With the rise of other video streaming services such as YouTube, it’s only natural that people wonder if they can watch YouTube videos on Twitch.

Luckily, you can watch YouTube videos on Twitch! Twitch is a popular streaming platform that allows users to watch and broadcast live streams, usually focusing on gaming content. 

It has various other features such as chat, music, video sharing, and more. While Twitch may have been known chiefly for its gaming content, it now offers more than just games.

This blog post will explain how can you watch YouTube videos on Twitch. Continue reading!

Can I Watch YouTube When Streaming On Twitch?

Watch YouTube When Streaming On Twitch

You can watch YouTube while streaming on Twitch. Remember that playing content from a third-party source like YouTube can cause potential copyright issues. 

It’s best to ensure any videos or audio clips you play during your stream are either copyright-free or have explicit permission from the copyright holder to use their content. 

Some streamers have gone so far as to create their videos or audio clips to prevent any potential copyright-related issues from arising. 

It is essential to ensure that you are not playing copyrighted content for too long, as this can also result in copyright issues.

Can You Put Youtube On Twitch?

The short answer is yes, you can put YouTube on Twitch. However, there are some important things to consider before doing so.

First and foremost, it is important to note that while YouTube videos may be allowed on Twitch, they are not officially supported by the platform.

It means that if your YouTube video breaks a Twitch rule or guideline, it can lead to a ban, even if it does not violate YouTube’s policies. 

Your content must also adhere to the Twitch community guidelines and Terms of Service. If you violate these rules, they may only remove your stream with a warning or explanation.

Can You Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch?


You can watch YouTube videos on Twitch with a few simple steps. All you need to do is find the Twitch channel that hosts the video you want to watch and click the play button.

Many popular streamers also broadcast their own YouTube videos on their Twitch channels, so you don’t have to leave Twitch to watch them.

In addition, you can also create your video compilations on Twitch. You upload the videos to your stream and configure the settings, and then viewers can watch them as a playlist. 

Twitch also offers features that make watching YouTube videos even better. For example, you can set up a poll to ask your viewers what they would like to watch next or give them the ability to change the order of the videos. 

You can also add unique overlays and animations within each video so your viewers won’t get bored.

Type Of Videos You Can Watch

Twitch is an immensely popular streaming platform allowing viewers to watch their favorite content creators live in action. 

You can stream various YouTube videos on Twitch, including gaming, music, and tutorial videos. If the video follows Twitch’s guidelines, you can stream your favorite YouTube content. 

Remember that there are a few limitations when streaming YouTube content on Twitch.  You must have the rights and permission to stream the video and ensure that all music used in the video is properly licensed. 

Can I Stream Free YouTube Movies On Twitch?


Although Twitch is best known for streaming video games, you can stream movies on Twitch. You can watch free movies from YouTube or rent movies from other sources and stream them on Twitch. 

You can only do this if you have permission from the copyright holders of the movie. It is vital to ensure that you are not infringing on any copyrights when streaming movies on Twitch. 

How To Stream YouTube Movies On Twitch? 

After downloading the movie, you need permission from the copyright holder or content creator before streaming it on Twitch. 

Users can do this by contacting them directly or looking for their contact information online. Once you have permission, you can stream the movie on Twitch.

  • Click on your profile icon and go to Stream Manager
  • Select the “Go Live” option and fill in all the required information
  • When the stream is set up, start playing your movie, and you will stream it on Twitch

Can I Play YouTube Music Videos On Twitch?


You can play YouTube Music Videos on Twitch. All content played on Twitch must abide by their Terms of Service. Here’s what you need to follow is:

Legally Licensed Music 

It requires all music presented in its entirety or any portion thereof to be legally licensed for broadcast. 

This includes videos from YouTube Music and other streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. 

As long as the video is properly licensed, you can stream it on Twitch without any problems. You should also be mindful of copyright infringement and respect the artist’s rights.

Links And Credits 

When streaming music videos from YouTube, include a link in your broadcast description that directs viewers back to the original video on YouTube. 

By doing this, viewers can find the original artist and see the associated content.

If you are streaming a cover song, include credits in your broadcast description and stream title. 

Read Twitch’s Guidelines

Twitch’s Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with Twitch’s music guidelines and know what songs you can play on your channel. 

This ensures that you comply with Twitch’s terms of service and protect yourself from copyright infringement.

You can play YouTube Music Videos on Twitch if the content is licensed and credited appropriately. 

It is essential to respect the artist’s rights, include a link to their original video on YouTube, and follow all of Twitch’s music guidelines.


Now you got the answer to “can you watch YouTube videos on twitch?” Twitch users can watch videos from YouTube on the platform, but they must be in a stream format and use an approved third-party app or extension. 

This means that viewers cannot control the playback of individual YouTube videos but can switch between live streams of YouTube content. 

With the right setup, watching YouTube videos on Twitch and having a great time with other viewers is possible!