Formerly known as Twitter, X is the new name for the company, and this change hasn’t been entirely positive.

X has gone through a lot of changes within the last few years, especially since Elon Musk took over the reins. 

Traffic on the platform has been in a relatively steady decline for a while.

Currently, X is seeing a -17.8 % decline year over year in mobile performance, and usage on Android devices is down by -14.8%.

When you look at a variety of metrics about the X platform, it becomes pretty apparent that the company isn’t in its healthiest state.

Nevertheless, the app still carries plenty of influence, and this article will focus on X usage statistics from a few different angles.

This will offer some clarity on the past, present, and future state of the company.

Key X Statistics

  • X has around 450 million active users every month
  • There are 41.5 million monetizable and daily active users in the U.S. and 237.8 million globally
  • The highest total number of X users is in the U.S. at 95.4 million
  • The platform’s audience is 56.4% male and 43.6% female
  • Most X users spend around 30.9 minutes on the social platform every day
  • App downloads for X fell by 38% between Oct. 2022 and Sept. 2023
  • Users who stopped using X increased by 30% year over year as of Sept. 2023
  • X generated roughly $4.4 billion in revenue for 2022
  • The largest age group among X users is 25 to 34-year-olds, making up 38.5% of the user base
  • As of 2023, X is valued at $41.09 billion

X Usage Statistics: An Unfiltered Look

X Usage Statistics

Although Twitter has rebranded itself to X, it’ll take a while before the general public starts to catch on to this change.

Considering the influence Twitter has had on the social space over the years, most people still refer to the app by its original name.

Since Musk took over the helm and started making significant changes, it seems like X has been on a rocky path ever since.

There are still plenty of dedicated users, but the numbers don’t lie.

At this point, it’s apparent that the influence Twitter once had no longer exists, and many users aren’t happy with the current direction of the social app.

1. Total Number of X Monthly Active Users

How many people use X?

You’ll find varying details on this number, but the most consistent data highlights that X boasts around 450 million active users every month.

This is a pretty steep number, but it isn’t as strong as it always was.

Traffic to the application is down across the board.

You’ll find users are still extremely active on the application, but it’s evident that many users are leaving in droves.

Musk may have plenty of future developments in store for X, but some users who are die-hard Twitter fans have already left.

This always happens when a social application goes through any kind of drastic change.

Although this is true, it still generates some concerns about the company’s future.

Regardless of where X ends up down the road, Musk is still pushing along despite falling numbers in many areas.


2. National and Global Daily Active Users

Considering X has a sizable portion of its user base in the U.S., it only makes sense to focus on this figure as well.

The number of daily active X users in the United States is roughly 41.5 million.

On the global stage, there are an estimated 237.8 million daily active users.

Daily and monthly active users are pretty different in their behavior.

Monthly active users aren’t nearly as active, and daily active users are a big part of what keeps the platform running.

Of course, these numbers are bound to fluctuate all the time, but it highlights that X still has hundreds of millions of people invested every day.

There are many factors that play into the number of active users on a social app.

With all of the controversy surrounding X over the last few years, maintaining daily users has been a challenge.

People have voiced their opinions about the future of the company, but unless something drastically changes, X’s numbers will likely continue to decline.


3. Number of X Users in the United States

How many users does X have in the United States?

Aside from daily or monthly active users, there are about 95.4 million total X users in the U.S.

This is the largest demographic on the platform, and users in the U.S. carry a lot of weight when it comes to engagement on the application.

The company may have rebranded, but X’s user base and influence have been around for a long time.

Due to the application’s history alone, it just doesn’t feel like the same app to some people.

This is partly what has contributed to falling user numbers, as many users don’t see the point in spending time on the app anymore.

It’s true that X has changed the application in a few ways, but change is something that always happens after company acquisitions.


4. Gender and Age Group Demographics

Outside of just the user numbers alone, you can break these totals down between genders and different age groups.

You can assume that X is primarily dominated by a specific age group, and you’d be right. 

What’s also interesting about this is that 25 to 34-year-olds dominate the platform, primarily because this is the generation that grew up with Twitter when it first got started.

The small table below highlights how X’s user base is split between males and females.


These numbers fluctuate all the time, but it helps to look into the numbers further and take a look at the various age groups that are included.

Keep reading below to get more insight into the different age groups that make up the X user base.

Age Group% of User Base
13 – 176.6%
18 – 24 17.1%
25 – 3438.5%
35 – 4920.7%

X’s user base is pretty diverse, as people of all ages have found interest in the application over the years.

As usual, the younger crowd is the driving force behind any social app. 

Once a little time has passed, older age groups are bound to show some interest.

As the years go on, the user base gets a lot more diverse as more people start to get accustomed to it in everyday life.


