With so much buzz around social media networks, having a deeper understanding of the statistics can help you devise a strategy that will bring you better results. Twitter is no exception, and there are plenty of invaluable statistics that will help you see the platform in a whole new light. 

Twitter was created in March of 2006, and it was the home of the hashtag, which surfaced for use on social media in 2007. It is still one of the most popular and most accessed social media platforms, and 2021 shows no sign of slowing. 

Social media statistics are inherently valuable for businesses and marketing efforts in order to reach new people and generate more interest and content, ultimately bringing you real-world results that end in monetization. 

Twitter isn’t just for news or opinions— there’s a powerful opportunity for advertising and business expansion on the platform. These statistics can help illustrate that. 

It can be tedious to have to visit multiple sites to find the relevant statistics that you’re looking for, so we’re bringing you 30 of the top Twitter statistics to help you optimize your strategy on the platform. 

We’ll also discuss some FAQs surrounding Twitter for an even clearer picture.

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Key Twitter Statistics: Summary

  • 21% of U.S. adults are on Twitter
  • Twitter mDAUs are up YOY at 192 million 
  • 42% of online adults in Canada use Twitter
  • Twitter can help increase purchase intent by 34%
  • Twitter Topics is followed by 70 million accounts
  • 80% of Twitter use happens via mobile
  • Twitter turns 15 in 2021
  • Carousel ads have a higher CTR 
  • Twitter ad revenue increased by 15%
  • 66% of companies with over 100 employees are using Twitter ads 
  • Twitter is popular in not only North America but also in Japan, India, and Germany. 
  • B2B marketing is big on Twitter 

General Twitter Statistics

1. Twitter has 192 million daily active users

These statistics come from Statista, and they’ve tracked the number of monetizable active users on Twitter since Q1 of 2017. As of Q4 of 2020, they racked up 192 million daily active users. This is an increase from 187 million daily active users as of the end of Q3 in 2020, which is a difference of 5 million. 

This shows that at the current rate, Twitter is consistently bringing in more monetizable active users which is a good sign for those looking to draw in more people and increase their profitability through the Twitter platform. 

Overall, Twitter has a total of 353 million monthly active users. This is notably smaller than other social media giants such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, but with so many users that are active on the platform, there is still a huge amount of possibility if you reach the right target audience wisely. 

2. Twitter’s user base is expected to grow by 2.4% in 2021 

With so many people at home due to the pandemic, Twitter had 4x the predicted growth in 2020, ousting the 2.8% all the way up to 8.4% in 2020. Since a lot of people use Twitter to find out what’s going on in the world, it makes sense. 

For 2021, things are predicted to go back to the normal trends, and the rate of growth is expected at 2.4%. Twitter has consistently grown in users worldwide since 2019, with 5.4% growth in 2019 and 8.4% in 2020, and it will trail off over the next couple of years even with growth expected. By 2024, Twitter is expected to deliver a 1.6% growth rate. 

Twitter’s user base

3. Twitter is the #6 mobile app 

Twitter ranks the 6th most popular mobile app based on the number of monthly active users. This ranking is global; it does exclude China, however, since many apps are blocked in China due to government restrictions. 

That doesn’t mean people in China don’t use Twitter through a VPN location blocker, but it’s prohibited. In any case, Twitter still shows a lot of potential on a global scale. 

4. Whether they use it or not, 90% of the U.S. population is familiar with Twitter 

This is a rather standard statistic, as most of the U.S. population ranks over 90% in familiarity with social media platforms even if they don’t use them. The number curiously decreased in the past year. 

Previously, 92% had said they were familiar with Twitter; 95% of the U.S. population says that they are familiar with Facebook, and 91% with Instagram. It’s hard not to be familiar with a platform when they are so widely used. 

In fact, a user can view Tweets that are shared outside of the Twitter platform and even within Twitter without registering, so it’s not to say that non-users haven’t come into contact with content from Twitter here and there. 

That is the beauty of having so many intertwined social media platforms with capacity for cross-sharing. 

