The housing market is starting to obtain more balance as the year progresses. As the peak selling time for homes in the US comes to a close, the housing market is looking healthier as far as inventory is concerned. The pandemic saw a huge shortage of housing for sale inventory, and this led to prices going through the roof as buyers’ demand soared.

Now though, there are more homes on the market than since the start of the year. June saw a 34.1% rise in inventory compared to the previous month. This was a 27.7% rise in housing inventory year on year too.

For buyers, this is good news. There is now more choice, and this is seeing the recent house price increases start to slow. However, if you are looking to invest in property, how do you find sellers who don’t want to use realtors? The ones that need quicker sales and are searching for buyers but somehow not finding you?

It could be that your website isn’t working to its potential. Understanding how SEO works could see more seller leads arrive in your inbox or make your phone ring. If you’re serious about property investment then you need to be more visible.

What Type Of Property Investors Need Seller Leads?

One of the best investments you can make is in property. The adage; put your money into bricks and mortar, still holds true, if you can get the right property at the right price.

In recent years there has been a rise in individuals and businesses investing in property. Many people are getting involved in what is known as property flipping. This is where you take a house in need of repairs or modernizing, update it, then sell it for a quick profit. You then take the proceeds and invest in another property and so on.

There are also many businesses across the states that buy up homes for cash. They may also take on properties that need renovating, or they may buy a home from someone urgently in need of fast cash.

These property investment businesses rely on motivated sellers visiting their website or seeing other advertising and then requesting an offer on their property. Without leads coming in it can be difficult to identify appropriate properties. SEO can help to increase the kind of need to sell my house fast leads that property investors thrive on.

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How Does SEO Increase Seller Leads?

SEO refers to the improvements made to a website to make it function better. It is a bit like polishing up the exterior of a vehicle, giving it a good tidy, touching up any rust spots, and then going under the hood to replace any old parts, and improve overall performance.

Using an SEO agency that understands the importance of seller leads will bring several improvements:

  • Increased visibility in searches
  • Higher placement in rankings
  • Ability to compete with bigger competitors
  • Improved local exposure
  • Opportunity to become a local authority

As a property investor you would likely be specializing in one state, or within a certain radius of where you were based. It is common to see cash for buyers advertising for specific areas rather than nationwide. Therefore, local SEO can be a huge benefit.

This can help you to appear higher in localized searches, and through relevant content and quality backlinks, to become a local authority. If your website keeps appearing in relevant searches, your online reputation will grow.

What Type Of Sellers Can Be Found Through These Leads?

Ideally, if you are looking to invest in property for a relatively fast profit you need motivated sellers. These are people who have a strong reason to sell quickly. They will also be willing to take a lower than normal offer which allows you to make a greater ROI and take less of a risk.

The sellers and properties that home investors look for include these:

  • Motivated sellers
  • Distressed sellers
  • Sell my home fast sellers
  • Distressed property sales – those in need of heavy repairs or renovations
  • Unwanted property sales – inherited for instance

The type of sellers who approach property investors largely have one thing in common; they want to see cash quickly from a fast home sale. The reasons for selling can differ but typically they may involve a need to see money fast.

Common reasons for selling a home quickly:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Moving to another part of the country
  • Legal fees
  • Tax reasons
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All of these reasons help sellers to become highly motivated. But, without leads arriving in your inbox, you will never have the opportunity to invest.

Is Now The Time To Invest Further In Property?

One of the important elements of property investment is how much risk is involved in the investment. If you can find distressed and motivated sellers during a slow market, then your potential ROI could be greater.

Housing price increases are slowing now, which is promising for buyers, especially those trying to get to the first rung of the property ladder. However, sales continue to remain slow in comparison to 2021. June’s sales were up 4.7% on May’s figures, but down 17.6% from June 2021’s sales.

This could push more sellers to consider lowering their prices. As sales slow towards fall and winter, prices could drop further seeing good opportunities to invest.


Realtors have sellers walking through their doors every day wanting to sell. As a property investor, it is important to advertise and make your business visible to potential sellers.

Using SEO can improve how a website works to the point that it starts appearing in all relevant local searches for ways to sell a home fast. More motivated sellers will see you, and your leads will increase. More leads mean more options for choosing lower-risk bigger-return investments.