5. Monthly Active Visits (Desktop and Mobile Worldwide)

Monthly Active Visits (Desktop and Mobile Worldwide)

Daily and monthly active users are an entirely different metric compared to monthly active visits.

While daily users are an important metric, monthly active visits are a better look at the general traffic X receives from people on the web.

At this time, the most current data shows that X has seen a 14% drop in monthly active visits.

This includes data from desktop and mobile devices.

Breaking the numbers down month by month doesn’t seem to change much, but it’s actually quite sizeable in the full scope.

That 14% equates to roughly -955 million monthly visits over time.

X may be still pushing along with many plans ahead, but it has taken quite a few hits recently.

Part of this comes down to users’ displeasure with the company’s changes, and others simply don’t like Elon Musk.

Regardless of the reason, X is seeing an exodus of users and overall interest.


Following the Money

In the corporate world, you can learn a lot about an organization by following its money trail.

Regarding X, a lot of this is public knowledge and gives a clear look into the past and present state of the company.

Keep in mind that X has been successful for quite some time now, which is why many numbers sit in the millions or billions.

However, just because we’re dealing with large figures doesn’t mean X is in the healthiest financial state. 

The following sections will focus on various financial aspects of the X platform in recent years.

You can also look at these numbers alongside other usage stats, as many aspects of revenue have a direct correlation to usage statistics.

6. X’s Generated Revenue for 2022

Looking back on 2022 shows that X was struggling in several areas.

Although the company is large enough to manage these hits, some of them are cause for concern.

The company’s revenue for 2022 was $4.4 billion.

For 2023, it’s estimated to reach $5.1 billion.

They aren’t necessarily hurting, but is that really considered healthy for how big X is on the world stage?

To get a better look at X’s revenue growth over the years, review the table below that covers revenue from 2012 to 2023.

2012$316.8 million
2013$664.6 million
2014$1.4 billion
2015$2.2 billion
2016$2.5 billion
2017$2.4 billion
2018$3 billion
2019$3.4 billion
2020$3.7 billion
2021$5 billion
2022$4.4 billion
2023$5.1 billion (est.)

They can do a lot with $4.4 billion, but X still has to remain focused on overall growth because numbers are dropping left and right in different areas of the company.

Revenue will look different each year, but this makes you wonder what the company is currently valued at with the onslaught of controversy going on.


7. Sharp Decline in Ad Revenue

For almost any social media platform, ad revenue is a big part of their business model.

Between 2022 and 2023, X is seeing a substantial decline in estimated ad revenue.

There are many nuances that play into the digital ad space and how revenue is generated, but the difference in revenue for X is staggering.

In 2022, the company saw $4.14 billion from its ad business, but for 2023, it’s expected to only bring in around $2.9 billion.

Even though both figures are still in the billions, it’s a significant drop that’s bound to shake some people at the corporate office.

These are the types of things that get people talking about the future of the company.

It shows that there are a few problems that need to be addressed.

If they aren’t, then these declining numbers could only become more drastic.

However, it should be noted this is only the ad revenue space, whereas X’s total revenue has increased since 2022.


8. Creators are Cashing Out

With X putting an increasing focus on creators and their influence on the platform, this has led to a substantial cost for the company.

You can assume they factored this in beforehand, but X has paid creators nearly $20 million since the start of the program.

It’s still relatively new, but creators are finding many ways to monetize their content.

Content creators are only becoming more abundant as time goes on, and companies continuously make use of their influence.

The current trajectory of how X handles creators and their payouts will also change down the road.

These business models rarely stay the same for the foreseeable future.

Regardless of this, there will be plenty of creators who pull in some decent earnings through X.


9. Data on Net Income and Loss

Revenue isn’t the all-encompassing factor that matters when it comes to running a business.

There is a long list of considerations regarding the financials of a company, and net income and loss is one that should be monitored tediously.

In the table below, you’ll find the numbers on X’s net income and loss from 2010 to 2021.

Fiscal YearNet Income/Loss
2010-$67.32 million
2011-$164.12 million
2012-$79.4 million
2013-$645.32 million
2014-$577.82 million
2015-$521.03 million
2016-$456.87 million
2017-$108.06 million
2018+$1,205.6 million
2019+$1,465.66 million
2020-$1,135.63 million
2021-$221.41 million

It’s no secret that some years were better than others.

However, just because the company experienced a loss doesn’t mean it didn’t grow in other ways throughout the year. 


10. Investing in New and Existing Users

You could go down a rabbit hole of information on how the usage of X correlates to the financials of the company.

Many of the financial decisions the company makes toward sales, marketing, or new developments cater to new and existing users.

