Shirts, mugs, stubbies, magnets and pens. These may seem like a list of seemingly random household items. On the surface this may be true.

You see them around your kitchen, your desk and even your closet. But used properly, these benign and common products can actually be transformed into powerful marketing and branding tools.

With this in mind, it is without a doubt that your mind races to a free hat, a Frisbee that you won or a pen and pad of paper that you were given, all with a company’s logo or tag line on it.

There’s an old adage in the sales and marketing world that goes something like, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Seems catchy enough, but if you think of today’s average consumer they are being bombarded, even assaulted by all sorts of advertising and marketing.

Morning commutes hit them with billboards and radio ads. When they open the newspaper, even more ads.

Even their phones are clogged with people and business hocking their products and services using targeted banner ads and intuitive mobile app marketing.

With all this noise and distraction, when and where can your company have its moment in their life? How can you set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd and actually have a memorable engagement with the client?

Promotional products give you, the business, the means to make a lasting physical and mental connection with the customer, that extends beyond your contact or conversation.

By getting your branded products in front of the client on a frequent basis you are automatically elevated into a household name. The customer is more apt to engage you and your services because they can actually remember you.

The memory of your competition, which may have ended their conversation (no matter how good it went) with a handshake and maybe a business card will undoubtedly be either forgotten or shoved back to the furthest recesses of the clients’ mind.

Something as simple as a magnet, that the client uses to hold things on their fridge, is a way to subtly remind your client that you exist, that you had a conversation or that they were (at one point or another) interested in your products and services.

Or, a mug that a client fills with their morning brew and sits on their desk all day means that your branding is present throughout their decision-making hours.

Will he try to scour his years of memory or just look down and dial the number on the mug?

promotional products

The beautiful thing is that getting promotional products for your business has never been easier.

There are a plethora of companies and businesses, like Perth’s Mad Dog Promotions who not only have the items that you want but also have high-level solutions, like sublimation printing, to make sure that the quality of your products are as high as your brand standards.

Next time you meet with a client or a potential client, don’t just leave them with some parting words and a smile, give them some real, something concrete to remember you and your company by.