5. Twitter’s 15th birthday is in 2021

As we mentioned above, Twitter was created in March of 2006, so it has just come upon its 15th anniversary. While it hasn’t reached the heights of other social media platforms, it adds a lot of value to the internet community and has many dedicated users that visit the platform daily. 

Twitter Usage Stats 

Now that we know some general info about Twitter and its trends, we’ll take a look at some more specific information related to its usage stats. This will cover a lot of valuable information that can help you understand habits on the platform and expand your strategy to reach more people in your target audience. 

6. 925,700 accounts were suspended by Twitter in the first part of 2020 

Twitter has a variety of community guidelines that ensures a safe and pleasurable environment for all of its users. This means that if you violate those guidelines, Twitter can take action against your profile and suspend it. 

Almost 1 million accounts were suspended by the platform itself in the first part of 2020, which is an increase of 6% over prior year. The reason for these suspensions were dubbed as “hateful conduct,” which goes to show something about how people engage online these days. 

It can be disheartening, but with so much misinformation being spread online and so much social unrest around the globe, it’s not such a surprise and it’s a good sign that Twitter cares about its users and the safety of the community. 

It’s important to promote healthy and productive conversation and avoid content that is hateful, debasing, or harmful to other users on the platform. 

7. 5% of U.S. Twitter users confirm it’s the platform they use most frequently 

This is a relatively low number. There are many different social media platforms out there, and Facebook has about 54% of users that say it’s the platform they use most frequently. 

While it may not be the most frequently-used social media network, it still has a lot of dedicated and frequent users that are often on the platform. You should also consider your niche and target audience as well, as this gives an indicator of how much success you can have on Twitter. 

8. 80% of Twitter usage happens via mobile   

Since cell phones are always in the hands of internet users, most of the traffic that Twitter gets is via mobile. Twitter has a mobile app and can also be used via desktop, but the functionalities are pretty much the same. 

It’s much more convenient to scroll through Twitter on a mobile device, especially since they’re readily available and gives users quick access to their newsfeeds on the network. 

80% of Twitter usage happens via mobile

9. Twitter Topics is followed by 70 million Twitter accounts

If you’ve never heard of it before, Twitter Topics is a setting that users can opt into that gives users the opportunity to select trends that they’re interested in from a list of topics and then follow them. 

This is similar to following a hashtag on Instagram. When a user followers a Twitter Topic, more related posts will then appear in their feed. This is extra valuable information especially if you can understand which Twitter Topics are most popular amongst your target audience. 

There are over 5,000 Twitter Topics that can be followed, so becoming familiar with them may help you understand where your content might fit in. 

70 million Twitter accounts follow these Twitter Topics, an increase of 40% in 2020 alone from Q2 to Q3.   

10. 17% of Americans use Twitter to get news 

People have more often turned to social media as a source of news, and Twitter is part of that. As of now, 17% of Americans rely on Twitter to provide them with updates as to what is going on in the world. 

Globally, the number comes in at about 12%. Twitter is actually still pretty low in comparison to Facebook, with 36% of people saying they get their news on FB worldwide. This may be due to higher usage numbers. 

YouTube and WhatsApp also beat out Twitter, with 21% and 16% respectively. Instagram and Twitter have been tied for a few years now, but Twitter is holding its ground. 

Of Twitter users, 59% say that they get their news from the platform, which is not quite the same, but still a relevant statistic here. It’s the highest of all social media networks. 

Although it’s not a general source of news for all people, the users that are on Twitter do heavily rely on the platform for news and updates about current events. 

Twitter as a news source

Twitter User Statistics 

This section will explore more about who is using Twitter and what their demographics are. This is important especially when trying to pin down more about your target audience and expand your reach or generate more interest from groups you haven’t attempted to in the past. 

11. Almost 20% of Twitter’s user base is located in the U.S.

That adds up to roughly 68.7 million, or 19.4%, of Twitter users. This is the largest single source of Twitter users. American is also the largest single source of users for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Because of that percentage, there’s also a lot of U.S. media, news, and accounts on the platform. 

After the U.S. comes Japan in second place and India in third place. This is the current landscape of things, but you never know when things may be changing. We’ll discuss some further changes in the makeup of users a bit later on in this list. 

