Did you know that the term “Googled” was first used on the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2002?

It was on the fourth episode of the show’s last season.

The American Dialect Society took a vote and decided that the term “to google” was the year’s (2002) most useful novel word. 

How many times have you said, “Just Google it”?

The phrase has not only become a household name, but it’s also turned into a verb.

Google is more than its search engine, though it’s the most used search engine in the world and the most visited website on the globe.

Let’s delve into Google search statistics, revenue, assets, and more in 2024.

While we will focus mostly on the search engine, there are more aspects of this multiplatform company to explore.

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Key Google Search Statistics

  • Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has a market capitalization of over $1.357 trillion (USD).
  • Google (Alphabet) owns more than 200 companies.
  • Google processes about 9 billion queries per day.
  • 15% of Google searches are unique.
  • One billion internet users search Google images daily.
  • 67% of consumers prefer Google Maps for navigation.
  • Google Maps’ users contribute over 20 million pieces of information each day.
  • 63% of Google searches are carried out on mobile devices in the United States.
  • Voice searches load faster than typed searches.
  • Google Chrome is the most used browser on tablets, with a 62.32% market share as of March 2023

Google Company Statistics

First, we will look at a few statistics related to the company itself.

You may be surprised at how massive this company is and what it has to offer.

1. Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company, Has a Market Capitalization of Over $1.357 Trillion (USD).

Google Search Statistics

Alphabet is the holding company for Google, which is also the world’s fourth most valuable company according to its market capitalization.

As of April 2023, Google and its parent company together have a market capitalization of $1.357 trillion (USD).

This is data taken from its stock market value.

At the beginning of March 2023, Google’s market cap was $1.159 trillion (USD).

By the end of March 2023, that figure grew to $1.323 trillion (USD).

Since March 2023, Google’s market cap has grown to $1.357 trillion.

Believe it or not, their market cap is down from a day ago.

We are likely to see fluctuations in Google’s (Alphabet’s) market cap.

Google’s (GOOG) current share price is $107.30 (USD).


2. Google’s Original Stock Price Was $85 per Share in 2004.

In 2004, Google started selling its stock on the public exchange.

The initial public offering (IPO) was $85 per share.

Imagine how much you would have today if you had invested just $1,020 in Google in 2004?

Google managed to raise more than $1.9 million with the sale of 22.5 million shares.

The company was trying to raise $2.7 billion in its IPO.

Had you invested $1,020 in the initial $85 share price, you would have gotten 12 shares before the stock split. 

In 2014, Google stocks split, which would have made a lot of people who previously invested in some major dough. 


3. In the Fourth Quarter (Q4) of 2022, Google Generated Nearly $225 Billion in Ad Revenue.

Google’s primary earnings come from its search engine advertising on the Google Ads Platform.

Ads are placed across Google’s massive ad network where advertisers buy advertising for their products, services, etc.

Google received $224.47 billion (USD) in ad revenue in the Q4 of 2022.

Google’s properties like its search engine, the ad network, and YouTube deliver its ad revenues.

However, due to the diminished economic climate, Google’s advertising revenue fell across all ad platforms. 

When ad revenues fall for a company, you can expect ad pricing to rise and even more competition for ads.

As Google moves towards AI driven solutions, advertisers may lose even more control over their ad campaigns.

(Search Engine Land, Statista)

4. Alphabet Employed Around 187,000 Before the Job Cuts in March 2023.

Before Google (Alphabet) decided to cut 12,000 jobs (6% of its staff), they employed around 187,000 people.

Between 2019 and 2021, this company employed around 150,000 people. 

Why did Alphabet (Google) cut 12,000 jobs this year?

Mostly, the layoffs were due to over hiring during the pandemic.

Employees who have been and are being laid off are getting at least 16 weeks’ pay from Google’s severance package and two extra weeks for each year of employment at Google. 

Employees who were and are being laid off are also being offered six months of health care, job placement services, and immigration support as needed. 

(USA Today)

5. Google (Alphabet) Owns More than 200 Companies.

We don’t have time to list all the companies that Google (Alphabet) owns, but we can tell you that they own over 200 companies.

