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FollowLiker Reviews 2024

By now you’ve probably heard of Instagram bots.

A bot is a third-party Instagram tool that helps you to schedule all your engagement to build your Instagram automatically. A lot of people are using them these days – Instagram is a competitive place, and it can be hard to keep up. Especially when everyone is using an Instagram bot.

However, you’ve got to be careful with Instagram bots. There are a lot of Instagram bots out there that care about their client’s well-being, but then there are some that don’t. There are some that just want to make a profit from their features, and don’t really care about whether your profile does well or not.

These bots will just send you engagement that will go outside of Instagram’s terms and conditions, and Instagram might end up citing your profile for using it. This is why you’ve got to be extra careful when you’re in the social media marketing industry.

Choosing the right company that uses the right technology and/or methods of social media engagement is crucial to the safety and security of your Instagram account. 

One misstep with botting technology can get your account banned and destroy your authority and credibility in your niche.

It’s truly that important to learn as much as you can about these services.

Why Beware of Bots?

The term “bot” is simply the short version of robot, which in the case of some automation services is an internet bot. This is simply a computer program created to act as an agent for another program or a user. 

It’s designed to simulate human activities. They can be programmed to automate specific tasks and can operate without any human instruction. 

Bots are especially useful at repetitive tasks humans perform. In the case of social media, or more specifically, Instagram, bots can like, comment, and follow/unfollow content and other users.

One of the biggest problems from using social media bots is spam. While not all bots are programmed to be spammy, there are some that are. 

Sometimes these social media bots are overused, which can result in spam that gets IG users flagged, suspended, and/or banned from the platform. 

That’s because IG’s algorithm seeks out suspicious activities, which is what some, but not all bots do.

This is not to say that bots don’t have their place in the tech world, but for social media, one must be discerning about the services they choose.

What’s the Key to Success on Instagram?

Bots are not the key to success on Instagram and they never really were. All they ever did was deliver fast results and then drop offs, spam, and ultimately getting shut down by Instagram. 

Instagram’s terms of use strictly forbid the use of bots. Granted, this method is still widely used by some Instagrammers, but they are careful to stay under the algorithm’s radar. Not all automated marketing services can do that. 

The real key to success on Instagram is organic growth from real people who interact with your content. 

To get that kind of interaction, you must target the right audience of humans who will appreciate your content. 

The only way to build a loyal following is through real humans who will stick with your content and engage with it by liking, commenting, watching, and sharing. 

It’s your job to keep up with the unique and interesting content consistently so your followers know you’re active and present. 

Building these relationships on social media, and especially Instagram, is how you build, grow, and maintain your presence on Instagram.

That said, let’s take a look into the inner workings of FollowLiker.

What is FollowLiker?

FollowLiker Software

FollowLiker describes itself as a multipurpose software that makes it easy to automate all your engagement on Instagram.

It has features that are helpful to other social media sites too like Twitter, so it’s not just limited to Instagram. FollowLiker also says that it combines the marketing tools found across all social media sites into one easy-to-use application software. It is a software program that you have to download from the internet.

This means that it has the potential to put your computer at risk and expose it to unwanted viruses. Additionally, you have to keep it running on your computer 24/7 for it to work. Let’s take a look at this application for Instagram.

These are two big disadvantages that we have to highlight at this point. Obviously, putting your computer at risk of obtaining a virus is a bad thing, and you don’t want to put your computer at risk with this every day.

