Walmart first opened its doors in 1950 in Bentonville.

At the time, Sam Walton purchased a single store, calling it Walton’s 5 & 10.

The business prospered and in 1962 it became Walmart. 

By 1968, it had opened stores outside of Arkansas, leading to expansion across the US by the 1980s.

Impressively, by 1995 there was a Walmart in every state and the first store appeared in Canada. 

The Walmart statistics today are significantly different to those early years.

But, they wouldn’t be possible without the policies implemented in those early days.

They were specifically reducing profit margins by lowering prices, in order to increase sales volume high. 

The policy worked then and continues to work today.

It can be said to be a direct contributing factor to Walmart being named by Fortune Magazine as the most admired company in America in 2003 and 2004. 

More recently Walmart has gone global, purchasing Asda, the second-largest supermarket chain in the UK, along with interests in various other countries around the globe.

It’s a fascinating success story and it’s not over yet.

Let’s take a look at the best Walmart statistics.

Key Statistics

  • There are 10,622 Walmart stores in the world
  • The company serves over 37 million customers daily
  • Total annual sales are over $573 billion
  • There are 1.6 million US Walmart employees
  • 55% of Walmart’s workforce is female
  • Walmart hired 5,000 a day during the pandemic
  • There are over 75 million products available at Walmart
  • 69% of sales are from Walmart US
  • Walmart ecommerce had sales of $54 million in 2022
  • 55.7% of Walmart sales are grocery items
  • Walmart has a 9.5% share of the American retail market
  • Walmart’s ecommerce sector grew by 90% between 2020 and 2022
  • 90% of Walmart shoppers live close to a Walmart
  • The average Walmart shopper earns $76,000 a year
  • Mexico has 2,448 Walmart stores
  • Walmart spends $3.41 billion on advertising
  • 85% of Walmart stores are open all day Monday to Friday

Top Walmart Statistics in 2024

Best Walmart Statistics

1. There Are 10,622 Walmart Stores In The World

Over sixty years ago there was just one Walmart store.

Today, the company has over 10,600 stores across the planet. 

The stores are located in every state of the US and you can find Walmart in 24 countries.

While the classic image of Walmart is a superstore which sells anything you can think of, that’s not the only type of store they operate. 

Walmart has specialist discount stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores.

More recently, it has started to create neighborhood markets.

These are focused on just groceries and offer easy parking, relatively quiet stores, and a faster checkout experience.

They are proving to be very popular. 

It’s worth noting that of the 10,622 stores, nearly half are in the US.

There are currently 4,674 US Walmart stores.

Texas has the most stores of any state with 517, but San Antonio is the city with the most stores.

It has 29!

However, it’s not just physical stores.

Walmart is becoming a major player in the eCommerce market.


2. The Company Serves Over 37 Million Customers Daily

Walmart has a huge daily and annual revenue figure thanks to its pricing policy and reputation.

It’s this that leads over 37 million customers to pass through its doors daily. 

This figure includes those who shop online, creating a total of over 230 million customers every week!

Interestingly, while this figure is generally consistent year-to-year, in 2021 it increased dramatically to 240 million customers. 

This isn’t the highest it’s been.

In 2017 Walmart served 260 million customers.

This increased to 270 million in 2018 and 275 million in 2019.

The pandemic reduced customers slightly in 2020, dropping it to 265 million, followed by 240 million in 2021, and 230 million in 2022.

On average, each supercenter serves 10,000 customers every day.


3. Total Annual Sales Are Over $573 Billion

With a policy of selling at low prices to maximize revenue over profit, it’s not surprising that the company takes such a colossal amount of money. 

Over sixty years ago Walton would have been happy to make a profit.

Today, the business is generating over $573 billion in revenue every year. 

To put this in context, Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world, only generates $239 billion of annual revenue.

Costco has an annual revenue of $195 billion, and Schwartz hits $153 billion.

Those three companies have a combined revenue on par with Walmart!


4. There Are 1.6 Million US Walmart Employees

According to the latest statistics, Walmart has over 1.6 million employees in the US and an impressive 2.3 million employees around the globe.

The average Walmart employee will stay with the company for 3.3 years, a testimony to the working conditions. 

This is particularly interesting as Walmart has been embroiled in a number of court cases in recent years.

These have revolved around the treatment of staff. 

The fact that staff stay an average of 3.3 years means many staff are very happy with the working conditions offered. 


5. 55% Of Walmart’s Workforce Is Female

55% Of Walmart’s Workforce Is Female

Cashier positions are traditionally seen as female roles, although in a world where gender definition is no longer clear cut, stating such a fact can be controversial. 

However, according to Statista and Walmart, 55% of their workforce are female, leaving 45% as male.

At present the survey doesn’t allow for those which identify as gender-neutral.  

Interestingly, women are becoming a more dominant force.

Nearly half of all management promotions in 2021 (46%) went to women. 

It’s worth noting that 62.9% of the Walmart workforce is white, 15.2% are Hispanic, 12.8% are black or African American, and 5.9% are Asian.

The ethnic origins of the remaining staff are listed as unknown. 

