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If you still are not utilizing Instagram for marketing, then it may be wise to begin now.

After all, it is quite the popular social platform nowadays so your brand will get much exposure.

Many businesses were on the Instagress bandwagon – although since that shut down people have been struggling to market effectively. There are some good Instagress alternatives available but this shouldn’t be your sole strategy.

Top 17 Instagram Marketing Tips For Small Business Growth in 2024

If you are unsure how you should go about marketing your Instagram account, here are the top Instagram marketing tips for small business growth for you:

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Smartphone Cameras Will Suffice

You do not need a digital camera for taking pictures and uploading them on Instagram, unlike what the purists tell you. In fact, a smartphone will suffice, as long as you know how to take pictures the right way. You must avoid utilizing your digital zoom since it deteriorates the image resolution.

Furthermore, you can opt for filters that people are using to add a finishing touch to your images and to make it less obvious that you took it with a smartphone. In case you did not know, pictures with filters receive more views than the default, non-filtered ones.

A great app you can use for this is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Instagram Marketing Tip #2: Post Only High-Quality Images

Since Instagram focuses on images rather than text, you have to make the most out of it.

Hence, you have to avoid posting low-quality pictures since these may be off-putting for your followers. On the other hand, you should post the best that you have, so that more users flock to your page. Consequently, you gain credibility as a user who only uploads high-quality images.

Eventually, your follower base will grow from there, and you can thank yourself for being selective.

A great app you can use for this is Canva.

Instagram Marketing Tip #3: Try Image Editors

Why limit yourself to Instagram filters, when you can opt for image editors?

Try a few image editing applications such as Lumie to add fresh, new designs to your images.

Also, your followers will appreciate the extra effort that you spend. Lastly, image editing is also a means for you to showcase your artistic skills, so it does not hurt to experiment with them.

Instagram Marketing Tip #4: Connect the Dots

Each image you upload should be as related to the others as possible. By doing so, you can create connections between them, which other people may find interesting.

After all, images that depict a story is better than those that are irrelevant. It could be through a timeline of pictures or perhaps different subjects that eventually intertwine.

Consequently, your account will look more organized, giving others the impression that you are meticulous when it comes to arranging your content.

Instagram Marketing Tip #5: Throw in Some Fresh Memes

Nothing grabs the attention of users more than memes.

Thus, you need to take advantage of this fact by adding humor to your images.

One easy way of adding text to pictures is through the MemeGenerator. It is quite simple, just look for an image, and then you add text there. As much as possible, try to keep current on trends or produce your original ones.

Instagram Marketing Tip #6: Upload Entertaining Videos

Since images will not suffice for other people, a video may satisfy them.

After all, people tend to appreciate objects in motion more than still images. Also, you may apply the principles of adding filters and editing to make your video more presentable.

Instagram Marketing Tip #7: Show Casual Images and Videos

Besides promoting your products, it also helps if you post images of your employees enjoying non-work activities. It is a method in which you can portray the personality of your company.

As an example, you can show a video of employees playing games with each other, to show a cheery persona.

Consequently, you give off an impression that you care about your workers, which may increase the likelihood of others supporting your brand.

Instagram Marketing Tip #8: Add a Biography

A bio can show people your history and character, which can attract more followers, especially if you pique their interest.

Furthermore, it also gives the impression that you are trustworthy since you are willing to share information about yourself. Also, it enables others to connect with you, if you have similarities and such.

Moreover, it allows for interaction beyond the Instagram platform, which may help in marketing your brand. Overall, it enables others to set their initial impression of you, which may initiate potential business interactions.

Instagram Marketing Tip #9: Take Advantage of Hashtags

You cannot thrive on Instagram without the use of hashtags.

With these, users can find the most relevant content through the search function.

Another aspect of the hashtag system which sets it apart from other social media is the lack of character count. As much as possible, use as many relevant tags that you can use so that more users can view your post.

However, you need to avoid looking too desperate, so avoid adding unnecessary ones.

Instagram Marketing Tip #10: Avoid Overpromotion

Overpromoting your products can turn off users, particularly on Instagram where you have a younger audience.

Thus, you need to create entertaining scenarios and tell stories rather than directly advertising your brand. After all, no one listens to a desperate spammer who fails to understand his or her targets. Therefore, you need to grab users’ attention through an indirect call-to-action.

Instagram Marketing Tip #11: Promote Products Realistically

You should be aiming for authenticity, rather than fooling others into purchasing your products. And so, you have to present to the audience the truth and not exaggeration.

An example is posting images or videos of how you utilize a product in real life. With them, you can prove that you are selling products or services that are worthy of their descriptions. In the end, you gain patrons who will boost your business in the long term.

Instagram Marketing Tip #12: Post Instagram Links to Other Social Media

You should avoid relying on Instagram alone, so post some links to other social media as well. By doing so, you widen your follower base, since you include those who belong to other networks. Thus, you have to avoid limiting yourself by focusing on Instagram only, try Facebook or Twitter as well.

Instagram Marketing Tip #13: Respond to All Comments

Nothing satisfies users more than someone responding to their comments. It is as if you acknowledge their participation in your posts.

Moreover, you cannot expect to gain more followers without replying to them. Instagram is a community and not a platform for self-promotion, so you have to interact with others.

Remember, simple mutual reciprocation can increase your follower base, so you better show them that you appreciate their participation.

Instagram Marketing Tip #14: Follow Other Users

If you want more followers, then you can start by following others.

Particularly, aim for those with a small follower count rather than the big businesses, since they also wish to gain more. Besides that, you acquire more information from the posts of others, so you lose nothing if they do not follow you.

You are not alone when it comes to boosting followers, so take that path with others. And who knows, maybe you can find a potential business partnership through those pages you follow.

Instagram Marketing Tip #15: Help Your Followers Gain Exposure

Mentioning clients or followers in your post will increase the likelihood of others interacting with you.

Let them know that you appreciate their comments, photos, and participation.

That way, you give them the impression that you appreciate their contributions. After all, the focus of Instagram is about communities and their interactions, not self-promotion.

Instagram Marketing Tip #16: Be Active During Peak Hours

During peak hours, most Instagram users are online, so it is beneficial for you to be active as well.

Consequently, you can respond faster, and it is possible to converse with your followers and visitors. Moreover, your posts can reach out well if others are online, so stay around during peak times.

Thus, you need to notice what time of the day your posts receive most of the comments and likes.

Instagram Marketing Tip #17: Keep on Improving

Lastly, on our list of top Instagram marketing tips; followers prefer those who consistently improve or update their Instagram accounts.

After all, no one enjoys bland and stagnant ones, so you need to live up to their expectations by becoming more engaging.

Also, you may have to keep current with various trends, particularly when it comes to new features in the platform, so that people will not find you obsolete. Lastly, continue improving and learning, so that you can utilize the optimal methods for marketing your business.


If you’ve read all these Instagram marketing tips, chances are, you may find it intimidating to market on Instagram.

This is merely a guide to the top Instagram marketing tips for small business growth in 2024 and you may consider using this in combination with the best Instagram bot you can find.

However, these are merely your responsibilities in exchange for the privileges of your brand gaining more exposure through the platform. Of course, it is not that simple but with determination, your efforts will pay off.