The laser engraving industry has steadily grown since its beginnings in the 1960’s. It continues to grow and that fact seems to be what will lead this industry into the future. Laser etching manufacturers report that the interest in lasers has provided them with increased sales that continually grow each year.


What is the cause of laser engraving growth?

There are several reasons laser technology has experienced rapid and steady growth. One reason is that laser machines decrease expenses due to the speed and accuracy at which they produce products.

Laser engraving was once primarily used for trophies and awards, but new technology is capable of more. This has allowed laser engravers to venture into new markets. As older, slower machinery is replaced by more efficient lasers, productivity is up as are sales for most laser engraving businesses.

Lasers are providing solutions for woodworking, signage, fabric, apparel, architectural model creation, and for other types of industries. The versatility of laser technology plays a big role in its steady rate of growth.

Manufacturers claim that laser machine prices have remained somewhat stable over the past several years without any startling price increases. You can invest in low-wattage laser equipment over high wattage machines to save money.


How can you start a laser engraving business?

If you want to start a laser engraving business, the field is open. You must factor in the costs of starting the business, the equipment you’ll need, and what kind of laser work you intend to perform. It is recommended that beginners start with a machine that offers at least 25 watts of power so you can keep up with the competition. Anything lower in wattage will leave you dragging behind.

You should consider getting a laser machine with air assist. This technology provides a constant stream of air for the engraving surface and reduces flare. It also helps make a clean, deep engraving like you want. While smaller jobs can be done without air assist, you’ll wonder how you lived without it after using it. Optical recognition is another recommended bit of technology to consider for your laser system for popular digital printing solutions.

Once you have chosen your laser field, machinery, and accessories, you are ready to start your business.


What are some laser market ideas for a business?

  • Tags and labels like safety labels, window stickers, and decorative labels for just about any surface.
  • Glass and mirrors make the ideal laser engraving surface. Logos, images, text, and other engraving are popular on wine glasses.
  • Rubber stamps are the easiest to get started with and have the potential for great profits.
  • Laser cutting is something laser beams do best. Hobbyists, automobile mechanics, and woodworkers use this technology.
  • Trophies plates can be engraved faster over standard methods.
  • Wood makes a beautiful surface upon which to engrave almost anything.
  • Plastic signs and name badges are always in high demand. If you’re creative, you’ll be in high demand.

These few business ideas for laser engraving merely scrap the surface of where you can go with it. As technology develops in this industry, so can you. Stay on top of what’s new in laser technology and your business will flourish for many years.