As is known from statistics, many people from all over the world actively use mobile devices to access the World Wide Web. This trend is constantly evolving, so there are new ideas and chips for developing a wide variety of web and applications for smartphones. 

We can confidently say that this process has reached a new level – endless one. Turning to the experts in their field web and mobile application development company you can count not only on the introduction of innovative technologies into your project, but also on compliance with all the rules, requirements, technical specifications that allow the product to reach the TOP level. Digital innovations, in turn, are built on global trends implemented by talented developers and competent specialists in the IT industry.

Today, any new smartphone performs a lot of functions – it serves as a source of communication, a camera and a camcorder, is a means for transferring files, messages and images, is considered a reliable assistant for doing business or solving everyday problems. In fact, the devices are “all in one”, which can only be wished by a modern user who uses the Internet every day.

The “hot” trends of 2022, put together, are as follows:

1. Confidentiality

This question is provoked by the consequences of the revolution, for which absolutely everyone fought – freelancers, programmers, ordinary PC users, employees in offices or government agencies. Now privacy is like mobile marketing – the number one trend that allows you to optimize in the face of limited data, “chase” user information from the source, etc. 


So, confidentiality will have an impact on project budgets as modern marketing strategies involve partnerships between services. This affects pricing because every customer wants their web application to work not only with an ever-growing user base, but also become a real competitor for others. Therefore, customers are interested in the complete confidentiality of connected clients to their applications. Ownership of data will become exactly like gold, which is good for people.

2. Future Skills

This is about changing the traditional dimensions of digital marketing. Thanks to the current transition period, everyone can expect that large and previously collected databases will simply disappear. This is an example of iOS 14, due to which marketers can no longer base their own decisions on data, since they simply do not display it. As a result, developers do without collecting such information. The three chips of the future include typical tasks of media buying:

  • Creative management as the main lever of campaign effectiveness.
  • Data science to interpret the complexity of measurements in a world with few incomplete sources of truth.
  • Direct connection between user acquisition and product through experiments related to the fact that users monetize and adapt to the product.

It is known that gamers often use mobile or web applications for communication. “Gaming” apps will undergo a change in privacy protection – now regulatory requirements for platforms will stimulate contextual segmentation, which can make the brand’s advertising campaign more competitive in the field of gaming. This will open up new ad block formats that are optimized specifically to engage users in gaming processes:

  • Change the rules in games.
  • 5G coverage will become the new standard for web applications.
  • Games can go to 4K broadcast.
  • The online world will transform the mobile space.
  • Virtual reality glasses will become even more in demand and much more.

Storytelling will become number one in mobile advertising. Therefore, it will not be at all strange if, when opening the application on a smartphone, the user sees a whole “teenage love affair” or “family war in everyday life”. 


True, the difficulty of storytelling lies in the fact that developers will need to learn how to properly implement it in web applications in order for them to captivate users with their storytelling. Here you will need to make an effort:

  • 3D animation will become part of the creative approach to application development.
  • It will be necessary to try to create an interesting plot for storytelling.
  • Creativity and talent will be the main levers for optimizing web applications.
  • There will be completely new advertising formats that will be focused on specific brands.
  • SMS marketing will become more personalized, but at the same time deservedly evolve in the market – brands will be able to bring value to the consumer in exchange for trust, and nothing more.

5. Multi-Channel Strategy

An effective multi-channel strategy is the web-to-app trend. Since users love web apps, it’s not surprising that these will be at the peak of popularity in 2022. This means that good old web marketing will have to be said goodbye, and web applications with huge capabilities will come to replace them – tracking, attribution, post-onboarding interaction with applications. That’s what it means:

  • Customers will ask for the development of applications that function in an automated manner and with minimal interaction for the customer.
  • The web funnel will attract new customers for your business through cheap channels on the web, and redirect users to the application only at the moment if the user is already ready to make a purchase through it.
  • The web will be an interesting trend for app advertisers, and developers will need to experiment and be creative when developing apps for mobile.

14 main trends can be found on this article

What to Take Into Account?

Most web studios that develop web and mobile applications make great efforts to find relevant, innovative and ideal solutions for user retention. Therefore, from year to year, new options are being developed that allow you to create digital products at a high level and taking into account mobile marketing.

The key player is the ecosystem, which is constantly evolving and modernizing. That is why the success of a business depends on the digital solutions developed by the company. What is important here is impeccable customer service, creating a consistent brand voice, and developing a mobile or web application from scratch to suit the individual characteristics and wishes of the client, taking into account global technology trends.