12. Twitter is more popular among males

This is the norm on pretty much all social media platforms, but on other platforms the margins are very slim. This is not the case with Twitter— in fact, males have a huge lead on females in terms of Twitter usage. 

68.5% of Twitter users are male while 31.5% are female. This is the most drastic margin of any social media platform. That means that roughly 3 quarters of Twitter’s audience is male, something you should keep in mind when considering your target audience. 

The only genders reported were male and female, so there aren’t any other reports. This is an overall statistic, but by region, things stack up a bit different. 

In the U.S., 54% of Twitter users are male, and 43% female, meaning that the playing field is much more even. In Canada, the same thing happens— 43% of men who use the internet in Canada have a Twitter, and 41% of women who use the internet have one. 

Twitter is more popular among males

13. 42% of people who use Twitter in the U.S. have college degrees

This is something that isn’t analyzed as much on other platforms; perhaps because Twitter is a more text-based platform used to express opinions, news, and other musings, this could be the reason people are curious to know about education levels. 

On Twitter, almost half of people who use Twitter in the U.S. have college degrees, and only a small 25% have no college education at all. 

14. People who use Twitter from the U.S. are more often Democrats

Politics is something that can be a delicate subject on social media and often leads to many different heated discussions. On Twitter, this may occur as well, as more Twitter users in the U.S. are Democrat over Republican. 

In fact, 65% of U.S. Twitter users identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, and only 33% are Republican or lean Republican. This means that as far as Twitter goes, Republicans are outnumbered. 

Democrats on Twitter also tend to be even more left than those that are not on Twitter. 

U.S. tweets

15. Twitter is Japan’s #1 social media network 

As we mentioned above, Twitter is very popular in Japan and follows the U.S. in the number of users from a single source on Twitter. In fact, Twitter is Japan’s most popular social media network! 

64.1% of people in Japan use Twitter, and more than 25% of Twitter users overall live in the Asian Pacific region. 

Twitter isn’t the most popular social media network platform in the U.S., it’s Facebook. 

16. Almost 30% of Twitter’s audience is between 25-34 years old

The exact figure falls at 28.9%, and this is the largest user age base. This is important especially for content creation and ad targeting. The second biggest age segment is the 35-49 range with an almost exactly the same number of 28.2%

As we already know, there are more men than women on Twitter, but they are outnumbered in these age ranges as well. 

17. 99% of people on Twitter have at least one other social media network 

Most social media networks these days are connected in some way and users of one are users of others. An internet user these days has an average of 8 social media accounts. 

Twitter is no different, and 99% of Twitter users are on at least one other social platform. 87% use Facebook, and 84% use Instagram. This is very good to know so that you can cross-promote your content and use your social media networks to build a strong cross-platform presence. 

The more views you have across platforms, the better your reputation and the more opportunities you may find. 

18. 21% of U.S. adults are on Twitter

There has been relative stability in this statistic, showing that Twitter holds its ground and hasn’t lost its intrigue. This is about 2 percent higher than the 19% that it was in 2019, but overall it stays roughly around the same amount. 

Twitter comes in 6th when considering overall population use, so that’s something to consider when wondering where to focus your social media energy. 

Platforms that are more used in the U.S. include Facebook (most popular), Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

19. The German Twitter audience increased by 30% in 2020

Not only is Twitter popular in North America and Asia, it’s also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, especially in Germany. In 2020 they had the largest increase of users in all worldwide Twitter markets. 

The total user base in Germany increased by 30% in the final quarter of 2020, meaning that there are now a total of 5.45 million German Twitter users. What caused the spike? We’re not sure. 

In any case, reaching out to global markets is becoming easier when more users decide to join a social media platform. 

20. In Canada, 42% of adults that are online use Twitter 

The U.S. isn’t the only country in North America that is interested in Twitter. Almost half of all online adults in Canada are on Twitter, making it another strong market for the platform. 

Similarly to users in the United States, Canadian Twitter users are also likely to have a college degree as well as a high annual income of over $60k. This seems like a possibly irrelevant statistic, but it’s actually quite important. 

You should always know what your target audience’s demographic is, including their education levels and purchasing power. 

