To nurture local communities and boost user interaction, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Marketplace in 2016 as a platform that empowers users to buy and sell goods within their local community.

Leveraging the extensive user presence on the social networking site, Facebook Marketplace quickly gained attention due to its availability through the Facebook website or app.

Its inception marked a noteworthy step in utilizing online connectivity to facilitate local commerce.

As of Q2 2023, approximately 3.03 billion people are using Facebook monthly.

Around 314.6 million of these are in India, making it the country with the most Facebook users.

It is joined by the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, with over 100 million users in each country.

Do you want to know the user engagement, market share, growth, preferences, demand, and other Facebook Marketplace statistics? Just continue reading.

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Key Statistics

  • Facebook Marketplace expanded its accessibility, allowing users in 228 countries and territories to use the platform in 2023.
  • Facebook Marketplace surpassed 1 billion users monthly in Q1 2021.
  • Roughly 250 million sellers actively engaged in Facebook Marketplace monthly.
  • Around 474 million Facebook users log in to their accounts to shop on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Over 18 million new items were on Facebook Marketplace listings for sale in the US in 2017.
  • The most popular categories on Facebook Marketplace in 2021 were women’s clothing and shoes, baby and kids’ items, household items, furniture, cars, motorcycles, and trucks.
  • US car dealers listed over 2 million vehicles on Facebook Marketplace in 2018.
  • 53% of US luxury shoppers preferred using Facebook Marketplace to buy second-hand luxury items.
  • A revenue projection of $28.15 billion was expected for Facebook Marketplace in Q3 2022, up from $26 billion the prior year.
  • The number of reported scams on Facebook Marketplace reached 1,066 from September to November 2021.

Facebook Marketplace Statistics

Facebook Marketplace Statistics

1. 228 Countries and Territories Have Access to Facebook Marketplace in 2023

Upon its introduction in 2016, Facebook Marketplace was accessible solely in four countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

After a few years, the platform’s availability expanded to encompass 70 countries worldwide.

It gained a monthly user base exceeding 800 million individuals. 

As of 2023, Facebook Marketplace statistics show that the platform has broadened its reach, granting access to users in 228 countries and territories across the globe.

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2. Facebook Marketplace Recorded Over 1 Billion Monthly Users Worldwide in Q1 2021

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform for buying and selling products within local communities.

It covers an extensive range of product categories, including clothing, home goods, furniture, vehicles, and electronics.

Likewise, users can create listings for free to sell brand-new and second-hand items they no longer need.

This platform provides an accessible platform for small businesses, local entrepreneurs, and individuals to reach potential customers without the need for extensive marketing efforts.

It is integrated with Facebook Messenger, enabling users to communicate directly with each other to ask questions, negotiate prices, and arrange meet-ups.

Because of accessibility, convenience, and free listings, Facebook Marketplace achieved more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide in Q1 2021.

According to some reports, approximately 1.185 billion online shoppers purchase on the platform monthly.

This figure is equivalent to around 40% of the overall 2.96 billion monthly active users of Facebook in Q4 2022.

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3. Roughly 250 Million Active Sellers Worldwide were on Facebook Marketplace Every Month in 2021

In 2021, a substantial number of individuals, roughly 250 million, actively engaged as Facebook Marketplace sellers monthly.

This count shows that a significant global community of users participated in the listing and selling of items within the platform regularly throughout the year.

This seller activity highlights the platform’s popularity and role as a hub for commercial interactions and transactions on a global scale.

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4. 474 Million Facebook Users Log In to Shop on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of Facebook’s best features.

It is integrated into the Facebook website and app and Facebook Messenger.

This integrated approach allows users to conveniently engage in activities like listing items, communicating with potential buyers, and conducting sales.

Buyers and sellers have Facebook profiles associated with their Marketplace listings, which can provide some information about their identities.

This feature is offered to users to enhance engagement and provide a platform for commerce within the Facebook ecosystem.

The report reveals that around 474 million Facebook users primarily log in to the platform to shop on Facebook Marketplace.

This number of users represents approximately 16% of the platform’s active users.

(Capital One Shopping)

5. Facebook Marketplace Led Social Commerce, Accounting for Around 51% Share of the Online Market.

According to findings from the 2022 survey, Facebook Marketplace emerged as the preferred social media platform for recent purchases, contributing 51.19% market share.

