Think about it – when you give someone your business card, what do you want them to get from it? Do you want them to have direct access to your product so that they know where to find you? While you might have everything that you think the client needs on the front, what about the back?

If you want to make the most of having a business card, let’s talk about it. Here are 10 smart ways to make the most of the back of your business card.

Include Social Media Links

Social Media Links

One of the best ways to use the back of your business cards is to include links to your social media profiles. This is a great way to get people to look at your socials online and drive more traffic to your platforms where it matters.

It’s also another way for them to get in touch with you, which is always a good thing.

Offer a Discount


Who doesn’t love the idea of turning to the back of a business card only to see that there is a discount code or product promo for their first time? This is a great way to get people in the door and to make the most of the space that you have back there.

This is great if you are in the hospitality industry, for example, and can give away a free coffee or muffin.

Include a Link to a Video

Video Link

While you might not be able to actually get a video playing on the back of your business card, you can definitely leave a QR code there, which people can scan with their phones to be taken to a video promoting your business.

It could even be a video tutorial on your product and how it works. Whatever it is, make sure that it’s something that is going to benefit them, and encourage them to check out your business further.

Include a Link for a Lead Prospect

Are you hoping to network with a lot of people there regarding your business? Then why not make the most of having a business card, and turn it into a way that you can get new leads for your website and email list?

Include a link on the back of your business card that takes them to a form that they fill out with their details, including their email address. In return, offer them a discount code for the first time. This is a great way to keep the connections that you make out there and turn them into prospective clients.

Offer a Discount

Similar to offering a coupon, offering a discount on the back of your business card is sure to be a winner, and it’s sure to encourage the potential client to go ahead and make the most of it. Hardly anyone out there is going to be able to say no to 20% off the first time, so it’s a great way to get them in the door.

Include Testimonials From Your Clients

Customer Testimonials

What better way to convince someone that your business and product is legit than to include testimonials from satisfied clients on the back of your business card? This way, when someone turns it around, they will see a raving review that can help them feel confident and comfortable about what you’re offering.

This is a great way to get people interested in your business and feel like they can trust you from the beginning.

Make it Personalized

While this might take a bit more work than you’re used to, you might want to think about creating a completely separate business card that you can take with you when you go to networking events, so that you can hand it out to prospective leads. This way, you can include all the necessary information on the back that they will need to know to be interested in your brand.

Keeping this separate from your normal business cards is a great way to cater to the right demographic, and not forget to include any vital information that is relevant. A prospective lead is a lot more likely to get in touch with you again if you personalize your card.

Referral Cards

Referral Cards

Just like creating a business card for prospective leads is a good idea, it’s also worth creating one for clients who might be inclined to refer your business to others. You can include an incentive for every time they refer to a new client, e.g., a 20% discount for them and their friend.

This is another great way to get more buzz going around your business and use the back of your business card to do so.

Appointment Card

Appointment Card

When your client makes an appointment with you, if it’s a couple of weeks away, they’ve got every chance of forgetting all about it. If you don’t want your clients to forget about their meeting with you, make sure that you can write down the date and time on the back of the business card that you give them.

This offers them a convenient, easy way to keep the appointment so that you don’t end up losing a new client.

Explain What You Do

While this might sound like nothing more than common sense, the clearer you are with people about what you do, the easier it’s going to be for them to decide if they like your product or service or not.

Additionally, the more that people can know about your business and what it is you’re offering, the more comfortable they can feel about trying it. Use the back of your business card to give potential clients everything that they need to make an informed decision about becoming your client.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – all the creative, diverse ways that you can grow your business through the back of your business card. The best part is that you don’t have to invest too much money, and you don’t have to spend too much time on it.

The best uses are often the easiest, so make the most of that space to sell your brand.