Twitter Advertising Statistics 

Here we’ll break down some key information about advertising so that you have the best chance possible to get your ads out there and seen by the right people. 

21. The advertising audience of Twitter is 353 million 

This is quite a large number of people and the number has increased by 8%, which evens out to about 27 million Twitter users. 

Twitter has a variety of self-serve advertising tools to help advertisers, and Twitter describes these users as “monetizable daily active users” (mDAUs). We discussed this earlier in the article. 

In case you forgot, the numbers have been increasing— by Q3 of 2020 it was already up to 187 million, a 29% increase YOY; by the end of the year, it hit 192 million. That shows that Twitter is still gaining some traction in terms of mDAUs. 

22. 66% of companies with over 100 employees use Twitter for marketing 

It’s clear that there are plenty of opportunities for brands and businesses on Twitter and it seems like they know it. Twitter has a lot of power because their users are quite engaged. 

Overall, 66% of companies with over 100 employees have taken to Twitter for ads and marketing; what’s also interesting is that 77% of users have a higher opinion of a brand if the brand responds directly to Tweets. 

Engaging with your followers and users on Twitter is key to a solid strategy and helps your brand appear more engaged and available. 

23. Twitter’s ad revenue has increased by 15% 

Pretty much all social media platforms have seen a boost in their advertising revenue as people continue to take to social media for their advertising endeavors. For Twitter, most of this income originates in the U.S. and Japan, the two countries with the biggest portion of Twitter users. 

In Q3 of 2020, $808 million was spent on advertising with the focus of re-opening and returning events as well as new product launches. 

24. Ad engagement on Twitter shows a 27% increase 

As we mentioned, engagement is high on Twitter, and ad engagement is also on the rise. This is good news for advertisers. Cost per engagement (CPE) is also down 9% which is great news. 

Users are 27% more engaged with Twitter ads as of Q3 2020, and price points for Twitter ads are lower while the audience continues to grow and engage. 

While Facebook and Instagram ads can be rather pricey, if you need a cheaper and engaging platform, Twitter could be a great option for you. 

25. Carousel ads had a 15% higher click-through rate (CTR) than single ads 

Carousel ads are ads that include multiple posts that users can scroll through and interact with. This is a good sign that carousel ads will also help your advertising strategy because they have a higher CTR than standard single ads. 

On the app, the CTR was even higher at 24%. Twitter did a beta launch of this new ad format in November of 2020

Twitter Business Statistics 

Last but not least, for those of you out there looking for some deets about business Twitter statistics, we didn’t forget you. We’re bringing you five relevant pieces of information that can help you with your business efforts. 

26. 19% of retail banks have a Twitter customer service handle

While this may not seem like something that applies to you, look closely. Almost 20% of huge retail banks have Twitter customer service handles, and they have them for a reason. This is a second separate account from their main profile account. 

People want to be able to reach companies in the most convenient and comfortable way for them; with technology always expanding, it’s not surprising that consumers are looking to find contact points on social media. 

If you have a customer service department, you should consider using social media in order to connect directly with consumers and offer them help and support through social media. Most people expect a response from a company online within the hour, so don’t mess up your reputation by not being available, customer service or not. 

27. B2B content marketers are big on Twitter 

Twitter is neck and neck with Facebook for one big B2B content marketing statistic with 82% of B2B content marketers using Twitter for their organic content marketing over the past year; FB finds itself with the same. 

Linked in ranks higher for this at 96%, but that means B2B marketing is effective across multiple platforms. 

What’s more 27% of B2B content marketers used Twitter ads. This is lower than Facebook, with 67% of people using Facebook ads, meaning that you won’t have as much competition through ads on Twitter as you would on FB.

28. Twitter Stock Price was up at the end of 2020 

Twitter started 2020 at about $34.22 in stock price, had a dip in April, but gained traction and hit a high in October of $46.12. It finished out the year stronger than it started and recovered from a very low dip in April, $23.09.

That means it basically doubled between April and October. 

29. Twitter’s valuation was at an all-time high at the end of 2020 

Twitter’s valuation was at an all-time high in October of 2020 at 39.98 billion dollars. 

