Top Instagram Growth Tools

#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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KickstaGet Active Followers


#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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UseViralBuy Instagram Followers


Looking for the best Instagress alternative in 2024?

The shutdown of Instagress by Instagram has left a lot of people out of pocket and lost as to what to do regarding an alternative.

While Instagress was the go-to Instagram bot that many of you relied on for your scheduled Instagram engagement, fortunately, all is not lost.

There are many different Instagress alternatives out there that either perform the same or similar functions that Instagress provided, so you don’t have to worry about being left high and dry.

Best Instagress Alternatives 2024

1. Seek Socially

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

Seek Socially is an ideal Instagress alternative because it understands perhaps better than anyone that you need a grow service to help you with your Instagram and your brand that is going to be personable, reliable, and practical.

We love that these guys are prepared to provide their clients with active, real Instagram followers, and they stay well away from things like automated bot software and fake profiles. They simply make the most of their organic growth technology to make your life a lot easier, so that you can free up your schedule, and focus on creating that content.

They make it super easy to sign up with them in the beginning, because they have a free trial for three days, meaning that you can get to know their services before committing to anything.

They discuss on their website how they can help you target similar profiles so that you can encourage the audiences of these profiles to come and check out your content instead.

2. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is an Instagress alternative that is simple yet reliable, because it promises its clients the ability to be successful with their brand on Instagram and take advantage of all of Instagram’s business page features. They promise that they can help you with organic and real Instagram growth, and they definitely don’t take shortcuts when it comes to both of these promises.

One of the first things they talk about on their website is how they can help you with targeted, real followers, and their services are completely managed for you, meaning that you can sit back, relax, and think about what your next piece of content is going to look like instead.

Once you have chosen the right plan for your needs, you can talk to them all about what your target audience looks like, and the more information you give them about your target audience, the better. From here, they will make sure that your business page on Instagram is getting everything it needs.

3. Ampya


Ampya is the type of Instagress alternative that really means what it says when it says that it can promise you organic followers. There are a lot of companies out there that are going to waste your time, and not actually follow through on the promise of organic followers, but not these guys.

In fact, they say that organic growth has never been easier and getting set up with them is super easy. They ultimately want to help their clients increase their exposure and find the kind of people out there that are highly likely to engage with your content and follow you back.

At the end of the day, these guys believe in their dedicated, managed growth, to the point where you will be able to entrust all of your engagement strategy with them, and not even think twice about it.

4. Nitreo


Nitreo is an Instagress alternative that has been in the industry of Instagram growth for a while now and understands that there are as many brands out there that use Instagram for social media marketing as there are individuals that use it for personal use.

As a result, they have adjusted their features accordingly, and made it so that it is really easy for you to tweak your engagement strategy, based on Instagram’s current algorithm.

One of the things that we love the most about this company is that they only require your email address from you to get started, meaning that it is literally just going to take two minutes to get set up with them.

Of course, they promise their clients real results and they promise that they stay well away from anything that is going to jeopardize your existing Instagram reputation.

5. Flick


Flick is an interesting Instagress alternative, most notably because they can help you grow your Instagram business page in a unique and creative way. They focus primarily on your hashtag strategy, which is the foundation of your Instagram profile.

If you haven’t got your hashtags sorted out for your Instagram content, then you aren’t going to end up doing as well as you could have. This is where a company like Flick comes in.

They talk to you all about what a good hashtag looks like in the beginning, and then from here can help you search the best hashtags for your industry and niche, so that you can ultimately create a well-informed list of hashtags that are going to benefit your content, and the best part is that you can switch these up consistently so that you aren’t using the same hashtags on every piece of content.

6. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is one of those Instagress alternatives that you will like from the very beginning, because they are dedicated to their clients before they have even registered for anything.

They say that they can help you with your Instagram likes and followers and have them delivered to your Instagram profile in just a few minutes, making them one of the most efficient and practical Instagram growth companies in the industry.

Once you have chosen the service that suits your needs best, all you have to do is enter a few details, and they can start to help you straight away.

They have lots of positive reviews on their website, as well as a big FAQ section, make it really easy for you to make up your mind about whether they are a good fit or not. However, we feel confident that they will be.

7. Follow Adder

Follow Adder

Follow Adder is top of the line when it comes to Instagram automated bots, having consistently received five-star reviews.

Like most other bots, Follow Adder has all the basics – scheduled following, liking, commenting and as a bonus can even automatically direct message potential followers, clinching the deal and making it more likely that they’ll follow you permanently. Let’s look at some of the other features that are available through Follow Adder.

The first feature and tool that Follow Adder is good at is making lists. Lists are vital when it comes to scheduling things automatically – this way the bot knows precisely how you want to outsource your engagement.

Follow Adder lets you create a user list stating who you are looking to be followed by or who you want to send a direct message to. It also lets you create other records including one of the pictures you want to like and comment on, photos you want to publish later, and comments you want to leave on other people’s photos.

Follow Adder also allows you to do quality searches with hashtags that you have chosen for the bot. By defining your demographic, Follow Adder can concentrate primarily on the right people who want to find what your Instagram has to offer.

Follow Adder is easy to use, flexible software that makes automation on Instagram worth investing in – it works tirelessly to market your Instagram account to the best of its ability.

We have also written an in-depth Follow Adder review – be sure to read it.

We’ve tried this software over a range of accounts over the last 6 months. Here are some statistics from one account – we haven’t enabled many of the features and it’s only on about 50% speed – yet you can see it still produces new followers and engagement every single day.

