretty rare.

But the option alone is reassuring, without a doubt.

5. PlayerUp


Another serious contender to the position of the best site to buy members is PlayerUp.

Besides social media marketing promotion, PlayerUp deals with P2P trading as well.

In fact, PlayerUp is the first company ever to establish a marketplace fully focused on allowing legally-protected player-to-player (P2P) account transactions.

Users can seek favorable trading opportunities on one of the markets by themselves or obtain the services of the site’s middleman who will make sure to secure the transactions and ensure fraud-free exchanges. 

But let’s get back to the real stuff: you’re here to buy Discord members after all.

By using PlayerUp services, you can expand the user base of your servers near-instantly.

The influx of new members will not harm the reputation of your server since every new addition to your community will be composed of organically sourced users, not fakes or bots.

They will be more than able to solve captchas, contribute to conversations, and all the other stuff that every real person can do.

However, the prices and the number of new server members in a package varies from offer to offer.

It is important to say that PlayerUp is a marketplace and not really a single corporate individual.

Although the standards of the site must be upheld by everyone, you will still find a lot of variation within the platform.

Whether this suits you or not is a question of personal taste, but having something like this as an option to consider is beneficial for sure. 

6. Buy Views Likes

buy views likes

What makes Buy Views Likes stick out from the rest of the crowd?

Let’s get honest here, it is the fact that they are the most affordable site on the list.

How affordable?

Well… what if we told you that you can buy Discord members as cheap as $128 for 4000 new users? Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

What makes Buy Views Likes so affordable?

It is not the sole reason perhaps, but they’ve collected more than a decade of experience in promoting various social media and they have fulfilled more than a million various promotional orders.

No one forces you to go as high as 4000 members, though.

You can obtain a package worth 1000, 500, or even 250 new Discord members.

The speed of delivery on these packages varies, of course, but all offers will be done within 4 to 5 working days max.

Every single member that joins your Discord server via Buy Views Likes will be real, don’t let the low price raise concerns about that fact.

Buy Views Likes is just that good.

To make the whole offer even more lucrative, Buy Views Likes allows cross-platform promotion and driving traffic from other social media accounts towards your Discord server.

A piece of cake for someone present on the social media marketing scene for more than 11 years, no doubt. 

Real users, fast delivery, affordable prices, and free refills in case of dropouts, guaranteed.

What more can you ask from a promotional service? Probably very little, if anything. 

7. Discord.CENTER

discord center

While not exactly a place from which you can purchase Discord members for your server, Discord.CENTER is a website dedicated to growing people’s Discord communities and servers.

Regarding the name, though, Discord.CENTER is not an official Discord affiliate or in any way connected to the official site.

This does not make it any less of an asset to every person with a server on Discord, however!

Discord.CENTER represents a listing website on which you can place your servers and also buy/sell shoutouts from other users or servers.

Even the simple act of placing your servers on the list serves as a sort of free promotion in the long term.

No costs involved, none at all.

That said, you can still buy Discord members from Discord.CENTER and directly and quickly expand your server.

These are full-fledged accounts from real users, organically sourced, active, and productive.

Nothing here comes from bot farms and remains a sterile addition to the total members count, so don’t worry about that.

Discord.CENTER provides the seed for the growth, yours is only to flourish.

8. Fiverr


By no means can Fiverr be taken as a website from which to buy fake Discord members.

However, it has other, indirect ways of growing your server.

What is Fiverr, then? Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers, and a very popular one.

It will enable you to get in touch with the right people who will assist you with the marketing of your Discord server without breaking a sweat.

Digital services are the area of expertise for Fiverr people.

The website gives you access to different freelancers and businesspeople, a whole branch of which is dedicated to growing Discord members on your servers.

Plenty of offers are online right now, in fact!

We admit that this is not really buying Discord members, but in certain ways, it is much better and more efficient.

By growing your members naturally and organically, you will not grow in an instant, but the members who join will be intrinsically motivated to participate and will be much bigger contributors than anything you could directly buy.

Hiring freelancers on Fiverr to advertise your server and get in contact with the right audience might not be the thing that you’ve come looking for, but it might end up as something that suits you the most!

Consider it a go, won’t you?

9. Galaxy Marketing

galaxy marketing

Founded in 2017, Galaxy Marketing is perhaps younger than some of the companies on the list, but it does not pack any lighter punch than them.