We will mention just a few here.

It’s important to know that many of the 200 companies owned by Google (Alphabet) don’t make a profit.

Basically, Google and YouTube carry the load while the rest get started.

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion (USD).

YouTube had barely gotten off the ground in 2005 when Google snatched it up in 2006. 

In 2021, Google bought out Fitbit for $2.1 billion (USD).

Fitbit was established in 2007.

This company offers a variety of wearable devices designed to track health, fitness, and other activities. 

In 2005, Google acquired Android Inc, the mobile operating system company for $50 million (USD) 


Google Search Statistics

This section will discuss Google’s search engine and how it’s doing in today’s climate.

6. Google Processes About 9 Billion Queries per Day. 

Google’s number of search queries fluctuates every day, but on average, it processes roughly 9 billion searches per day.

As the number of new internet users increases, the number of daily Google searches will also grow.

It’s good to know that Google has one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated servers upon which to process so much information so quickly.

Each server in its network consumes around 40 watts of electricity, of which 1.8-watt hours come from searches. 


7. On Average Over 3.3 Trillion Global Search Queries Are Conducted Each Year.

All around the world, an average of over 3.3 trillion Google searches are performed per year.

In 2012, Google laid claim to about 1.2 trillion searches for the year.

While this figure seems unimaginable, there are 5.16 billion internet users all over the world.

That helps it make sense.

Therefore, if each internet user in the world makes only one search per day, that alone translates to over 5 billion searches.

Statistics show us that people conduct an average of one to three searches per day.

(Search Engine Land 2, Statista 2)

8. 77% of Survey Respondents Say They Conduct Three or More Searches per Day on Google.

In 2019, Moz took a survey of internet users that resulted in 77% of respondents saying they conduct three or more Google searches per day.

There’s little doubt that fewer people are making fewer queries on the platform today.

If anything, that figure has grown.

Among the survey respondents, 14% said that they conduct one to three Google searches per day, and 7% say they search Google five to ten times per day.

Age also tends to have an impact on how many searches each person makes per day.

If this is for the average internet user, it’s likely not accounting for writers and students who search more than that every day.


9. 15% of Google Searches Are Unique.

For a search query to be unique it must be unlike any other search performed.

The fact that 15% of Google search queries are unique tells us a lot about human behavior.

According to VentureBeat this factor may cause problems for chatbots.

In fact, in testing AI bots, there are times when the human interacting with the chatbot must rephrase their query.

This is obviously a problem until or unless AI and ML evolve to better understand phrasing.

Have you ever interacted with a chatbot that didn’t understand your query?


10. One Billion Internet Users Search Google Images Daily.

The number of daily views on Google images comes to 1 billion, according to data.

According to TrueList, approximately 10.1% of Google’s overall traffic goes to images.google.com. 

Google’s search engine has thus far indexed about 10 billion images.

We can surmise from all this data that about one billion people search for images on Google daily.

That figure translates to roughly 11,500 per second.

Do you use Google for image searches?

(Neil Patel, TrueList)

Google Maps Statistics

Google Maps Statistics

If you use Google Maps to find out how to get somewhere or to search for a business, you will be interested in these Google statistics for Maps.

11. In 2022, Google Maps Was the Most Downloaded Navigation and Map App in The United States.

Google Maps was the most downloaded app among map and navigation apps in the United States.

It was downloaded 24,72,317 times.

Waze (owned by Google/Alphabet) was downloaded 9,119,184 times, coming in second to Google Maps in 2022. 

Google Maps is more than just a navigation tool.

It also provides traffic updates, delays, and other features that keep you updated about your commute and for your road trips.

The usage of Google Maps, Waze and other navigation apps has risen in recent years. 

Another useful feature is voice search to use while driving so you don’t get distracted while you are on the road.

(Statista 3) 

12. Google Maps Isn’t Just for Online Use. It’s Also Useful Offline.

You may already know this, but you can download and save a route from Google Maps to your tablet, phone, or computer to use when you travel.

Why would you need this feature? 

