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#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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We live in an age of digital advertising.

In fact, most of the advertising that companies put in front of the consumer is online these days. It’s a great way to reach more people than you’ve ever been able to – especially when you make use of social media platforms.

There are also some great third-party companies who can really help your page’s engagement and marketing strategies.

However, not all of them are worth using. Let’s give one a review.

What is prides itself on being able to build you a strong social network for your business, particularly on Instagram.

They say that their ‘real’ likes, impressions and followers will add to the credibility of your account and draw more potential clients your way.

Buy Instagram Followers look suspiciously like an automated software company that uses a bot to send you likes and followers. While this isn’t the end of the world, it’s certainly not organic engagement that’s going to lead to long-term success on Instagram.

Let’s give Buy Instagram Followers a review and determine whether you should use them or not.

A Review of

We’re going to start off with the positives:

  • Visible Pricing: while visible pricing might appear to be a good thing, it has its setbacks too. Too often these types of companies are only too eager to show you just how affordable their amazing packages are. However, when it comes to many other features on their website, they fall short. So while it’s great that you see their prices before you sign up, this is only the beginning.

Now, we’ll run through the negatives:

  • Secure Site: Buy Instagram Followers haven’t even bothered to set up a secure https website for their business. This is an essential level of security that you must have if you want to conduct business online with merit. Without it, you won’t rank on Google, and your client’s information won’t be safe.
  • FAQ and Help Page: we searched high and low, but couldn’t find anywhere on Buy Instagram Follower’s website that helped you answer any initial questions you may have. This is another crucial, fundamental feature to have on your site if you’re offering people a service.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: this is where it gets interesting. They do have an area on their website where they claim they’ve got 24/7 customer support. However, they don’t. According to them, it’s 24/7, but according to us, it’s a customer service email that you send a message to and then wait for a reply. Something tells us they’re not in a hurry to get back to you.
  • Real Reviews: Buy Instagram Followers have attempted to include what they consider to be genuine reviews on their site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a detective to determine that these reviews are fake. They’re not in quotation marks, and they only have a first name associated with each one. They could be anyone.
  • Email and Phone Form: Buy Instagram Followers have missed the boat on yet another level of accountability – including an email and phone form for you to fill out when you sign up with them. This keeps them accountable to you.

Is a Scam? Is Safe?

We’re going, to be frank about this and say that Buy Active Instagram Followers isn’t safe to use. Their website seems weak and basic in appearance.

They’re also not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that they sell fake engagement, which is probably going to get your account banned. With no real reviews, they don’t seem to have an existing reputation which you can go off. Better to look elsewhere than here. Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Buy Instagram Followers.

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