In terms of ethnicity, since 2019, there has been a 4% rise in the number of management positions held by people of color.


6. Walmart Hired 5,000 A Day During the Pandemic

Many businesses struggled during the pandemic and thousands did not survive.

That meant thousands of people lost their jobs and needed to find new ones. 

Fortunately, Walmart stayed open and continued to hire staff.

During the pandemic the company received more than one million job applications. 

They created a shortened hiring process to help pick employees and get them working.

This process allowed the company to hire 5,000  people a day!

It’s worth noting that 54% of Walmart employees are aged between 20-30.

Considering this is when graduates would be expecting to get their first high-paying job, earning an average of $31,618 per year at Walmart may not be the most satisfying outcome.


7. There Are Over 75 Million Products Available At Walmart

Impressively, Walmart manages to offer over 75 million different products.

Naturally, you won’t find all 75 million in one store!

However, what may surprise you is the best selling item.

It’s currently bananas!

This fruit is generally popular as it’s affordable, healthy, and most people like them.

They are also versatile as they can be eaten by themselves or cut with a variety of other products. 

It should be noted this isn’t a passing trend.

Bananas have been the best seller at Walmart for several years in a row. 

Other popular items at Walmart include toilet roll, televisions, and tumblers.

In the past a variety of mobile computers, such as Google Chromecast and Apple iPod Touch have held the best seller crown. 

Of course, toilet roll became one of the biggest sellers during the pandemic. 


8. 69% Of Sales Are from Walmart US

As mentioned, Walmart enjoyed over $570 billion in revenue during 2022.

The majority of these sales were generated by Walmart US.

To be precise, this accounted for 69% of sales. 

A further 18% of sales came from the Walmart International Division, and 13% was collected via Sams Club. 

In real terms, the international division achieved sales of $101 billion.

That was $21 billion less than in 2021.

Prior to 2021 sales had been climbing steadily. 

Both US Walmart and Sams Club have fared better. 

In 2015 US Walmart collected $288 billion in revenue.

By 2018 this had increased to $318 billion, and 2020 saw the US division reach $341 billion.

Sales continued to climb through 2021 ($370 billion) to an impressive $393 billion in 2023.

The same trend is visible with Sams Club.

In 2015 it took $58 billion.

By 2018 it had surpassed $59 billion, and in 2021 it took nearly $64 billion.

This rose again in 2022 to $73 billion. 


9. Walmart ECommerce Had Sales Of $54 Million In 2022

Walmart launched into the eCommerce scene in 2014 and took nearly $6 million in sales.

It was enough to convince the company there was money to be made in eCommerce. 

They invested in eCommerce and the associated tools, pushing net sales to over $10 million by 2017. 

The eCommerce industry continued to grow, allowing Walmart eCommerce to make net sales of $22 million in 2019.

The amount has rapidly increased, going to $41 million in 2020, $46 million in 2021, and nearly $54 million in 2022. 

Walmart is rapidly becoming one of the biggest players in the eCommerce market, the only question is how long before they can break Amazon’s dominance?


10. 55.7% Of Walmart Sales Are Grocery Items

55.7% Of Walmart Sales Are Grocery Items

Walmart started life as a grocery store and has since become somewhere you’ll find almost anything you can think of.

The supercenters are huge, you can be lost in them for hours, and you can come out with all sorts of goodies. 

However, according to the latest statistics, Walmart is still a grocery shop first.

Over half, 55.7%, of sales are from grocery items. 

General merchandize makes up 32% of sales.

This covers most things which are not groceries, such as sporting goods, electronics, and even clothing. 

Health and wellness manages to secure 10.9% of sales, reflecting how popular this category has become.

The remaining 1.4% of sales are attributed to other items.

That’s those which aren’t easily classified. 


11. Walmart Has A 9.5% Share Of The American Retail Market

The American retail market was estimated to be worth $4,938 billion in 2022.

The industry is expected to grow by at least 2% in 2023.

The industry consists of thousands of companies, all taking a small share of the market in order to survive or even flourish. 

However, Walmart doesn’t take a tiny share, it dominates the market.

Despite there being thousands of businesses, Walmart manages to own a 9.5% share of the market. 

In other words, 9.5% of all retail purchases in the US are made through Walmart. 

Until recently Amazon wasn’t even close to competing with Walmart’s market share, averaging a market share of 6.8%. 

However, the global pandemic changed people’s shopping habits, sending many more to Amazon.

This resulted in their market share increasing from 6.8% to a whopping 9.2% just between 2019 and 2020. 

Since the pandemic has officially passed Amazon has managed to retain its new market share, indicating that many people have changed their shopping habits for good. 

It also means Amazon can compete against Walmart for dominance in the retail market.

That’s not necessarily good news for other businesses. 


12. Walmart’s ECommerce Sector Grew By 90% Between 2020 And 2022

Walmart’s ECommerce Sector Grew By 90% Between 2020 And 2022

The global pandemic forced people to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

People could no longer shop for luxuries or even window shop. 

This led to a mass migration to internet shopping.

As an established and trusted brand, Walmart fared well.

