Facebook officially launched in February 2004 and quickly grew in popularity.

Naturally, to stay popular and profitable there have been a variety of additions and subsidiaries. 

One of these is Facebook Marketplace, which was first offered to the public in 2016.

At the time Facebook had 1.71 billion users.

The concept behind Facebook Marketplace was simple, to give people an online option for buying and selling items.

Initially, the aim was to allow people to connect locally. 

However, as a parcel can be easily sent anywhere in the world, Facebook Marketplace is both a local and global option. 

Of course, the premise is similar to eBay.

However, as it’s connected to Facebook accounts, you can chat with others while buying and selling. 

Considering the success of Facebook, it’s only fair to wonder how many people use Facebook Marketplace today.

Here’s what you need to know.

Key Statistics

  • Facebook Marketplace has over 1 billion users
  • It is accessible in 228 countries & territories
  • 61.8% of Marketplace users are female
  • One in six users have been targeted by scammers
  • The largest proportion of users are between 25-35
  • Approximately 250 million people shop with Marketplace every month
  • 81% of Marketplace access is via a mobile
  • One Facebook Marketplace advert can reach 562 million people
  • The largest Facebook Marketplace is in India
  • 53% of secondhand luxury shoppers use Marketplace

How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace in 2024?

How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace

1. Facebook Marketplace has Over 1 Billion Users

A Statista survey completed at the end of the first quarter in 2021 showed that Marketplace had surpassed one billion users actively using the site every month.

This isn’t the same as one billion people buying items.

Some of the users are sellers and some are simply browsing. 

It’s an impressive achievement for a site that was launched just five years before. 

Today, statistics show Marketplace is more popular than Craigslist and there are over 60 million business pages.

It’s become the top choice for marketing professionals with 93% of them using Facebook Marketplace as a critical part of their marketing plans.


2. Facebook Marketplace Is Accessible In 228 Countries & Territories

Facebook Marketplace was an instant hit.

Naturally, this was helped by the fact that Facebook was already well known and had a huge following.

It’s not surprising that Marketplace has spread around the globe.

However, the speed is impressive. 

Just seven months after it was launched, the site had 18 million items posted for sale, and that was just in the US. 

It was this that led the expansion in 2017 to include 17 European countries, including France, Germany, and others. 

Today, that list pales in comparison to the size of Facebook Marketplace.

You can access it in 

 Countries and territories across the globe. 

Marketplace is truly global, touching every part of the world.

It’s virtually impossible for it to expand into more countries, although its audience can, and will, continue to grow. 


3. 61.8% Of Marketplace Users Are Female

This is an impressive fact as Facebook users are predominantly male.

However, the latest survey showed that 61.8% of Marketplace users are female with just 38.2% being male. 

One theory behind this is that many users are in relationships, and men often leave women to handle paperwork.

Of course, this places women in a stereotypical subservient role which raises another array of issues. 

Fortunately, the data doesn’t go into detail about why there are more women.

It’s simply interesting to note there are more male users than women on Facebook and the situation is reversed on Marketplace. 


4. One In Six Users Have Been Targeted By Scammers

Scammers are always looking for a new way to target a mark.

Facebook Marketplace has proved to be an excellent option and has become the most common site for scammers. 

The most common scams are selling you something, taking your money, and the goods never arrive.

Or, ordering something, demanding a refund but never returning the item. 

2021 saw a 16% increase in internet searches for Facebook Marketplace scams.

The latest figures suggest that one in six Marketplace users have been targeted by scammers. 

FBI statistics show that over $337 million was scammed in 2021.

The good news is that people are becoming wiser about scams and more aware of which buyers and sellers are scammers.

(FBI, Thinkmoney)

5. The Largest Proportion Of Users Are Between 25-35

Facebook Marketplace is popular with younger people.

That’s people who want to have the latest products and are willing to pay for them.

But, they are also aware of the value of money and are prepared to look at second-hand goods. 

25.4% of Marketplace users are aged between 25-34 years old. 

Of course, it’s popular with other ages as well.

For example, 18.5% of users are aged between 35-44.

The next most popular age range is 18-24 which covers 17.4% of users.

It’s a little lower for older people, 13.8% of users are between 45-54, 10.8% are between 55-65, and 10.4% are over 65.

In short, all age ranges use Facebook Marketplace!


6. Approximately 250 Million People Shop With Marketplace Every Month

Marketplace has a billion users, not all of these are buyers.

However, the latest figures show that there are 250 million visitors to Marketplace stores every month and they purchase something. 

