Google Maps is best described as a web mapping platform.

It offers a variety of views, ranging from satellite imagery of an area to a road view.

The latter allows you to move down a road and look left and right while still at home. 

It’s an extremely useful way of finding places and you may be surprised by how many people use Google Maps each month.

It’s become the simplest solution when navigating between places. 

In fact, Google Maps has become so popular that standalone sat nav devices have to work much harder to appear as an attractive or even necessary option. 

In general, a smartphone with Google Maps can do the same job as a standalone Satnav.

However, phones are more prone to losing GPS which can make it harder to track your exact position. 

Key Statistics

  • Over 1 billion people use Google Maps every month
  • More than 5 million websites use Google Maps
  • 200 contributions are made to the Maps every second
  • Google Maps has 67% of the market
  • At least half of Google Map users do so from their mobile phones
  • Google Maps generates $11 billion in ad revenue a year
  • Clear directions are a primary reason for people to use Google Maps
  • The app offers an array of additional features
  • Sheep have been used to help map some areas!

The Beginning Of Google Maps

How Many People Use Google Maps

Today, most people have heard of Google Maps and many people have either tried it or use it regularly. 

However, this hasn’t always been the case.

The concept was created by Lars and Jens Rasmussen.

The two brothers developed a desktop program using C++. 

Google saw the potential in what they had created and bought the company in 2004.

The desktop application was converted to become a web application.

Google also acquired a geospatial data visualization company and a real-time traffic analyser. 

The result was Google Maps which was launched in February 2005. 

It’s worth noting that the app was initially open source, allowing other users to expand, update, and improve the services.

It wasn’t until 2017 that this was discontinued, although the crowdsourced contributions are still allowed but only affect the Google Local Guides program.

Naturally, the app has evolved significantly since the first version was released.

Perhaps one of the most significant and useful additions was in 2011 when users could add real-time information.

This is useful to warn others of accidents and traffic jams. 

Today, it even has speed cameras and speed trap alerts, these are reported by users, helping others to avoid speeding fines. 

An army of Google workers have moved through streets across the globe to enable street view, although Google did have to deal with privacy concerns. 

Impressively, Google Maps can now also be used to see specific areas under the sea, such as 2,300 kilometres of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 

Of course, Google Maps isn’t just a guide to traveling between places; it also offers information regarding local businesses, tourist attractions, and even a fascinating timelapse feature which shows how the earth has changed over the last 35-40 years. 

How Many People Use Google Maps in 2024?

How Many People Use Google Maps?

1. Over 1 Billion People Use Google Maps Every Month

According to the latest figures, over 1 billion people have used Google Maps within the last month.

This figure has been gradually increasing year-on-year. 

Google Maps is available in 220 countries and territories, meaning that nearly every part of the world is mapped and available to people locally and at a distance. 

With over a billion monthly users Google Maps is being used by between 20-25% of all the internet users in the world!

That’s an impressive claim to fame. 

It’s not surprising, the navigation side of the app is excellent, available at all times of the day and night, and has real-time updates.

In short, it’s potentially the simplest and best way of finding your way between two places. 

It is worth noting that when Google added Street View it saw a surge in user numbers. 


2. More Than 5 Million Websites Use Google Maps

It’s not just individuals who are finding this app useful.

If you’ve been online recently there’s a good chance you’ll have been on a webpage with Google Maps built in. 

Webpages use it to help visitors know where their business is located, or perhaps to help you get directions and understand how long it will take to reach a company. 

This is proving to be a popular addition to most websites.

As of 2022, Google statistics show that over 5 million websites are using Google Maps to help their visitors. 

It’s not just websites, Google Maps is being incorporated into apps, making it even easier to link the two apps and get directions when needed. 

After all, how many people do you know that don’t have Google Maps installed on their phone?


3. 200 Contributions Are Made To The Maps Every Second

There are millions of miles of roads, tracks, and other routes across the planet, and almost all of them are mapped on Google Maps.

However, things change, roads close due to old age, lack of use, and environmental influences.

The road layout may alter, or even the information regarding local businesses can quickly become out of date. 

It’s a mammoth task to map the roads in the first place and virtually impossible to keep on top of all the changes. 

However, Google manages it by using its users.

Any user can make a contribution to ensure the maps are as accurate as possible.

Thanks to this approach, Google receives over 200 contributions from users every second. 

That’s the equivalent of 20 million updates daily and explains why Google Maps manages to stay up-to-date with everything, regardless of where you are in the world. 


4. Google Maps Has 67% Of The Market

Google Maps is seen as the dominant force in the digital marketing industry.

However, it hasn’t always been this way.

Before Google Maps appeared on the scene, Yahoo! Maps was the digital mapping solution everyone used. 

Unfortunately for Yahoo, Google Maps does it better and clearly has a better brand awareness campaign.

