Agoda started trading in 2005; It was launched by Michael Kenny and Robert Rosenstein, two school friends based in Singapore.

They saw a gap in the travel agency market, specifically a lack of options for consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The site proved to be a hit. 

In 2007 Agoda was bought by Booking Holdings, and the service has grown steadily. 

It should be noted it doesn’t offer a traditional travel agent experience, its service is more like Airbnb, and it’s worth looking at. 

Within the last few years, Agoda has dramatically increased its offering.

They have partnered with firms to offer airport transfers, book flights directly, and even a B2B service. 

While Agoda may not yet be as well known as the biggest name in the travel industry, it’s offering a valuable service and has built up a loyal customer base. 

In short, if you haven’t yet heard of, or used, Agoda, you are likely to try it in the near future. 

In fact, Agoda is one of the main competitors for Airbnb.

As you’ll see from the following Agoda statistics, this company is going places!

Let’s take a closer look.

Key Statistics

  • Agoda operates in over 200 countries
  • The company employs over 5,000 people
  • Agoda has over 2.9 million properties on its books
  • Italy is Agoda’s biggest marketplace
  • Only 28% of Americans are aware of Agoda
  • Agoda is starting to create a buzz in the US
  • Booking holdings annual revenue was $17 billion in 2022
  • Thailand is the most searched travel destination on Agoda
  • Agoda’s organic traffic increased by 202.49% between 2020 and 2023
  • 47.74% of traffic to Agoda comes direct
  • 40% of Agoda’s social media customers come from Facebook
  • 21.04% of Agoda traffic comes from India
  • The current bounce rate is 49.82%
  • 36% of visitors are aged between 25 and 34

Top Agoda Statistics in 2024

Agoda Statistics

1. Agoda Operates In Over 200 Countries

Agoda started in Singapore but today offers you vacations to almost anywhere in the world.

Currently, it has properties available in over 200 countries.

Many properties are in Asia, including places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Indonesia.

However, they have a growing collection of properties across the globe. 

Agoda offers a wide array of properties, from standard hotel rooms to guesthouses and bed & breakfasts.

They also have an extensive collection of resorts with varying sizes and quality of properties. 

However, the most intriguing properties on the Agoda site come under ‘unique properties’.

These can cover anything from a yurt in Turkey to a chateau in France. 

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation then you need to take a look at what Agoda has to offer, you may be pleasantly surprised. 


2. The Company Employs Over 5,000 People

In less than 20 years Agoda has gone from a small startup to a global company that can compete against Airbnb. 

The right staff make a big difference to their success.

Agoda employs people to scout out new destinations and verify the quality of each accommodation offered. 

They also have a large customer support team, waiting to help consumers with any query they have. 

To ensure minimal waiting times and that every query is dealt with promptly, Agoda has over 5,000 staff currently employed. 

It should be noted that the company employed more staff before the global pandemic.

Over 1,500 staff lost their jobs as a result of the downturn in the travel industry. 

Post-pandemic, staffing numbers have increased again although the company has still not reached the level of employees pre-pandemic. 


3. Agoda Has Over 2.9 Million Properties On Its Books

As mentioned, Agoda has a huge array of properties to choose from, including yurts and chateaus. 

In fact, according to the latest information from Agoda, they have nearly 3 million properties on their books. 

That means you’re going to need to narrow down your search parameters.

Simply looking for accommodation in Thailand may give you too many properties to look through. 

Of course, as with most websites, you can filter your search by price, number of people, and an array of other factors. 

There are certain to be several properties which are both affordable and appealing. 

Don’t forget, Agoda doesn’t just offer accommodation.

You can also book your flights, airport transfers, and even local trips, all from the comfort of your home via their website.


4. Italy Is Agoda’s Biggest Marketplace

Italy Is Agoda’s Biggest Marketplace

According to the latest figures released by Agoda, they have the most available properties in Italy.

That may seem surprising considering the size of Italy, the number of properties Agoda has available, and the fact it’s based in Asia.  

The second biggest marketplace by property number is China, which is followed by the US.

As China and the US are vast countries, with multiple attractive destinations this is more understandable. 

The fourth biggest marketplace for Agoda is France with its many cultural gems and beautiful landscapes. This is closely followed by Spain. 

The top ten list is completed with the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Croatia, and Indonesia. 

It’s a surprising mix of destinations which reflects how Agoda offers accommodation across the globe. 

Unfortunately, Agoda doesn’t provide a breakdown of the number of properties in each country. 


5. Only 28% Of Americans Are Aware Of Agoda

Mention Airbnb and the majority of people will know what you are talking about.

The same is not yet true for Agoda. 

According to the latest research by Statista, just 28% of Americans have heard of Agoda.

That means the company has a lot of brand awareness work to do. 

Alongside this, the survey revealed that Agoda is popular with just 6% of respondents.

That means a very small number of Americans are currently using Agoda. 