Cellular service providers don’t reach the whole country, contrary to popular belief. 

If you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no way to connect to the internet or to GPS, you’ll be driving blind, so to speak. 

Having a downloaded version of a map for your route will save you time and trouble on the road.

(Google Maps Blog)

13. 67% of Consumers Prefer Google Maps for Navigation.

This fact is important for business owners to know.

With 67% of consumers preferring Google Maps for navigation, you can feel comfortable knowing that if you’re creating your business listing on Google Maps, you are likely to be found.

Using a keyword to discover a business is used 84% of time rather than a direct search for a business name.

If you’re a local business, you also need to know that 46% of searches on Google have a local intent. 

When you use the right keywords for your business and other SEO elements, you could find yourself in the top three local businesses in your area. 


14. Google Maps Is Used by 154.5 Million Monthly Users.

We know that Google is the most visited website in the world.

Now we discovered that Google Maps has 154.5 million monthly users in the United States, making it the preferred navigational and mapping app in the country.

Waze has 25.6 million monthly users and Apple Maps has 23.3 million monthly users.

Siri and Google Assistant are the most used voice search platforms, which are used with their map services.

Do you use a physical map or atlas to navigate your way on road trips, or do you solely rely on Google Maps or other online navigation apps?


15. Google Maps’ Users Contribute Over 20 Million Pieces of Information Each Day.

Google Maps is constantly updating its information while you travel.

In fact, you may have been one of the Google Maps contributors that provide 20 million pieces of information every day to the platform.

Google Maps uses imagery, machine learning, and user-generated updates to keep Maps up to date.

For instance, users can add information like speed traps, crashes or other events that are causing delays, etc. 

Have you ever added information to Google Maps to help update the system for other drivers?

(Google Cloud)

Google Mobile Search Statistics

Google Mobile Search Statistics

In this section, we will address statistics related to mobile searches.

16. Mobile Searching for Images Grew by Over 60% Between 2016 and 2018. 

According to Think with Google, between 2016 and 2018 mobile searches for images grew by over 60%.

Also, 50% of consumers say that images help them make buying decisions and 53% say images inspire them to buy something. 

This isn’t the only search type that’s grown over the past few years.

In the financial planning sector, mobile searches have grown by 70%, with the term “high yield” being used twice as much as ever. 

Mobile searches for the phrase “grocery app” have seen a rise of over 900%.

(The Webmaster, Think with Google)

17. 27% of People Who Go Online Across the Globe Use Mobile Voice Search. 

Think with Google revealed that 27% of the global online population uses voice search on their mobile devices.

This includes smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, this translates into over one-quarter of the global population.

According to research from 2018, mobile voice search is most used by the 16- to 34-year-old crowd.

This data shows how using voice search is impacted by age groups.

Also, 26% of women use voice search on mobile compared to 28% of men.

Mobile voice search is most popular in Asian countries. 

(Oberlo, Think with Google 2)

18. Most Mobile Searches Are in Question Form.

Research shows that mobile searches are most commonly in the form of a question.

For instance, how do I get to a place? Also, the terms “are”, “is”, and “where” are commonly used. 

People using voice search may often be looking for a location, business, road trip information, recipes, and how-to information.

Location searches are nearly always conducted on mobile phones. 

Using mobile voice is common at home and while people are out and about.

Since it is hands free and easy to use people often use mobile searches while en route to somewhere.

(The Webmaster)

19. 63% of Google Searches Are Carried out On Mobile Devices in The United States.

In the United States, 63% of Google’s organic search traffic comes from mobile devices (2019 data from Merkleinc).

Mobile searches are gaining momentum across the globe and across mobile devices and search engines. 

Any mobile device that connects to the internet and has Google search on it is included in the 63% of mobile devices used to conduct mobile searches in the United States.

In fact, mobile devices are mostly used to carry out location-centric searches and queries. 

Mobile devices are usually used for searches when the query is less complicated.


20. Food and Beverage Searches Account for 72% of Mobile Searches. 

A Hitwise study in 2016 revealed that 72% of all mobile searches were related to food and beverage.