30. Twitter offers the chance to increase purchase intent by 34% 

This is a big deal— of course, one of the main goals is to get more customer conversion and get people buying. Twitter videos can help users to increase this purchase intent by 34% which also helps boost positive feelings about a brand by 14%. 

Social media presence is important and Twitter can help you to have an even stronger one and get those sales up when you use Twitter.

Twitter FAQs

Alright, so now we know a lot of really useful information about Twitter, but we’re going to leave you on a high note with some of the most basic FAQs that people have about Twitter. If you’re curious about some general information or tips for the platform, take a look below before you go. 

1. Who Owns Twitter? 

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter isn’t owned by any big tech giants. Jack Dorsey is the owner and CEO of Twitter as well as one of the founders. The other founders of Twitter include Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. 

The parent company of Twitter is Odeo. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been movement within Twitter, and many employees of other top companies such as Google and American Express have made entrance into the company. 

The future of Twitter remains to be seen, but it has roughly $3.72 billion in revenue as of 2020. 

2. Why is Twitter Popular? 

Twitter is a bit unique from other platforms in the sense that it focuses more on the written word than on images and other media. That’s not to say it isn’t shared, but most Twitter posts are based around a message through text. 

At first, only 140 characters could be shared, but now the limit has been expanded to 280 characters. Media is now able to be shared on the platform.  

In any case, there are a variety of different reasons why Twitter may be as popular as it is: 

  • Unique way to share opinions and information
  • Information is easily available and straightforward
  • Easy to socialize and interact with other users
  • Good for promoting events, causes, interviews, and more
  • Reach to millions of people globally
  • A place for open discussion and opinions 

3. Can I Make Money on Twitter? 

Yes, as with other social media platforms, you can monetize your Twitter account. There are a couple different ways that you can do this, and we’ll list a few below so you get a general idea of what options are available to you if you’re looking to make some money through Twitter. 

The most common ways are as follows: 

  • Use sponsored Tweets (price per click ads, must meet requirements
  • Promote affiliate products 
  • Promote your own products
  • Offer a product or service
  • Funnel traffic to your business, website, or creative endeavor 

Twitter doesn’t have huge incentives for monetization, but you can use the platform to boost your own efforts and make money that way. Any social media network gives you a connection with millions, if not billions, of people, so finding creative ways to turn that into dollar signs is up to you and your unique set of skills. 

4. How do I Get More Followers on Twitter? 

If you’re looking to become more popular, well-known, or monetize your platform even further, you’ll need more followers— this is the key to any success on social media. As with other platforms, there are a variety of things you can do to help boost your Twitter followers and engagements. 

Here are a few tried-and-true tips that can help you get more Twitter followers and engagements: 

  • Share relevant information: 
  • Post visual content: 
  • Interact: 
  • Use a Twitter growth service:
  • Cross-promote: 
  • Tweet consistently: 
  • Follow trending topics:

If you focus your efforts on these areas, you’ll be able to see results rather rapidly. Gaining popularity on social media takes time, patience, and perseverance. Keep at it and implement a viable strategy. 

5. What are the Rules for Tweeting? 

We mentioned briefly that Twitter has some community guidelines and that your account can be suspended if you don’t follow them. Since Twitter is such a vocal platform, it’s important that you know the rules to ensure your Tweets aren’t getting you in any trouble. 

If you don’t follow the norms on Twitter, you will also see your reputation decrease and your credibility dinged. You don’t want that! Here are some of the basic rules on Twitter: 

  • Posts must be under 280 characters
  • Don’t threaten violence against groups or individuals, nor glorify violence
  • Don’t threaten or promote terrorism
  • No child exploitation
  • No harassment or abuse 
  • No hateful conduct
  • No promotion of suicide or self harm 
  • No media that is excessively gory or violent
  • No illegal activities
  • No publishing private information or non-consensual nudity 
  • No spamming or disruptive behavior 
  • No impersonation 
  • No election interference 
  • No manipulated media that will cause harm 
  • No violation of intellectual property rights 

These are just some basic things that help to keep Twitter safe and enjoyable for all users. They should be pretty easy to abide by for most users!