The good news is that this gives Agoda a huge marketplace to infiltrate as they grow their business.

Interestingly, the Statista survey found that 5% of respondents were loyal to Agoda.

That may not seem a lot until you consider only 6% use Agoda. 

In other words, five out of six Agoda customers in the US are loyal to the business.

That’s over 80% of customers which suggests they are offering a good service. 


6. Agoda Is Starting To Create A Buzz In The US

The US has the third-largest number of properties on Agoda’s books.

Yet, only 28% of Americans have heard of the company. 

Fortunately, this is starting to change.

Statista estimates that 8% of the 28% of Americans who know about Agoda, have learned about the company in the last three months. 

This 8% of people have heard of Agoda through social media, traditional advertising, or some other form of media. 

In other words, there is a small amount of buzz surrounding Agoda in the states.

Assuming they continue their current advertising campaign it seems likely the buzz will increase. 

This will lead to additional consumers, potentially dramatically increasing Agoda’s annual revenue. 


7. Booking Holdings Annual Revenue Was $17 Billion In 2022

Booking Holdings has owned Agoda for over fifteen years.

While it is only a part of Booking Holdings business, it’s worth noting how much revenue the company has brought in recently. 

According to Statista, Booking Holdings had an annual revenue of $17.09 billion in 2022. 

This was a significant improvement from 2021 which had just $10.96 billion, and 2020 with $6.8 billion.

The revenue in these two years was low due to the pandemic, the tourist trade was particularly badly hit. 

Interestingly, 2022 represented a return to form for the company, it continued the upward trend for annual revenue. 

For example, in 2019 revenue was $15.07 billion, in 2018 it was $14.53 billion.

That’s a significant increase from 2007, when Booking Holdings took control of Agoda and had an annual revenue of $1.41 billion. 

Of course, the figures don’t show how much of this revenue is thanks to Agoda, but it is certainly contributing and, with such a big industry player behind it, Agoda is a safe bet when booking a vacation. 


8. Thailand Is The Most Searched Travel Destination On Agoda

Thailand Is The Most Searched Travel Destination On Agoda

The latest search data on Agoda reveals that Thailand is the most searched destination on the site.

As Agoda is based in Singapore and Thailand is a stunning, relatively local destination, this doesn’t seem overly surprising. 

However, the statistics reveal that its residents in Japan, then the US, and then Singapore which are looking to head to Thailand.

These markets are followed closely by Europe, specifically the UK, France, and Switzerland. 

There is also a lot of interest in Indonesia from South Korea, the Maldives, and even the Philippines. 

Much of this interest has been generated by the Thailand government which is actively promoting international tourism.

It has introduced an array of incentives, including the Thailand Pass and the Sandbox program. 

These programs are designed to minimize paperwork and hassle when booking and visiting Thailand.

Agoda handles the majority of the paperwork for you. 


9. Agoda’s Organic Traffic Increased By 202.49% Between 2020 And 2023

Agoda showed an impressive 202.49% increase in organic traffic in just three years.

Granted, some of this increase is likely to be a result of the global pandemic, specifically the downturn in revenue and subsequent recovery. 

In January 2020 Argoda had a little over 15 million visitors.

A year later, in 2021, as the world started to recover from the pandemic, this increased to 21 million. 

By January 2022 organic travel had increased again, this time to 19 million.

However, the really impressive increase was during 2022.

The figures for January 2023 showed over 47 million visitors via organic searches. 

This may be partially driven by the recovery from the pandemic.

However, the fact that organic traffic increased by 45.82% between 2022 and 2023, also shows that the Agoda marketing campaign is working. 

New customers are finding out about the service Agoda offers and are visiting their website. 


10. 47.74% Of Traffic To Agoda Comes Direct

Every online business needs to know where its traffic is coming from.

It helps the company know which adverts to use and what customer base is best targeted. 

Of course, the dream result for any business is to be so well known that you don’t need any paid adverts, people simply visit your site and buy from you because you have such an excellent reputation and brand awareness. 

Agoda is well on its way to achieving this! 

According to the latest figures, 40.74% of all Agoda visitors are direct.

That means people are simply typing in the Agoda address and visiting the site. 

A further 27.13% of visitors are finding Agoda through organic searches.

That’s when people search for something and click through one of the links offered by the search engine. 

Neither of these approaches cost the business anything.

In Agoda’s case, that’s 67.87% of customers arriving without the need for paid ads. 

A further 21.91% of visitors find Agoda by clicking on paid ads.

This shows that paid ads are still a valuable part of the business model. 

A small percentage of visitors arrive by other means.

That’s 3.18% by display, 3.12% referrals, 2.36% as a result of mail, and 1.83% via social media.


11. 40% Of Agoda’s Social Media Customers Come from Facebook

As the previous statistic showed, very few of Agoda’s customers come via social media.

This potentially tells Agoda they should spend a little more time on social media. 

Estimates suggest that just over 84 million people visited Agoda in May 2023.