You want to keep the risk low, so your best bet is to avoid companies that require you to download their services. Additionally, it’s going to take up a lot of space and RAM on your computer running it, which could slow it down and affect other applications

FollowLiker Pricing

A Review of FollowLiker

Let’s Start With the Positives of Followliker First

  • Transparency: FollowLiker totes itself as an Instagram bot from the get-go. This is useful red flag information because it doesn’t try to sugar coat what it is. Bear in mind that it’s more likely to be banned by Instagram because of this.
  • Secure Site: while you have to download the application, the site itself is safe.Having your site secured with HTTPS is definitely going to be helpful, especially when you are running a service and asking people to share personal information on the site. The thing about this security measure, though, is that it is really basic, which means that it doesn’t cover a lot. It means that the company will rank better in Google, and it means your personal information is encrypted. But this is as far as it goes.
  • Visible Prices: along with an extensive explanation of all the features it offers with each social media site, it also clearly displays its prices, so you know what you are signing up for beforehand.
  • FAQ: FollowLiker has an FAQ and helps page where you can ask any questions you may have about their services.We don’t think that their FAQ page is the most in-depth FAQ page that we have discovered, but it could also be worse. Of course, the more you know about a business before you purchase their product or service, the better. If you can’t find out too much about them, then you’re not going to know what you’re in for, and this could run you into trouble at some point.
  • Verified Payment: when purchasing a service, their payments are authenticated and secure, so you don’t run the risk of compromising the security on your card.

Now for the Negatives

  • No 24/7 support: despite the fact that they have a help page, they do not have 24/7 support that you can rely on if you get into trouble outside of regular business hours. This can be frustrating if there’s a problem with your account that you need a quick solution to.
  • Email: they ask for all of your information, including email and phone number.
  • Reviews: there are no real reviews of their services on their website.Real reviews are a great indication of whether a company is credible or not – if they aren’t credible, then they’re not going to have a lot of positive things to say about their features. It’s also going to be hard for them to find people that are willing to say good things about them as well.

What Features Does FollowLiker Offer?

Automated features are at the forefront of FollowLiker’s services. Here are some of the things you can do from your downloaded dashboard.

  • Follow and Unfollow: You can use this feature to follow users, then within a few days unfollow them. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, but instead random programming behind this feature. In other words, the bot may unfollow users that don’t reciprocate by following you back, or they may or may not unfollow any user. It’s not a good way to engage.
  • Photo Likes and Story Views: These two types of engagement are essentially the same in the scheme of things. While these interactions are less risky when automated, there is still a risk to your account.
  • Comments: Commenting on content (video or image) is often random and generic, which makes it look inauthentic. Most of the time (like 98%), people can tell the difference between real comments and bot-generated comments. Then, your authority and credibility is adversely affected.
  • Direct Messages: Just like commenting, DMs create a harmful issue due to their generic, automatically generated, spammy and fake-looking messages. This will reduce your credibility and reputation on Instagram.

The bottom line is that you cannot rely on bots to be effective or dependable. If anything, this technology does more harm than good on social media.

However, there are some companies that can provide automated activities that don’t go beyond the realm of IG’s terms of use. 

We simply recommend you learn the difference and protect yourself and your account.

Top FollowLiker Alternatives

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Is FollowLiker a Scam? Is FollowLiker Safe?

There are a lot of articles out there calling FollowLiker a scam, click here for one, and read this post on BlackHatWorld.

Unfortunately, with FollowLiker we can’t say it is safe. A red flag goes up when you realize that they’re an application you download from the internet.

The other reason why this is risky is that there’s a chance they can glean your computer for personal information through this software.

Additionally, the website offers no official branding or logo which are fundamental aspects of owning and running a business.

FollowLiker User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for FollowLiker on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

FollowLiker Trustpilot Reviews

Other Information

FollowLiker is rumored to be a blackhat service. This means that the people behind FollowLiker could be hackers who are using the downloadable software they are promoting to exploit security vulnerabilities within your computer and gain your details for their financial gain.

If you download the software, it will not work, and even if you initially gain some Instagram followers if you do get it to work, they will disappear after only a short period.

FollowLiker Update:

Just to be clear, bots like this one have virtually quit working on Instagram and across social media sites. FollowLiker offers little to no results or benefit to your IG account. This kind of automation is no longer effective on social media, which is one of the reasons they try to distract you from learning how they operate.

It hasn’t been safe from the beginning and that fact hasn’t changed after giving it another look and researching it.

Review Summary


There are a lot of articles and posts on forums out there calling FollowLiker a scam.

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