Health came in second at 68% and Sports tied with Health.

News and Media searches accounted for 64% of searches.

Lifestyle and Automotive searches made up 62% each while 56% of mobile searches were about Retail.

Travel (not related to maps) accounted for 52% of mobile searches and Real estate and Property searches made up 48%.

Entertainment (42%) and Banking (39%) were the two last types of mobile searches among the top 11.

(The Webmaster)

Google Voice Search Statistics

We’ll cover a few Google voice search statistics in this section.

21. 50% of Americans Say They Use Voice Search Features.

In the United States, 50% of the country’s population uses voice search every day. 

According to an UpCity study in 2022, 34% of the online population residing in the United States uses voice features at least once per week. 

Many voice search users are experienced users with this feature as 72% say they’ve been using it for between one and five years.

Over 16% of this demographic claim that they’ve been using voice search for more than five years. 


22. 71% of Consumers Prefer Voice Search Over Typed Search.

With the rise of mobile devices and hands-free speakers at home, it’s no surprise that 71% of consumers prefer voice-based searches over typing in a query.

Another 65% of people between 25 years old and 49 years old use voice-enabled devices at least once a day, according to studies.

The age demographics that follow the main user group of voice-enabled devices are the 18 to 24 crowd and the 50-plus crowd. 

Data from 2020 shows that 30% of all web browsing sessions were done without a screen.

This factor changed how consumers engage with brands in the online realm. 

Additionally, 55% of consumers who show through voice search use it for researching products.

Of those using this technology, 22% will buy directly through the voice feature.

Another 17% have used it for reordering things.

(Palo Creative)

23. The Google Nest App Has Been Downloaded Over 10 Million Times. 

Data from 2019 shows that the Nest app was downloaded over 10 million times, as per the Google Play Store.

The Google Home app has experienced over 100 million downloads from the Play Store.

Google’s global market share in smart speakers is 17.2%, which is second to Amazon’s home speaker market share of 28% as of 2022.

Google Home devices and Google Assistant work with over 200 brands and across 1500 devices. 

Google Assistant has been downloaded more than 1 billion times as of January 2022.

(Expanded Ramblings, Google Play, Statista 4)

24. Google Supports and Recognizes 119 Languages for Voice Search.

We won’t impose the full list of 119 languages supported and recognized by Google, but we can address some of them.

English is only one of the lists of languages supported by Google Voice. 

In 2017, 30 new languages were added to Google’s database of supported languages.

Two of these languages are from Africa and are the most used languages in the country.

This includes Amharic and Swahili.

Did you know that voice dictation on Google can also recognize emojis?

(Google Blog)

25. Voice Searches Load Faster than Typed Searches.

Backlinko reported the results of the analysis of 10,000 Google Home searches for marketers and brands to find out how to better optimize their websites for voice search. 

One of the results was that the average voice search results page loaded in 4.6 seconds, which is 52% faster than the average web page.

They also discovered that the average voice search is written at 9th grade level.

Moreover, 2,312 words made up the average word count of a voice search in results. 

Another thing that you should know is that Google favors short and clear answers to voice searches, the most common result in voice search comes to 29 words in length.


Google Chrome Statistics

Google Chrome Statistics

Let’s discuss some Google Chrome statistics since it’s a wildly popular and well-known search engine used across the globe.

26. Google Chrome owns a market share of 65.74% in the browser sector.

Chrome has the largest share of the browser market with 65.74% of the market share.

Safari is second at 18.86% and Edge accounts for 4.27% of the browser usage market.

Firefox is fourth with 2.92% of the shares.

Samsung Internet has 2.6% of the market share, and Opera has 2.27%.

This data comes from February 2023, so it’s fresh and accurate.

Google Chrome is leading the web browser realm across the globe with its 65.74% share. 

Chrome dominates the desktop browser share with 66.12% of that segment and 66.08% of the mobile phone browser market.

However, on tablets so far Chrome is favored only a little more than Safari with 49.43% to 34.74% respectively.

(Oberlo 2) 

27. Google Chrome for Android on The Google Play Store Has Over 10 Billion Downloads. 

According to the Google Play Store figures, Chrome has more than 10 billion downloads under its belt to date.

