Social media marketing is all the rage nowadays.

Businesses have realized that they cannot afford to avoid social media for boosting their brand and business revenue. Twitter is one of the oldest and most popular social media venues for engaging users/customers, generating quality leads, growing your brand, and enhancing your audience reach.

That seems simple enough, right? It is simple, but it is also crucial to understand the nuances of Twitter and how to use this social platform strategically. This is especially important for small to medium-sized businesses.

The following tips are intended to help you boost your business using Twitter.

Your Profile

Your Twitter profile is surprisingly important to your business brand. You would be shocked to know how many businesses leave their profile plain and blank. Your Twitter profile is the first impression users get from your brand, so it’s vital that you make it good.

Complete the entire profile section and include all pertinent information regarding your business as provided within the profile section.

Use your company logo as your profile image, and create a related, quality image for your cover image.
Add a bio that describes your company (culture, products and services, etc.) and include links to your website.
Use brand-related keywords in your bio

Your Community

Start building your Twitter community by following people. You must first follow to be followed. Don’t go in there and follow everyone you see. Instead, look for influences in your industry, work colleagues, friends, business acquaintances, your current customers, and other interesting users.

As you start following people and they follow you back, engage with them. Create meaningful relationships on social media as you would in person. Tweet about your brand, special offers, or discounts, retweet other users’ posts, and remember to post regularly on Twitter.

Your Sharing

One of the primary purposes of social media is to share information. Twitter provides you a venue where you can share short and sweet posts with links, videos, images, quotes, and other engaging content. This is how you garner attention.

Share your special offers, discounts, sales, and events on your Twitter business channel. An example of this would be if you have an online store, tweet images and videos of your products.

Use holidays and local festivals to gain further interest in your profile and business. You can also share images of your company’s staff birthday parties and other fun things.

Your Hashtags

Hashtags provide you with a method of categorizing your posts, which often provides expanded exposure. Without the use of proper hashtags, your followers will be the only people to see your tweets.

Anyone using Twitter can see tweets with hashtags.

Do some research and learn which hashtags are popular in your industry. It’s as easy as checking out others on the social media platform in your industry. An example of what a social media marketer would use: #socialmedia #marketingsuccess #socialmediamarketing, etc.

Be active on Twitter, just like you would be on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Spend a few minutes every day on Twitter engaging with your customers and potential customers.

Sharing and engaging on Twitter is free (like other social media sites), making it a cost-effective, efficient venue for your small to medium-sized business marketing efforts.