As a college student, you will learn there are many resources available that can assist in your learning experience.

With various social media outlets, it is possible to communicate with others, allowing you to work together on projects or even contact a teacher if you have inquiries about an assignment.

Social media has some amazing advantages when it comes to your college experience and you can use these channels to get help with work assignments, research papers, find useful videos and news sources, and so much more.

Research shows that 59% of schools in the US use these channels for educational purposes. If you are looking at how this can all help with your studying and success in college, read on.

We have developed a list of the many perks you will get when using these resources as a learning tool.

Connections and Communication Options


Having connections with classmates and teachers will help you in many ways. Since you cannot always be in a classroom, media tools allow you to keep in touch with others.

You can work together to complete homework, develop a study group for a certain class, and even benefit from live lectures that are hosted by your professor.

With open communication, you will always have the ability to reach out for help and support. You can also ask questions in live chat rooms and get immediate answers that can help when working on a tough assignment. 

Hang Tags have become a very popular tool with users and these can provide some outstanding advantages. When a hashtag is used, it allows people to connect about the same topic.

A community can be built online where everyone can contribute thoughts and research on that topic! 98% of higher education colleges are using these tools for education.

Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing

Online platforms all share the same concept, and that is creating a social space where individuals can share. Anyone that has used Facebook will know all about how to share, where users can share activities, locations, and pictures.

This is not solely for entertainment purposes. You can use these shared resources to help with studying or use them as references when writing an essay. 

With the use of hashtags, it is very easy to locate info and share links to your own resources that may be useful to classmates.

Any information that is shared through a channel will be available to others, so it can be quite helpful when looking for specific facts on a subject.

Some of the great things you can benefit from include:

  • Streaming classes using live videos offered on Instagram, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, and Twitter. This can all be saved and reviewed at a later date!
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  • Online study sessions are made easier with  the use of Google Hangouts.

Offering personal knowledge to peers is one of the best ways to enhance the learning experience.

With these online options, students can easily locate details about any subject and can even get feedback from others.

Services for Organizing

Being enrolled at a university will require much planning and organization. You will have multiple courses and various assignments, from research papers to essays.

It is essential to keep all of your work organized so you can easily locate what you need for each course you are studying. With media channels, there are some super tools that will assist with organization.

Your homework or papers can be stored on cloud-storing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. If you have a team project that is assigned, you will be able to collaborate with others and work together on Google Docs!

You will even have the ability to create topic boards when you use Pinterest, a social platform that offers a wealth of information.

With so much available online, having the ability to sort and organize ideas, topics, and work is the key to success in college.

Access Additional Content


The latest technology provides an excellent way to have the ability to get supplemental materials such as news articles, research reports, and current trends.

These social channels can all offer an honest opinion on ideas that can help when completing assignments or studying various subjects.

Many media channels on YouTube offer content and even virtual courses that can help anyone in college.

With these, you can search for topics, watch media releases, listen to lectures, and even take quizzes to see how much you have retained from the content offered.

With a huge offering of content through social media, students will be able to get data on popular topics, chat with teachers as well as other students, and even ask about things on forums for live answers.

This form of media is one way to follow trends in certain industries and to make sure you have the latest facts, tips, and research that is available to enhance your education. 


When it comes to using social channels for education, there are many benefits.

While there are obviously some downsides to social media use, such as lack of concentration and using important time for browsing, when you use the correct social network, it will be beneficial to your studies.

With a world of research and resources at their fingertips, many students are turning to the vast amount of information that is featured on various social channels, using this to aid in their courses and assignment completion.