Chrome is marketed as a secure and fast and easy to use mobile web browser. 

Google Safe Browsing helps to prevent over 5 billion devices from getting infected with malicious content every day.

Google has spent millions in security research to help prevent such issues across all of its Chrome-supported devices.

Google Chrome has a global appeal and is used not only in the United States, but in China, India, and other countries.

(Google Play 2, Google Safe Browsing)

28. In India, Chrome Has an 88.7% Market Share in The Browser Market.

In 2022, Chrome had an 88.81% share in the Indian market, but that has declined some to 88.7% as of March 2023.

India’s usage of the Chrome browser has been consistent over the past year with a minor dip to 86.33% in December 2022.

When more people are working and not staying home, they have less time to download and use web browsers.

Regardless of the slight decline, India still has a large market share of Chrome usage compared to the rest of the world. 

Other browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Opera are barely noticed in India.

(Statcounter India, TechJury)

29. In China, Chrome Has a 46.09% Market Share 

Statcounter shows China with a market share of Chrome usage at 59.07%, which is up from 2022, where at its height was at 57.27%.

In December 2022, Chrome usage in China fell to its lowest at 44.86%.

However, Chrome is once again on the rise in China and other Asian regions.

In fact, as of March 2023, Asia’s market share of Chrome usage is at 73.17%.

The overall Asian market has been mostly steady in its usage of Chrome. 

A dip to 72.11% occurred in December 2022 in the Asian market for Chrome usage.

(Statcounter China)

30. Google Chrome Is the Most Used Browser on Tablets, with A 62.32% Market Share as Of March 2023.

As of March 2023, Chrome is used 62.32% of the time on tablets, making it the most popular browser among tablet users thus far.

Chrome is miles ahead of other tablet browsers including Safari (26.34%), Samsung Internet (2.44%), and Opera (1.00%).

This data is measured over a 12-month period.

Keep in mind that this data can fluctuate some between years and according to a wide range of factors. 

In the United States, Chrome has a market share of 48.53% over all other tablet browsers.

In India, Chrome has an 82.79% tablet browser market share.

In the United Kingdom, Google Chrome has the highest market share at 49.26%. 

In most global markets, Chrome has the highest market share among tablet browsers.



What Are Some Companies Owned by Google?

Google owns over 200 companies, but 5 of its assets include:

Android Inc

We were surprised to learn about some of its acquisitions.

What’s the Latest Google Search Trend?

According to Google Trends on April 28, 2023, the number one daily trending topic searched in the United States is about Trae Young.

Others on the daily list include Antonio Brown, Myles Murphy, Adele, Barry Manilow, and Snap stock.

For the month of April, trending topics were about the passing of Jerry Springer, Will Levis, Nolan Smith, and the NFL draft. 

Google Trends reports trending data based on region.

What Are Some of Google’s Most Used Apps?

We found some top 20 Google apps that everyone should be using to improve productivity, so we will use some of them to answer the question.

We will share the top 10. 

1. Google Chrome (web browser)
2. Gmail (free or paid email client)
3. Google Pay (secure payment system)
4. Google Meet (G-Suite app for digital conferencing)
5. Google Drive (storage for your files, photos, etc.)
6. Google Maps (navigation app)
7. Google Assistant (voice-enabled technology)
8. Google Keep (notetaking and reminders – voice-enabled)
9. Google Earth (3D satellite views of almost anywhere on the globe)
10. Google Docs (robust and dynamic word processor)

Others on the list include Google Lens, Sky Maps, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Find My Device, Snapseed, Photos, and Google Family Link for Children and Teens.

The Sky Maps app sounds fun, right?


These statistics should show you how Google dominates the online world in many sectors. 

Google has its hand in all sorts of technology and is now also breaking into the AI industry, which should soon show its dominance.

As we watch Google evolve, update, and make changes, we expect it will continue to dominante until something better comes along.

It’s always possible even if it’s unlikely.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these Google statistics in 2024 and that you have learned something new and valuable to you.


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