Shopify retailers have access to several built-in tools that make up the foundation of a successful ecommerce business. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there’s always room for improvement. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover ways a Shopify SEO expert can help your online store grow by expanding your customer base and increasing your conversion rate.

As an ecommerce solution with countless stores as customers, Shopify understands how important search is as a discovery tool for both users and potential customers. 

That’s why their platform has a number of features that assist merchants with optimizing their Shopify store for organic search results on Google and other major search engines.

Who Is A Shopify SEO Expert?

If you’re new to ecommerce or if you’re an experienced Shopify retailer who wants to take their business to the next level, a Shopify SEO consultant can help. Shopify SEO experts come from many different backgrounds. 


Some have a marketing or advertising background, while others may have worked in journalism or copywriting before making the switch to online marketing. Like many other online marketing specialties, Shopify SEO can be learned through books, blogs, and online courses—but to optimize your website for organic search results, you need an expert who knows the ins and outs of SEO best practices. 

SEO is a constantly evolving field with new algorithms and standards being implemented every year. A top Shopify SEO expert has experience working with these algorithms and can help your business grow regardless of what Google does next.

What Factors Are Most Significant When Ranking A Shopify Ecommerce Site?

You need to be aware of what a Shopify expert for hire does. This enables you to understand if they are doing what is expected, and keep them accountable to their work on how to improve SEO Shopify. So without further ado here are the most significant factors when ranking a Shopify site.


Backlinks are hyperlinks that point from one website to another. Having a large number of backlinks from authority websites will help your website rank higher in search engine results. 

It is believed that the more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank. This is because search engines rank websites based on their authority and popularity. A website with a high number of backlinks is seen as an authority site by search engines because other websites are linking to it. 

Search engines view a website with a high number of backlinks as more popular than a website with a low number of backlinks. This is why it’s important to get backlinks if you want to rank well in search results. 

A Shopify SEO expert can help you create backlinks on websites related to your niche. This helps increase your website’s authority, which will result in a higher ranking.

Keyword Identification

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO campaign. The keywords you choose will determine who sees your website and how much traffic it gets. Since Google’s algorithm rewards websites that are most relevant to a search query, it’s crucial to find the right keywords for your Shopify store. 

A Shopify SEO expert  helps you identify the most relevant keywords for your store and suggest how to use them in your SEO strategy. You can either choose to do keyword research or outsource it to a Shopify SEO expert. 

Keyword research will help you identify the right keywords that your potential customers are using when they search for products, services, or information online. Once you have identified the most important keywords, you can use them in your Shopify store’s metadata, product descriptions, and content.

Site And URL Structure

The main goal of SEO is to make your website as relevant as possible to your target audience. That’s why SEO experts focus on improving a website’s user experience. They do this by making sure that a website’s content is highly relevant to the search terms that their customers are using. 

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The better a website is at answering a user’s questions, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This is why SEO experts not only focus on increasing traffic to a website, but also on increasing sales. One way to make your website more relevant to search engines is by improving its structure. 

The way you lay out your website and organize its sections can greatly affect its relevance. A Shopify SEO expert helps you improve your website’s structure and URL. The better a website’s structure and URL are, the more relevant it is to search engines.

Collections & Products Text Optimization

The title and description of your Shopify product are the first things that potential customers see when they are searching for it on Google or another search engine. Make sure you use keywords in these fields that your potential customers would be looking for. 

Your product title should be between 70 and 80 characters long. Your product title should be descriptive and contain the most important keywords. You can use your product description to include additional information about the product, price, and shipping information. Make sure you include your keywords as well.

Image Optimization

One of the most important aspects of SEO that many retailers overlook is their product images. A single image can make or break a product’s sales. If the images do not represent the product well, customers will not buy it. 

Images are a crucial part of the shopping experience and can have a significant impact on sales. The images you use on your product pages should be clear, well-lit, and high-quality. When you select images for your product pages, make sure they have specific alt text that contains your keywords. This will help your product images rank higher in search engine results.

Why You May Need An Experienced Shopify Expert?

If you want to make the most of SEO on your Shopify store, you need an expert who understands the latest algorithms and best practices. Even if you are an experienced Shopify retailer, SEO can be tricky to manage. 

You need to make sure to use the right keywords, create compelling content, and build quality backlinks to your website. If you lack experience in SEO, it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

An experienced Shopify SEO expert has worked with many different businesses and knows what it takes to rank well in search results. They understand what Google wants and know how to deliver it to their customers.

Do You Need Assistance With Shopify SEO?

If you want to make the most of your Shopify store and grow your ecommerce business, you need an expert who understands the latest SEO best practices. With the right SEO strategy and implementation, you can expect your Shopify store to start generating more traffic and sales. 

If you’re unsure of how to start optimizing your Shopify store for SEO, you can reach out to an experienced Shopify SEO expert. An SEO expert helps you create a SEO strategy that is tailored to your business goals. They also assist you with implementing your SEO strategy and make sure that your Shopify store ranks well in search results.