In the two years since the pandemic started the eCommerce sales section of Walmart grew by 90%.

In fact, there was a 97% increase in sales in just one quarter.

That was the second quarter of 2021. 

Interestingly, while Walmart dominates the American retail market, it doesn’t fare quite so well in the eCommerce market. 

According to the latest figures Walmart has gained a 6.6% share of the American eCommerce market.

That puts it ahead of competitors like eBay with a 4.2% share and Apple with a 4% share. 

Unfortunately, Walmart has a lot of work to do to catch the eCommerce market leader.

That’s Amazon.

As of 2021 it had a 56.7% share of the global market and a 25% share of the American eCommerce market.


13. 90% Of Walmart Shoppers Live Close To A Walmart

Walmart has thousands of stores across the US and this approach obviously contributes to their success.

After all, most people prefer the convenience of a local store compared to traveling long distances to find one. 

Thanks to this policy approximately 297 million Americans are just 15 minutes drive or less from their nearest Walmart.

It’s little wonder that 90% of Americans are within 15 minutes of a Walmart and therefore choose to shop there. 

Impressively, 75% of Americans are five minutes or less from a Walmart, illustrating just how well Walmarts have been placed across the country. 


14. The Average Walmart Shopper Earns $76,000 A Year

According to the latest statistics the average Walmart shopper earns $76,000.

In contrast, the average Target shopper earns $84,000.

This figure isn’t surprising as Walmart has deliberately created a policy of low prices and low profit to boost turnover.

That type of pricing appeals to many shoppers. 

In addition, Statista estimates 52% of Americans earn less than $75,000 a year.

That means the majority of Americans will be looking at Walmart for affordable shopping. 

The figures can be broken down further.

Currently, 16% of Walmart shoppers make less than $25,000 and 22% make between $25,000 and $50,000. 

A further 19% earn between $50,000 and $75,000 with 15% earning between $75,000 and $100,000. 

Amazingly, 30% of Walmart shoppers earn over $100,000, showing that people of all income levels value quality products at affordable prices. 


15. Mexico Has 2,448 Walmart Stores

Mexico Has 2,448 Walmart Stores

While there are over four-and-a-half thousand Walmart stores in the US, there are an impressive 2,448 Walmart stores in Mexico.

That’s over half the number of US stores!

Mexico has become the biggest market for Walmart outside of the US, it’s home to 23.1% of all Walmart stores. 

In fact, Mexico is the only other place which has thousands of stores. 

The United Kingdom has 633 stores, although in the UK Walmarts are known as Asda after Walmart bought out the supermarket chain. 

China has 433 Walmart stores and Canada has 411.

The company also has a significant presence in South Africa with 390 stores, and 375 in Chile. 

Japan has 331 stores, Costa Rica has 257, and Guatemala has 250 Walmarts.

That completes the top ten countries by store numbers although it doesn’t explain why Walmart has become so popular in Mexico.


16. Walmart Spends $3.41 Billion On Advertising

Walmart is incredibly well known across the US with thousands of stores and a store within 15 minutes of most people’s homes. 

Yet, despite their high-profile presence, the company spent a huge $3.41 billion on advertising during 2022.

That’s a significantly higher figure than 2021s $3.2 billion. 

As expected, the advertising spend increases each year, with the exception of 2020 when it was $2.42 billion, that’s less than the $2.75 billion spent in 2019 and the $2.6 billion spent in 2018.

Of course, compared to the annual revenue $3.41 billion is a small amount.

The company advertises through television, digital ads, radio ads, newspapers, and it employs a team of people to handle an array of social media platforms. 

Social media isn’t just about advertising, it’s also about managing negative feedback, that’s why a team of people is needed and paid from the advertising budget.


17. 85% Of Walmart Stores Are Open All Day Monday To Friday

Prior to the global pandemic Walmart had a simple policy of opening 24 hours Monday to Friday.

That meant you could always get what you wanted when you wanted it. 

At the time, 85% of their stores in the US adopted these hours, ensuring maximum availability. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced many stores to change their hours.

Every store needed to be closed overnight in order for the premises to be cleaned and reduce the risk of Covid being transmitted. 

Walmart’s management has not yet committed to 24 hour opening again.

Their research suggests most shoppers are there between 9 am and 9 pm.

It’s likely that they will abandon 24 hour opening in favor of 6 am to 11 pm opening hours. 

This could save them a significant amount of money.

Of course, as worker shortages and supply chain issues are resolved they may return to 85% of stores being open 24 hours. 

Summing Up

The above Walmart statistics highlight just how much money one business can earn.

However, it’s interesting to note that it’s not all dominating. 

Although Walmart has a large share of the American retail market, it’s not the dominant player in the eCommerce sector.

This may explain why the company is spending so much on advertising as they attempt to break Amazon’s dominance in the field. 

One thing these statistics show clearly, Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world and employs over 2.3 million people.

It’s a long way from 1962 when there was just one store. 

Of course, while eCommerce is likely to be the shopping scene of the future, people will generally prefer to handle food shopping locally, in-store. 

That means Walmart is likely to continue dominating the US retail scene and being a major global company.


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