The world might have moved to advanced technology for marketing and promotion tactics, but business cards remain valuable. 

But no matter where you go, if you wish to talk with a potential client or partner, business cards are the best way to make them remember your brand. 

A survey concluded that a firm’s sales could increase up to 25% for every 2000 business cards shared! 

But now that technology has improved so much, it’s time to introduce the latest business cards- the digital ones. 

Digital business cards are made of metal, plastic, or even wood that contain a chip or a QR code embedded in them. 

When the receiver of the card taps it against their smartphone or scans the QR code, they will automatically be taken to your website or homepage. 

If you’re a business person who wants to know why digital business cards are important and how they can help you to make a long-lasting impression, then keep reading this article!

1. Importance Of Digital Cards

While conventional business cards are great tools for brand awareness and promotion, digital cards have proven to be much more useful. 

Here are some basic reasons you must switch to them before it’s too late!

A. They Can Fit In A Lot Of Information

This is probably the biggest reason why so many companies are now producing digital business cards. 

A paper-based business card can only fit your brand name, logo, and a few other lines about the company or your designation. 

But when you make the digital version of the same card, you can redirect the receiver to the company website or any other link. 

Moreover, many of these cards can be used to visit multiple websites. For example, you can redirect your customers to your website and your official Youtube channel. 

The digital business card chip can include PDFs, badges, and other interactive links.

B. Anyone Can Use Them

Earlier, business cards could be shared only when two people met in person. But fortunately, digital cards can easily be shared through phone messages or online meetings! 

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These cards are much more accessible than their conventional counterparts simply because both the giver and the receiver only require a smartphone. Digital business cards don’t require any kind of meeting at all. 

This helps you reach out to clients who live far away from you and also ensures that they don’t miss out on all the innovative products, services, and even fun events happening in your company!

C. They Are Cost-effective

You might think that digital cards are costly and may not be of much use in the future, but they are so much more useful than conventional cards! 

Yes, you’ll initially have to spend more money to design or produce digital business cards, but they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. 

First, you won’t have to keep reprinting stack after stack of cards for the same customer. 

People are much more likely to throw away or misplace paper cards, but you can directly use digital ones to share the info on their phone, which can be safely stored there for future use. You won’t need to give them a card at all.

D. They Are Environment Friendly

Unfortunately, seven million trees are cut down each year to produce paper business cards. Therefore, all business owners need to realize the importance of making their businesses eco-friendly. 

And you can take the first step by introducing digital cards! By helping the climate one step at a time, you can contribute to reducing deforestation. 

Since digital cards give you real-time information, you can update it whenever you want instead of reprinting the card stack multiple times. So you won’t have to order newer cards that frequently!

2. How To Create A Digital Business Card?

Now that you know the advantages of having digital cards, let’s look at how to create one. 

You can design and receive them on the same day and make sure your business never has to stop due to production delays! 

Simply look up a reputable digital business card printing website and contact them. 

Next, you’ll have to coordinate and chalk out a design for the card. Remember, you can fit in as much information as you want, so go ahead and be creative! 

However, remember to add the following information on the card body to make sure your customers remember your brand:

  1. Name of the company, along with the logo
  2. Your name and job title
  3. Company phone number and email address
  4. Social media links to company pages
  5. Company tagline
  6. Any other information which you might feel is essential

If you want, you can even create multiple business card designs for different designations. 

For example, the sales team in your company can have a different card design than the operations team. 

You’ll have to choose the designs and names according to which sector the card will belong to.

3. What Designs To Include In A Digital Business Card?

The company motto and job profile will also decide what designs you wish to incorporate on the business card. 

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For example, if you have a bakery business, you can add cute emojis of cakes and desserts and use pastel colors. 

But if you’re running a law firm, your business cards must look sleek and stylish. You must use bold colors like black, steel grey, or white to make your business logo stand out. 

If you cannot figure out the perfect digital card design, you can always refer to sample designs online or ask a professional to design them for you. 

4. Where To Share Your Business Cards?

As already mentioned, you can share your digital cards almost anywhere. Here are a few ways to promote your brand through them:

A. QR Code

Sharing digital business cards using a QR code is one of the most popular methods. You have to design the card online and share it with the recipient through social media or online meetings. 

The recipient will scan the QR code, gain access to your card information, and can even download the card. 

If you want to share your QR code with many people during a business meeting online, embed it in the background.

B. Email Signature 

You can even embed the virtual QR code on your email signature so that more and more people get to know about your brand. 

When sending promotional emails to your clients, include the company business card. There are options to auto-include it beside the digital signature, so use that space wisely.

C. Metal Digital Business Cards

Metal digital business cards are also a common form of digital cards where the card body is made of metal or even hard plastic, containing a special chip inside. 

Once the receiver taps the card against their smartphone or downloads the app compatible with the chip, they can be redirected to your website or links. 

Most companies choose metal-based digital business cards to share with interested clients and business partners while initiating a friendly conversation.

5. How To Optimize Your Metrics Using Digital Cards?

This might sound surprising, but you can understand your customer metrics and optimize your data more efficiently using digital business cards! 

Using these cards, you can receive first-party user data that will help you to analyze your business metrics. 

This is because you’ll be immediately notified whenever someone scans your business cards or visits your website

The first-party data will give you accurate numbers of how many people scanned your card, how many scrolled through your website, and which business cards distributed by your company became the top performers. 

Using this data, you can greatly improve your business and figure out how to make your digital cards reach out to more people!

Suppose you have distributed two digital cards and put them to the A/B test. You can determine which card performs better by seeing the number of scans and unique visitors. 

These metrics will help you to identify why one card is performing better than the other and how to improve the quality of the other card. 

6. Who Can Use Digital Business Cards?

No clear-cut rule or guideline says who can or can’t use digital business cards. Anyone who wishes to improve their business and embrace technology can use them. 

But here are some of the professionals who use digital business cards the most:

a. Sales professionals

b. Real-estate agents

c. Job applicants

d. Healthcare professionals,

e. Artists and content creators

This list is not limited to the above professions, and if you feel that your business can benefit from a digital business card, you must not waste any time!


So, dear reader, these are some reasons why you must invest in digital business cards and how they can help you boom your business. So don’t wait anymore, and get started with these versatile cards today!