This achievement directed the platform to the top in terms of market share for social commerce.

The 2022 survey offers insights into the distribution of market shares for social commerce across various platforms, revealing the following breakdown:

  • Facebook Marketplace accounted for 51.19% of the online market share for social commerce
  • Instagram accounted for 15.81% of the online market share for social commerce
  • Facebook Shop accounted for 9.54% of the online market share for social commerce
  • TikTok accounted for 9.34% of the online market share for social commerce
  • Facebook Messenger accounted for 5.37% of the online market share for social commerce

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6. The Potential Advertising Audience for Facebook Marketplace is 495.7 Million Users

When it comes to the potential advertising audience reach, the ad audience scope for Facebook Marketplace extends to 495.7 million individuals.

To provide context among other Facebook placements, let’s consider the potential advertising audiences for various placement categories:

  • The potential advertising audience for “Stories” is 1.25 billion users
  • The potential advertising audience for “Search Results” is 733.1 million users
  • The potential advertising audience for “Facebook Reels” is 697.1 million users
  • The potential advertising audience for “Instant Articles” is around 313.6 million users


7. In May 2017, More Than 18 Million New Items Listed For Sale on Facebook Marketplace in the US.

More Than 18 Million New Items Listed For Sale

Several months after its launch, Facebook Marketplace flourished, experiencing a surge in activity as evidenced by more than 18 million new items listed for sale within the US exclusively.

This remarkable upswing in popularity subsequently paved the way for an expansion into 17 countries in Europe.


8. Over 2 Million Vehicles Were Listed on Facebook Marketplace by US Auto Dealers in 2018

Auto dealers in the United States posted over 2 million vehicles for sale on Facebook Marketplace in 2018.

This data shows the widespread popularity of the platform as a preferred avenue for selling and purchasing vehicles. 

It underscores that Facebook Marketplace is one of the primary choices for car dealers and prospective buyers.

This number reflects the platform’s accomplishment and signals the potential to evolve into a powerful instrument for fostering connections between auto dealers and buyers.


9. Around 84% of Sellers on Facebook Marketplace Actively Manage Their Listings.

One of the secrets of success is consistency.

By maintaining a consistent approach, around 84% of sellers on Facebook Marketplace diligently manage and update their listings daily.

This percentage shows sellers’ commitment to ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their listings. 

Regularly updating keeps items relevant and up-to-date.

Facebook’s algorithm often prioritizes recent listings, increasing their visibility to potential buyers.

Active sellers responding quickly to inquiries and messages lead to faster transactions and close deals.


10. More Than Half of Luxury Shoppers in the US Preferred Using Facebook Marketplace to Buy Second-Hand Luxury Items in 2021

Facebook Marketplace allows users to list various products for sale, including luxury items like designer clothing, accessories, and more.

Sellers provide clear information about the condition, authenticity, and history of the luxury items they list to build trust with potential buyers.

In the US, Facebook Marketplace is the second-most popular and preferred online marketplace when buying second-hand luxury items.

About 53% of luxury shoppers in the country used this platform to purchase second-hand luxury products in 2021.

Here are some of the most popular marketplaces online used to buy second-hand luxury items in the US in 2021:

  • 69% of US luxury shoppers used eBay to buy second-hand luxury items
  • 53% of US luxury shoppers used Facebook Marketplace to buy second-hand luxury items
  • 51% of US luxury shoppers used Poshmark to buy second-hand luxury items
  • 40% of US luxury shoppers used Mercari to buy second-hand luxury items
  • 38% of US luxury shoppers used The RealReal to buy second-hand luxury items


11. About 15% of Individuals in Germany Aged 16-29 Used Facebook Marketplace to Purchase or Sell Second Hand Products in 2020

In Germany, Facebook Marketplace users have the same opportunity to vend and purchase second-hand products comparable to other countries.

Many individuals opt for second-hand items because they are more affordable than buying brand-new ones. 

According to a 2020 survey, around 15% of the respondents in Germany aged between 16-29 reported having utilized Facebook Marketplace for buying and selling second-hand items.

In contrast, only 6% of respondents aged 30 and above shared similar experiences.


12. In the United States, Facebook Marketplace Recorded 60% Growth in Interest for Clothing, Five Years After the Platform’s Launch.

