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Wizboost Reviews 2024

Instagram is the hub of social media sharing and business marketing. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it’s also the place to be if you’ve got an online business. Getting your name and branding out there in front of potential clients is what Instagram should be used for.

Many third-party companies can help you with your engagement, giving you an extra push in the right direction. Not all of them are worth using, however. Let’s take a look at one of them.

What is Wizboost?

Wizboost is an Instagram marketing company that is pretty straightforward about what it is and how it operates. With this kind of company, they’ll be using software to automate all your activity, which is what we call an Instagram bot.

It means that all your engagement is done automatically. While this is an excellent way to get your Instagram going, you do have to be careful when using bots because they can get your account red flagged. Instagram doesn’t love automated activity, so we advise that you use this type of company at your own discretion. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Wizboost

First, we’ll talk about the positives

  • Secure Site: Wizboost ticks the first box when it comes to site security – they’ve made sure to https secure their website. This is important if you’re running a business from a website – it keeps any sensitive information safe from potential hackers. This also means that you can feel secure about sharing your own personal information on here, too.
  • Visible Prices: Wizboost appears to be upfront and honest about their different packages and price points. They’ve got a total of six different services and prices. One thing that we quite like about their packages is that they’re one time payments. The only downside to this is that with the better packages, you have to front up all the money at once, making it quite expensive.

Now, for the negatives

  • FAQ and Help Page: we couldn’t seem to find an FAQ and help page anywhere on Wizboost’s website. While this isn’t a dealbreaker for us, it’s still pretty inconvenient – it means that they aren’t prepared to answer common questions about their services that could make you feel confident about them.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: we already know that if they don’t even have an FAQ and help page, they’re definitely not going to have 24/7 support where you can get assistance with your account at any time of the day or night.
  • Real Reviews: this might be the biggest red flag for us. Wizboost has a ‘reviews’ tab on their website – however, when you click on this, it takes you to a blank page. What this tells us is that they’re expecting to have real reviews you can read in the future, but they don’t have them right now. Pretty suspicious.

Is Wizboost a Scam? Is Wizboost Safe?

In summary, we don’t believe that Wizboost is safe to use. The lack of information and customer support coupled with the fact that they didn’t have any real reviews on their website makes you think twice about their services and what it would actually be like to work with them.

We would instead connect with a company that puts the customer first and makes you feel like you’re important. Plus, they’re just another Instagram bot, which means there are many other companies out there that offer the same thing, and then some.

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