Follow Adder Results

8. InstaQ


InstaQ is another automated bot that works similarly to Follow Adder and has the advantage of not being as expensive – however, does not have all the features that Follow Adder provides.

InstaQ focuses on the business entrepreneur of Instagram, touting their services to cater to this demographic and claiming that they have all the automated tools you could want to build up your business Instagram.

Features include following/unfollowing, liking/unliking, commenting, direct messaging and autopilot. Their prices are divided into two categories – a monthly subscription for $27 or a one-off payment of $97, so still cheaper than Follow Adder. Due to the recent reduction in automated bots available thanks to Instagram’s crackdown, InstaQ has announced that they will be privatizing.

This means that they will no longer be available through a public website – you will only be able to access their services through word of mouth. Their prices will be going up due to this issue – so if you want a reliable bot similar to the likes of Follow Adder but not as expensive, the time is now for InstaQ.

InstaQ imitates real user activity to avoid being detected as automation by Instagram. This increases your chances of going undetected when using their services, making it a more secure bot to use.

They also provide an extensive forum centered around Instagram which includes tips, tricks and even video tutorials on how to use InstaQ to promote your Instagram.

9. FollowingLike


FollowingLike is similar to both Follow Adder and InstaQ except that it spreads itself out a little more – its desktop software is designed to be used with any popular social media, not just Instagram.

Because of this, its different service and price points are categorized by how many accounts you want the service to cover. Automation of a single account will set you back $49, and this is a one-time fee, so again this is another piece of software that is similar to Follow Adder.

Five accounts will set you back a one-time fee of $79 while unlimited accounts will cost you $299, so there is a package for each budget, again depending on how many accounts you are hoping to use the software.

So what are its features?

It has the essential services of most other automated bots – task scheduling and managing activities artificially while making them look natural and organic. Additionally, it has bonus features like content scraping. Content scraping allows you to gather data for analysis across your different accounts that can be used automatically by the software to help grow your followers.

It also has a feature called content spinning which divides the content you’ve collected, dispersing it amongst multiple accounts for you, helping to boost the promoting of your business pages saving you time as you don’t have to task each account to do this individually.

10. Instazood


Now we are going to review Instazood.

Just like all the previously mentioned automated products, Instazood is an automatic desktop software performing all the essential functions of scheduled engagement for your Instagram. It’s an easy-to-use, affordable option that features all the services you would expect from this software.

Instazood comes with the possibility of making your account VIP – this means you hand over complete control to their programmers, saving you, even more, time in the outsourcing department. So you can either choose to navigate the software yourself or as an upgrade get someone on their end of things to handle this.

They offer automation on multiple accounts, which is great if you’re trying to juggle more than one. They also have a vast support network which is helpful if you’re new to the game and need some guidance through the initial stages. Instazood comes with a free three-day trial, so you can play around with it before you buy and make sure it’s the bot you’re looking for.

As well as following/unfollowing, liking/unliking, commenting and direct messaging they also feature a comment tracker that organizes all of your comments into a platform that is easy to use, making it easier for you to manage and reply to them.

Instazood is an excellent balance of automatic and manual engagement, leaving it up to you to decide how much of this scheduled work you want to be handled for you.

Lastly, it prides itself on being ahead of the game when it comes to Instagram, ensuring that its automated processes are random at times and not instant to avoid suspicion with Instagram and risk getting shut down – so there is a level of security in that.

Update November 2017: Unfortunately, Instazood has a bad safety record so we are no longer recommending this software.

Instagress Shut Down in 2017 – The End of an Era

One of the many Instagram bot websites, Instagress, has been shut down for violating Instagram’s terms of use.

It was mentioned briefly on its website that it was asked to shut down by Instagram.Shortcode

For those of you who weren’t familiar, Instagress was an automated bot website that worked exclusively with Instagram, automatically liking and commenting on people’s photos for you so that you didn’t have to do this step manually.

It did so artificially so while it wasn’t entirely “fake,” it didn’t organically and slowly grow your Instagram account through these methods, revealing the darker, more difficult side of automating your Instagram.

Instagress is now in the awkward phase of issuing refunds to those of you who had paid in advance for their services and hadn’t received the full package. It brings to light a contentious issue between Instagram and the many automated bot websites out there, and just exactly where the boundaries lie. While it’s beneficial and practical to make use of a computerized system that can do those repetitive tasks for you as you build your Instagram account, it’s easy to cross the line and begin to grow it artificially.

Instagram doesn’t want any fake accounts using its facilities, and the majority out there like the idea of paying for authentic likes and comments that aren’t going to tarnish their page’s reputation.

If you’re someone who is currently panicking right now and in need of a refund from Instagress, don’t worry.

While it might be a while before Instagress can issue full refunds to their clients, there are some Instagress alternatives out there that you can choose from if an Instagram bot was an inherent part of growing your Instagram account. Instagram even has its own sponsored post system, so there are multiple alternatives out there.

Remember, there are plenty of other options to grow your Instagram account gradually and organically. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient and sit back while a paid system takes its time finding you genuine followers. But this alternative can be worth it if you want that community to stick around.

Final Recommendations

There has been much chatter on the Internet about this topic, including threads on Reddit and BlackHatWorld. Each replacement mentioned above has its pros and cons, which is good to remember when trying to decide what to substitute it with.

Each comes with all the necessary automated services, so it’s worth looking into the additional features to find out exactly which one of these pieces of botting software is going to fit your Instagram account best.