Here are a few other interesting data points regarding X’s financials in recent years:

  • In 2021, X invested $167.1 million in advertising
  • The company spent $1.17 billion on marketing and sales in 2021
  • Out of the $4.4 billion generated in 2022, $2.4 billion came from the U.S.
  • 89% of X’s revenue comes from advertising services, and 11% stems from data licensing
  • X (then Twitter) was purchased for $44 billion by Elon Musk in 2022

Many of the financial decisions X makes end up directly affecting the overall experience for the users.

In somewhat of a domino effect, this can also eventually lead to widespread behavioral changes among users, such as less or more engagement.


User Behavior is Diverse

The United States may be a leading factor in many of the user and financial-related statistics, but they aren’t the only numbers in the equation.

If you take a deep dive into various demographics, you’ll find that user behavior varies greatly for quite a few reasons.

From casual to what some might call “addicted” users, X is still going strong amidst controversy and an onslaught of doubt.

No matter how you see the company, it still has a global influence with plans to expand its reach behind the core concept of what X once was.

11. Year over Year User Growth Worldwide

Specifically focusing on statistics from 2022, this section highlights how the app’s user base grew or declined in different parts of the world.

Some markets are more successful than others, as usual, but it also shows where the company’s influence truly lies.

  • Western Europe = +3.8%
  • Middle East and Africa = 3.2%
  • Asia-Pacific = 3%
  • Latin America = 1%
  • North America = -0.5%
  • Central and Eastern Europe = -7%

These changes for 2022 aren’t drastic per se, but it’s something the company needs to keep track of at all times.

It takes consistent effort to build user interest.

Not to mention that the efforts towards this endeavor vary depending on the market you’re catering to.

Aside from growth factors, traffic to the website itself can show where user interest is coming from.


12. Regional Distribution of Desktop Traffic

While you can look at user traffic from many different sources, desktop traffic is still a lot more common than you might think.

There are many users who prefer to use X on a computer as it makes it easier to navigate the site, write, network, and more.

The chart below highlights the regional distribution of desktop traffic, separated by country.

Points scored

These are the countries that lead the way in desktop traffic to the site.

You can also assume some or all of these regions lead the way in mobile traffic as well.

The percentages may look a bit different, but these statistics aren’t much of a surprise.

X’s reach is global, but there are a few regions in the world where the application has been immensely popular for years.


13. A Breakdown of Important Engagement Metrics

The world of social media lives and breathes on engagement metrics.

From the individual user to the company as a whole, engagement matters.

Unfortunately, since Elon Musk started running the show, engagement has been down in many areas.

Keep in mind that the stats listed below focus on information from the past year.

  • App downloads fell by 38%
  • Global Android users fell by 14.8%
  • The average time spent per user fell by 2%, and session time fell by 4%
  • Web traffic was down by 7% for the first nine months of 2023

It’s evident there’s quite a bit of work to be done for X to thrive in the long term.

It’ll be a slow burn, but right now, many users and industry experts are skeptical about the company’s future. 


14. Users Thoughts on the Platform

Sentiments toward X have changed over the years, but the same goes for any social platform.

X has seen eras of immense praise and times when people thought it was the end of the road.

Most times, the general population tends to be over-dramatic, but users’ opinions on the platform definitely matter.

  • 72% of users feel X has the best up-to-date information on live events
  • 70% of users agree that they use X to stay connected to their favorite events
  • 67% of users agree that brands aligning with events through X are more culturally relevant

Even if X has faced a lot of uncertainty, a large demographic of users are die-hard Twitter fans and won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

No matter how diverse X’s user base may be, a lot of how it changes is influenced by the market in the U.S.


15. Stats Specific to the U.S. User Base

twitter post comment

Many innovative ideas in social networking come out of the United States.

From Twitter to X, the platform has always had a strong and influential user base in the U.S.

97% of all tweets coming out of the U.S. are sent by 25% of adult X users in the United States.

Moreover, 25% of males and 22% of females in the U.S. consistently use the platform.

On another interesting note, 33% of X users in the U.S. have a college degree, 26% have had some college, and 14% have a high school degree or less.

It may not seem like it, but usage statistics are all compiled from the many unique behaviors of users all over the world.

The choices they make with the platform can stem from many of their personal life choices and interests as well.

This is why data is so important, and it’s also how the company uses data to make informed decisions about business growth.


Final Thoughts

X is going through a bit of a rough period, but data shows us that it isn’t all bad for the company.

There will be a lot of changes for the social media platform in the foreseeable future, and its user base is bound to change quite a bit.

While the platform might struggle in some areas for a while, many people are hopeful that it’ll enjoy newfound success down the road.

This article highlighted many X usage statistics and other data points that relate to user behavior and growth, providing a look at the past, present, and future state of the company.


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