Growth in Interest for Clothing

Facebook Marketplace offers a wide range of products that people can explore and purchase.

In September 2021, the top searches on the platform in the US were campers, boats, patio furniture, couch, and desks.

Likewise, the most popular categories were women’s clothing and shoes, baby and kids’ items, household items, furniture, cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

The demand for clothing surged in the US five years after the platform’s launch.

There is a 60% rise in interest for clothing on Facebook Marketplace in the country.

This period recorded an increasing supply, as the count of clothing listings available for purchase increased by 20%.


13. Facebook is the Go-To Social Media Platform to Discover and Purchase Fashion Apparel in 2021

In terms of Fashion apparel, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest were the most-used social media platforms to learn more about fashion products and discover brands and retailers.

41% of consumers turned to Facebook to learn about fashion apparel. 

When asked about the effectiveness of platforms in converting advertisements and content into actual purchases, about 51% responded that Facebook content led to purchasing products.

Below are the go-to social media platforms to learn about or discover fashion apparel in 2021:

  • 41% of consumers used Facebook to learn about fashion apparel in 2021
  • 35% of consumers used Instagram to learn about fashion apparel in 2021
  • 21% of consumers used Pinterest to learn about fashion apparel in 2021
  • 17% of consumers used Twitter to learn about fashion apparel in 2021
  • 15% of consumers used TikTok to learn about fashion apparel in 2021


14. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Disclosed that Facebook Marketplace Stood Out as the Predominant Online Platform Utilized by Scammers from September to November 2021

In 2021, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) disclosed that Facebook Marketplace had the highest usage among online marketplaces for fraudulent activities.

This trend could be attributed to the widespread accessibility of Facebook, making it a common platform for a significant portion of the population.

The following are the prominent online shopping platforms used by scammers from September 1 to November 22, 2021, as reported to RBS:

  • The number of scam reports on Facebook Marketplace reached 1,066 during the said period
  • The number of scam reports on Instagram reached 391 during the said period
  • The number of scam reports on eBay reached 170 during the said period
  • The number of scam reports on Gumtree reached 153 during the said period

(Daily Record)

15. Nearly 78% of Facebook Shoppers Purchase from the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the leading social commerce platform within the Facebook ecosystem.

More than 51% of social media consumers conducted their latest social media purchases from Facebook.

Among these recent Facebook shoppers, 77.7% purchased from Facebook Marketplace.

Conversely, 14.2% purchased from Facebook Shops, and 8.15% from Facebook Messenger.

(Capital One Shopping)

16. Facebook Marketplace was Projected to Have $28.15 Billion in Revenue in Q3 2022

In 2021, Facebook Marketplace achieved a remarkable gross revenue of $26 billion, representing a substantial 48% surge compared to the previous year.

It was projected that for Q3 2022, the platform will yield $28.15 billion in revenue.

This impressive growth can be attributed to the escalating popularity of Facebook Marketplace and the rise in the user base, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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17. Females are the Primary Users of Facebook Marketplace, Accounting for Almost 62%

Females are the Primary Users of Facebook Marketplace

It is worth noting that there is a gender distribution disparity between male and female users on Facebook.

Facebook exhibits a higher male user count than female users, whereas Facebook Marketplace demonstrates the opposite trend.

The recent survey emphasizes this distinction, indicating that 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace users are females, while males constitute 38.2%.



Facebook Marketplace is a valuable platform that serves as an online marketplace for local transactions.

People can find and list various products on this platform, from clothes and furniture to electronics and cars.

It is integrated into the Facebook interface, making it easy for users to list items for sale and connect with buyers.

This platform helps individuals to declutter their homes by selling things they no longer need while allowing buyers to find great deals on second-hand products.

However, it is also significant to be cautious when using the platform.

While it provides convenience for buying and selling, there can also be scammers or fraudulent listings.

To ensure a secure experience, users can verify the authenticity of the items, sellers, and buyers before delivering the items.

The popularity and widespread use of the platform are highlighted through the listed Facebook Marketplace statistics, showcasing the number of users, buyers, sellers, item listings, and product categories.

These statistics provide insights into user behavior, market trends, and platform effectiveness.

Likewise, these data empower businesses and users to make informed decisions, enhance experiences, and create a safer and more productive online marketplace environment.


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