Social media may only count for 1.83% of these visitors.

However, that’s still over 1.5 million visitors per month from social media.

Of those, 40% of them hear about Agoda through Facebook.

That’s around 600,000 people.

YouTube comes a close second with 38%, and the remainder comes from WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. 

This highlights the social media sites that Agoda should be paying more attention to.

They have millions of visitors to these sites every month.

Increasing brand awareness on social media could make a significant difference in visitor numbers and revenue. 


12. 21.04% Of Agoda Traffic Comes From India

21.04% Of Agoda Traffic Comes From India

India is currently the place where most of Agoda’s traffic originates.

According to the latest figures released in 2023, nearly a quarter of Agoda visitors are in India. 

Interestingly, 84.75% of Indians visiting Agoda do so from their mobile, and just 15.25% use a desktop. 

In contrast, just 9.77% of site visitors come from the US.

However, this is a more even split with 56.63% connecting via mobile and 43.37% via a desktop.

The low percentage of visitors from the US tells Agoda there is a lot of potential to increase revenue with the right US marketing campaign.

The third biggest supply of visitors to Agoda is Thailand.

They supply 7.62% of visitors to the site.

These are predominantly mobile users, with just 26.39% using a desktop. 

Malaysia follows in fourth with 6.84% of Agoda visitors and just 26.39% if these arrive via desktop.

The rest, 73.61% come via mobile. 

Finally, the top five spot goes to Indonesia, 5.63% of Agoda’s visitors originate here.

This has the highest percentage of mobile users.

Statistics show that 85.68% of site visitors from Indonesia use a mobile to access the website. Just 14.32% use a desktop.


13. The Current Bounce Rate Is 49.82%

The bounce rate tells you how many visitors will arrive at your site, look at the main page and then leave without going anywhere else on your site.

The higher your bounce rate the less effective your site is. 

You need people to visit other pages in order to buy your products.

As of May 2023, Agoda had over 84 million visitors with the average duration on site being an impressive 10.41 minutes. 

The bounce rate is shown as 49.82%, which means just over half of all visitors are visiting more than one page.

It’s likely that many of those visiting other pages stay on the site for an extended 

Period as they’ll need to review various properties and deals. 

That’s why the average duration is over 10 minutes. 

It’s worth noting that approximately half of the monthly visitors are considered unique.

That means they haven’t visited the site before. 

Agoda is ranked 1,467 in the world by visitor numbers.

That’s impressive when you realize there are nearly 2 billion websites and at least 600,000 are active. 


14. 36% Of Visitors Are Aged Between 25 And 34

The latest study by Similarweb showed that 36% of Agoda visitors were aged between 25-34.

This is the age group most likely to visit and then book through Agoda.

It’s also the age group that is most likely to spend on holidays. 

The next biggest age group is those aged 35-44, people in this age bracket represent 22% of Agoda visitors. 

A further 21% of visitors are aged between 18-24.

Agoda appears to be less popular with older people, who perhaps prefer to book via more traditional travel agents. 

Just 9% of visitors are aged between 45-54, and 5% are aged between 55-64.

Surprisingly, 7% of visitors are over 65.

What the statistics don’t show is how many of each age group go onto book through Agoda and how many are simply browsing. 


Getting Started With Agoda

If you’ve never used Agoda but the above statistics have impressed you enough to see what they have to offer, then you’ll be delighted to know it’s easy to use their service. 

In the first instance, you’ll need to visit the Agoda website.

You’ll find an option to sign in or create an account.

Agoda doesn’t require a huge amount of details to create your account. 

In fact, if you prefer you can simply use your Facebook login and the account will automatically be created. 

You’re then ready to search.

All you have to do is select a destination and your preferred type of accommodation.

You can then browse everything they have or use the filter options to narrow down your search. 

Don’t forget you can choose between accommodation only or accommodation and flights.

After booking you can select an airport transfer and even book excursions. 

They also offer extensive travel guides and other useful information about each of their destinations.

These are usually created by locals, ensuring they are accurate and you’ll get to find out a few local secrets. 

Click on each result to find out more about them and the area.

You can even read reviews left on the Agoda site.

Once you’ve made a decision, you can click on the ‘book now’ button and you’ll be taken to a payment screen.

Most people pay with a credit card but there are several payment options. 

Once you’ve paid you’ll get a payment confirmation and booking reference.

All you have to do is pack and perhaps organize getting to your accommodation, depending on what you’ve booked. 

It’s that simple and you’ll find there are thousands of reviews worth looking at.

If you like, you can also get discounted travel insurance through Agoda’s partnership with Cover Genius. 

Summing Up

The above Agoda statistics make it very clear that this is a business dedicated to offering you the best possible service at an affordable price. 

Agoda has been steadily growing for years and is now looking to further infiltrate the American market, as well as other global markets. 

The general consensus is that it offers a high-quality and reliable service.

That means it should do well in any marketplace and you can expect to hear a lot more from this business.


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