Effective management in business doesn’t happen by coincidence. It is a direct reflection of the company’s values.

Did you know that 70 percent of American workers are either disengaged or uninspired at work? Gallup and CareerBuilder report that over $450 million was lost in 2013 by businesses due to such issues.

What makes employees disengage at work?

  • Feeling unsupported
  • Being micro-managed or overly scrutinized
  • Feeling like their jobs are at risk

Workplace environments where employees feel unsafe and under-appreciated create high-stress circumstances that make it difficult to impossible for them to focus, so they seek out distractions like Facebook, email, chat, games, or other social media.

On the flip side, employees who feel supported are highly productive and do their best work. Supported employees are empowered employees who will focus on the areas where they are of the most value, which makes your business more sustainable and successful.

Company Culture and Values

Twenty years ago, company culture was unheard of in the workplace and the very thought of it reaped the stigma of being soft the brutal business world. Nowadays, company culture is perceived in a positive light as the glue that keeps organizations together.

Create a Sustainable Company Culture

When your employees are coming in with a smile because they can’t wait to get to work, you know you’re doing something right. It’s that kind of zeal you want to see in the workplace because it will show in their work, which will help your business thrive.

Investing in your employees will create this kind of workplace environment. How do some companies create the ideal company culture?

  • Bonuses – Holidays and performance
  • Perks – In-house training and promotions, tuition reimbursement, and paid training and college to further their career within an organization

These solutions are only a few ways companies create a positive, supportive, and fruitful company culture. How does it help?

  • Boosts morale – Your company leaders (managers, supervisors, etc.) should work to combat low morale issues and a create high-energy, positive, supportive, and productive work environment. Employees should be happy to come into work.
  • Improves retention – Startups often invest in employees by offering company shares to them. It makes them want to be at work. When people are performing at a job they enjoy, they want to be there and are less likely to quit.
  • Drives loyalty – Employees are more likely to feel loyal to the company when they feel they are supported and safe. They engage more and use their cognitive skills to perform better and improve themselves.
  • Enhances reputation – The best thing to be known as is a great place to work in the business world. Investing in your employees creates excitement and attracts good workers to your company.

How you make all this happens is up to you. The areas in which you choose to invest in your employees is something you must determine. Build a team of employees that are creative, productive, positive, and happy to be there. Keep them engaged by creating, implementing, and improving an investment strategy designed to help your employees.