The result is Google Maps now has a 67% share of the digital mapping market. 

Surprisingly, Yahoo isn’t the second biggest map operator in the industry.

Today, Yahoo has just 2% of the market. 

Other platforms are doing better than Yahoo.

For example, Waze has 12% of the market.

Of course, Google bought Waze in 2013, effectively boosting its share of the market. 

Apple Map is also doing well, it’s particularly popular with iPhone users!

It currently has an 11% market share, closely following Waze. 

Just behind, you’ll find MapQuest.

It currently has an 8% share of the market. 

In short, nothing is close to Google Maps and Yahoo is struggling to stay in the field. 


5. At Least Half Of Google Map Users Do So From Their Mobile Phones

At Least Half Of Google Map Users Do So From Their Mobile Phones

You can access Google Maps on your desktop.

It’s a great way to look at distances between places and plan a trip.

Google Maps includes service stations, eating establishments, and landmarks. 

In short, you can plan every detail of your trip if desired. 

Of course, it’s also useful to improve your geographical knowledge, and it can be fun just zooming in on random streets.

It’s even been used to locate a new partner’s address and see what their property is like. 

However, once you want to start heading toward anywhere and you need a map, the desktop is no longer an option.

It’s not easy to plug into a vehicle. 

That’s why, according to the latest statistics, over 50% of Google Maps users are accessing the app from a mobile device. 

Just look around when you’re driving, half the cars you pass will have Google Maps on their phone, clipped to the dashboard. 

(Google Maps)

6. Google Maps Generates $11 Billion In Ad Revenue A Year

Google Maps is free to use.

You can download the app on your phone, although many phones come with it preinstalled. 

It’s also possible to access it via the web page, both on your phone and your desktop.

There’s no charge. 

Yet, according to Google, the Google Maps app generates roughly $11 billion a year!

It’s not surprising.

The app is so popular it’s inevitable that businesses are happy to pay to advertise on it. 

Adverts flash up while you’re loading maps and they sit around the edge of your map.

Companies will pay significant sums to get on Google Maps.

That includes having their business name on the map and a link to their website. 

Google made $209 billion in revenue in 2022, and $11 billion of it came via Google Maps!

Of course, Google also supplies mapping technology to specific mobility service providers, such as Uber.

That helps boost revenue further. 


7. Clear Directions Are A Primary Reason For People To Use Google Maps

Clear Directions Are A Primary Reason For People To Use Google Maps

Google Maps is very easy to use.

You simply allow it to use your location as a starting point and enter where you want to go.

The app will provide you with a selection of routes, you can even choose to avoid certain types of roads if you wish. 

Select your preferred route, press start, and the map will tell you where to go. 

The ease of use makes it attractive.

However, according to most people who use the app, the real appeal is how clear the directions are. 

Google Maps tells you in advance which junction to take and when to turn.

It then tells you again as you reach the turning point.

You can use the speaker on your phone or connect it via Bluetooth to your car.

The result is you barely need to look at the map, it tells you everything you need to know. 


8. The App Offers An Array Of Additional Features

You may not realize it but Google Maps can do much more than simply direct you between places.

The app offers a surprising array of additional services.

Perhaps the most useful one is the ability to book a reservation in advance.

You simply find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps in the right location.

Then, use the book online feature and literally book your desired slot. 

It couldn’t be easier. 

Alongside this, you can send messages to any establishment shown on Google Maps.

You can also see which roads are toll roads and how they cost between destinations. 

Alongside this, Google added a Covid awareness tool during the pandemic.

It showed the number of Covid cases in a selected area. 

That made it very useful if you were trying to avoid the virus. 

That’s just a handful of the many extras on Google Maps, take a closer look next time you go on the app!


9. Sheep Have Been Used To Help Map Some Areas!

google maps sheep view camera

It’s a well-known fact that Google creates maps by using vehicles.

They drive along all the streets in a country, filming as they go.

This allows Google to create street views. 

Keeping maps up to date is a joint effort between Google and millions of people across the planet.

As mentioned, anyone can contribute to improving the accuracy of the maps. 

However, what you may not know is that it’s not just people who help!

In the Faroe Islands, there are over 70,000 sheep.

There are more sheep than humans!

The sheep have solar-powered cameras fitted to them, allowing the best possible version of street view on the islands. 

(Google Maps)

Summing Up

The question isn’t how many people use Google Maps, it is how many people have never used Google maps. 

In the modern world, digital technology is making everyone’s life easier.

Google Maps is an important part of that.

They can be used to get you to any destination across the globe. 

Best of all, the maps and traffic are constantly updated by real people, helping you to choose the best route and keep moving. 

Naturally, Google Maps is also working hard to keep improving the service they offer.

It may just be a matter of time before they are the only service left!

If you haven’t already got Google Maps on your phone, install it now and start plotting your next adventure.