In the same way it has affected the global population, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted nearly every aspect of life.

So if you’re considering listing your house on the market during these trying times, it can be challenging due to the chances of the virus spreading among you and prospective buyers.

Fortunately, taking certain measures, including fixing any damage, will make it possible for you to work around potential setbacks when preparing for a property sale.

If you want to stay safe while selling your home during the pandemic, here are several ways you can do just that: 

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Learn About The Market

When creating a plan to sell your house in the middle of a pandemic, you should be familiar with the conditions under which you’re selling.

And even if the situation in your area starts getting better, you should still prioritize creating a safe environment for potential buyers and presenting your house in the most appropriate way possible.

Make sure to do adequate research first to figure out the current value of your home.

Also, don’t forget to consider the effects of the pandemic on the preferences of prospective home buyers so you’ll know whether you should change anything about your property.

When selling your house during COVID-19, being ready will put you in a good spot to land a good deal.

Virtual Tour

Throughout the pandemic, almost everything has become digital, and the same goes for when you’re selling your home.

Technology plays a crucial role in keeping people connected, and it seems that won’t change anytime soon.

With that in mind, a virtual tour is an essential component of the selling process nowadays.

You must provide a prerecorded video of your house online or a live virtual tour. You can stream your video on various platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube.

A good starting point is to schedule the virtual tour and share the link to it with interested home buyers well in advance.

With this approach, they’ll get to not only see your house but also ask questions on the spot.

When creating a virtual tour of your house, you can utilize tools such as your phone and even hire a professional designer to come up with a 3D model of your home.

Maintain Safety During In-Person Visits 

You have to show your house to potential home buyers at some point since no one wants to purchase a property without checking it out physically.

One of the initial preventive measures you can consider is limiting visits to serious buyers with a preapproved loan letter.

They should also complete the virtual tour and be aware of the relevant documents required for the process before requesting an in-person visit.

The next step is to keep your property safe while ensuring that it has a welcoming ambiance.

Provide visit kits that include hand sanitizer and gloves to make potential buyers feel at ease from start to finish. And of course, require them to wear masks at all times.

Observe Proper Sanitation 

Although you need to keep the house clean before presenting it to anyone, regular sanitizing while in-person visits are going on is also a must.

Sanitize all high-traffic elements such as drawer pulls, doorknobs, countertops, and light switches.

Leave the necessary lights on so no one has to touch anything to turn them on. You can also allow all cabinets and doors to stay open to limit contact. After a visit, sanitize the house thoroughly.

An extra tip is to keep disinfecting wipes in your car to wipe down the steering wheel and your hands before and after every interaction with potential home buyers. 

Make The Most Of Technology 

The virtual tour is only one of the steps in the home selling process that involves the use of technology.

While working with your agent, you can check out offers using Zoom or Skype without leaving your home.

You can readily share and discuss documents and proposals with potential home buyers over the internet.

Most of the popular platforms for video calling and file transfer are free, so you don’t have to spend a dime to take advantage of them.

If you’re thinking about the signing process, technology makes that possible, too. You can download software that allows you to sign documents virtually.

Most companies offering this type of application boast secure signing and sharing features for your peace of mind.

Limit Contact Inspections And Appraisals

Various options are becoming readily available for no-contact inspections and appraisals as well.

As a seller, you should maintain a safe distance from the inspector, strictly adhering to all social distancing guidelines.

There are professional appraisers who can determine your home’s value by driving by your house or checking photos of your property. Ask your real estate agent about the availability of this option.


When you’re facing a decision to sell your home despite the ongoing pandemic, it’s crucial to take some essential steps to stay safe throughout the process.

By following the tips above, you and prospective buyers won’t run into preventable problems, and you’ll eventually be able to get an excellent deal for your home.