That illustrates the reach of Marketplace and why every business should have a Marketplace store.

You’re simply missing out on sales if you don’t. 


7. 81% Of Marketplace Access Is Via A Mobile

Mobile internet access has steadily become more popular.

Thanks to improvements in phone technology it is now easier and faster to access the web via a mobile. 

Businesses today ensure their websites are mobile-friendly to ensure they attract as many customers as possible. 

That’s why access to all internet sites via mobile has increased.

In the last few years it has surpassed desktop access and this trend is likely to continue.

As of 2021, 81% of Marketplace access is done on a mobile device.  


8. One Facebook Marketplace Advert Can Reach 562 Million People

Considering Facebook Marketplace has over one billion users it’s not that surprising that one advert can potentially reach 562 million people. 

Of course, it’s all about what you’re selling and the reputation you have created online.

But, with the right approach you’ll be able to reach millions of people. 

Use the boosted listings option and your advert could feasibly be seen by 9.1% of the global population.

That’s provided they are over 13 years old. 


9. The Largest Facebook Marketplace Is In India

The latest Statista study, from 2022, showed that India is the largest Facebook Marketplace.

The figures don’t look at the value of spending in each country, simply the volume of Marketplace users. 

As of 2021, there were over 320 million Marketplace users in India.

That’s not far off double the US audience of 190 million!

Two other countries that have more than 100 million Facebook Marketplace accounts are Indonesia, with 140 million, and Brazil, with 130 million.

Of course, these countries have a lot more people living in them than most European countries.

But, it certainly shows the reach of Facebook Marketplace. 


10. 53% Of Secondhand Luxury Shoppers Use Marketplace

Secondhand Luxury Shoppers Use Marketplace

Luxury goods are always in demand.

However, many people can’t afford to purchase these goods brand new, leaving secondhand as the most attractive option. 

Facebook Marketplace has proved to be extremely popular for people looking for secondhand luxury goods. 

It’s convenient to search for goods, chat with the seller, and arrange collection or delivery. 

The latest Statista survey showed that 53% of secondhand luxury goods are now purchased this way. 

Of course, the global pandemic helped Marketplace become even more popular.

It allowed people to continue to buy and sell things, even during lockdowns. 

It’s worth noting that Marketplace is the second most popular place for second hand luxury buyers.

eBay is still the preferred option, although Facebook Marketplace is closing the gap.


Getting Started With Marketplace

You’ll find it simple to start looking at Marketplace.

Of course, before you start you’ll need to have a Facebook account. 

Head to the Facebook page and log in.

Once you can see the home screen you can tap the three horizontal bars in the top right of the screen. 

You’ll then be presented with a list of options.

Select Marketplace and the most recent adverts will appear.

It’s possible to search for specific items, set your search area, and various other filters, such as price.

You can browse for as long as you like.

Once you’ve located something that interests you, message the seller, chat, ask questions, and negotiate.

Then, it’s possible to pay online and have the item sent to you.

Alternatively, if the seller is local, you can simply arrange to collect it. 


If you’re interested in selling on Facebook Marketplace then you’ll need to log into Facebook and go into Marketplace. 

You can then select the image of a person’s head and shoulders.

You’ll be presented with several options, including sell and buy.

Select the sell option. 

You’ll then be prompted through the steps.

It involves entering a title for your advert, your approximate location (not exact address), a description, and the category you want the item placed in. 

Upload up to 10 photos and select post.

It will take a few minutes before your ad is live.

If it’s not sold after seven days you can renew the ad or cancel it.

Simply tap the item in your list and choose whether to delete or renew.

You can modify the description and price at any time. 

Guns and a few other items are restricted, other than that, you can sell anything on Facebook Marketplace and people frequently do. 

It’s worth noting that you can’t block people from seeing your adverts.

While Marketplace doesn’t notify friends of items for sale, provided they live locally they will still be able to see the items. 

In other words, think twice before you add a gift from a friend to the Marketplace. 

Summing Up

If you’re wondering how many people use Facebook Marketplace then you now know that it has over a billion users. 

However, the real answer is unknown as the number of users is constantly growing.

Marketplace uses a tried and trusted method for attracting customers and connecting them.

It’s likely to keep growing in size.

The ultimate aim may be to overtake eBay as the number one online marketplace.

However, the best result has already been achieved.

Marketplace encourages people to spend more time on Facebook. 

That means more adverts are shown and more revenue is created for Facebook.

In short, they will do whatever it takes to increase the number of Facebook Marketplace users.