SEO is probably one of the most important ways to gain new customers, traction and engagement online.

If your site is featured as the top search result, or at least on the first page, then more people will be inclined to visit your site. Naturally, this will influence sales, shares and more people visiting it too.

There are many techniques you can adopt to enhance your SEO listing, some of the best ones are listed below.



As SEO operates on the basis of choosing keywords that customers will be inputting into their search engines, choosing the right ones is very important.

This activity should not be taken lightly; it can take a while to ensure that you have chosen the best keywords.

Sometimes these are not the most obvious ones, rather the more niche and defined they better it can be to pin point your site or your products and services.

Choosing these keywords requires a lot of research, this can be helped via online tools and taking the time to properly learn about the keywords your competitors use.

Most people will choose to use long tail keywords. These consist of three plus words, it allows you to further explain your offering or sites focus.

It allows you get into more detail than just the one-word keywords, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Once you have chosen the correct keywords for your site you must then integrate them on to your page.

This way when Google is searching through all of its content, it will find those keywords and provide it as an answer for users.

This will help it rank better and allow your audience to see if your site can actually help them.

It is important that you do not force the keywords on your site, rather pepper them naturally. They can be added to headings, titles, Meta descriptions and the body of text on your page.

Link Building

Link Building

Improving your SEO ranking can be made easy if you are able to secure worthy backlinks via link-building.

They are one of the most crucial parts of improving your SEO as these links prove that your business is credible and holds its authority.

Backlinks are gained from other sites linking your content to their site. This means all of their visitors can be guided to your page.

Backlinks epitomise the idea of authority and trust as credible sites can link to your page, influencing Google to trust your site too.

This will greatly improve your ranking online and can influence the amount of clicks you are able to gain online.

Backlinks are best earned via creating meaningful and research content. If your site allows you to create interesting and new content you should 100% be doing this.

The more inventive the better, if you keep up to date with your content and constantly ensure it is relevant and up to date it should always be featured and linked.

Not only does this help you increase your SEO ranking, it helps to create a relationship with companies.

This may stand you in good stead for the future; it can also possibly instigate some brand partnership deals too.

Backlinks are really important and must be used with the proper link building tools to ensure the best SEO rank can be achieved.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Whilst this may seem obvious, you should always consider your competitors, their strategies and how they operate online.

This analysis can be invaluable for you and your own strategy too. This is especially important when considering keywords.

Your competitors’ keywords can be discovered with a little bit of research online. This will allow you to tailor your own to ensure the best results and SEO rank can be felt.

This is especially true for those long tail keywords.

Nevertheless, analysing your competition is an important part of improving your own offerings. Through evaluating how your competitors operate, you have more of a chance of overtaking them.

Be Creative

Be Creative

This can be through the creation of your own unique content, imputing videos on your site or other new and exciting ways to capture the attention of your audience.

Creativity will always interest users; the likelihood that you will end up on the first page of your Google search due to this is huge.

As we are more visual creatures now, incorporating videos to your site will definitely have a positive affect on your ranking.

It is estimated that your site will be 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of its Google results if it has a good and interesting video.

Creative content is also a massive feature that will allow you to gain a higher ranking on search engines. 

Anything you create will automatically have more of an impact than something you haven’t.

If your customers also think it is creative and relevant, this will positively impact your ranking too as they will continue to visit the site to read or share it amongst their friends.

When it comes to creating your own content you must be sure to keep it updated and relevant.

This will ensure that it always has the same impact as it once did, making it always relevant and able to increase your ranking at every opportunity.


Whilst there are various other methods that can be used to improve your businesses reach, these are the best ways to achieve positive results.

SEO rankings can be influenced by the littlest changes, but must be fully understood to make a difference.

Do your research and take the time and money to create content that is worthy of featuring on your site. This kind of precision is very important if you hope to have longevity within the SEO ranks.