The packages coming from Galaxy marketing come as small as 50 members and go as big as 4000 members in a single order.

What do you need to do to get these followers?

Select the package, post the invitation link to the server, make the purchase, and you’re done! The first Discord members will be there in a couple of hours at most. 

Every single user that joins your server will be real and sourced organically from the extensive network of affiliates and partners of Galaxy marketing.

With all the other social media that they promote, it must be a breeze for them to allow you to buy real Discord members as well.

Speaking of other social media, yep, feel free to promote your other platforms and drive exponentially larger crowds everywhere you step online!

Security and safety are Galaxy Marketing’s number one priority.

To further this cause, they’ve set up tight security with their payment method.

Your sensitive data and private financial information aren’t going anywhere! Their site is heavily encrypted and zero data gets stored on their servers.

All the more reasons to put your trust in them. 

10. EpicNPC

epic npc

The second “forum” on this list, EpicNPC does not directly allow you to buy fake Discord members from them, rather what it does is link you up with other people who are willing to provide you with this service.

Discord members and orders in this way often range in quantity and delivery time, but on the upside, EpicNPC is perfect for customized orders and something unique that you won’t be able to find with conventional sources.

Orders are not always executed quickly and things may go downhill from time to time, but you will have to be patient and not blame the forum.

Give them time to resolve every dispute, and yes, every dispute will be resolved.

With customer service like theirs, everyone would be able to resolve every issue!

Of course, the somewhat dynamic context of EpicNPC almost guarantees lower prices than anywhere else, especially from conventional sources with big names and long traditions that charge a bit extra for their renown. 

If you’re looking for a little something with a much greater impact on your server than on your pockets, give EpicNPC a shot.

You might just end up pleasantly surprised.

Why Buy Discord Server Members?

There’s nothing worse for a server than being empty.

Users who stumble upon an empty server do not stick around to see whether there’s anything relevant to see or hear–after all, if there were anything interesting, there would be people around, right?

Well, that’s a common belief and there’s little that can change that.

Except for one thing: preventing the server from being empty by buying Discord members.

Beginnings are never easy.

You might have the best idea ever and turn it into the most creative and fun content available online but without any online Discord members to share the content with, what’s the point?

Humans are social animals governed by certain social rules.

One of those rules goes that people have a herd mentality and tend to flock to already-popular points of interest.

If you put a bunch of people in a fictional line in the middle of the street to wait for something, it should not surprise you when people start joining the queue.

Similarly, put a spectacle in a crowded place and if no one around stops to look at it, people will think that there must be a reason why no one’s around in the first place and a chain of similar mental reactions will leave the spectacle without any observers.

Social media is no exception, on the contrary.

So, even if you’re not just starting, having an empty Discord server is a big no-no.

Even people who would otherwise be very interested in sticking around will go away without an already-existing crowd.

This produces the infamous wicked circle in which you require server members in order to gain more server members.

Spend a while in that circle and every notion of social media growth seems hopeless.

Well, not anymore.


If you’re here, you most likely know how frustrating it can be to have a proper, fun, and engaging Discord server with few participants and little traffic.

Why bother if no one will be there to appreciate it?

It is okay to buy Discord members, really.

We’ve explained the herd mentality in the introductory part of this article.

Remember, you’re not buying all members of your server, that would be silly and sort of pointless.

You are buying the initial sparks to ignite a big flame.

You simply require members to attract more members, that is a well-attested truth of the modern age of social media.

You can’t escape it. We can’t escape it. No one can escape it.

Once your content has stirred the big Discord pot, you will get more members without having to buy them, and that was the plan all along.

Once you hit Discord stardom, no one will ask you about the initial couple of members that you have paid to get.

Have you noticed the big servers out there with masses of members?

Well, they’ve probably started out just like you did and would never go viral if they haven’t got a little help from a social media marketing friend.

The reason behind making this list was to save you from endless research, pointless experimentation, and lots of time wasted on something that you can ultimately read in a couple of minutes.

Here, on this list, we’ve got a prime selection of the best sites to buy Discord members for your server.

We don’t ask you to believe us for our word.

On the contrary!

Give any of these a go and it will be your words who do the due praise.

No matter your choice when you buy Discord members for your server, we wish you good luck expanding your Discord empire!