Are you looking for a way to fix the ‘transaction failed on Uniswap’ error?

There can be several reasons why the transaction fails on Uniswap.

One reason may be that the output amount is insufficient or if there is an error with the transaction fee.

If you are seeing a message like ‘transaction has failed due to fee or price movement,’ there may be an issue with the price of the coin.  

The transaction can also fail if the deadline as per Uniswap has been exceeded. Usually, it is because of the constant fluctuation in coin prices.

Since it could be quite high, you may end up with less coins than expected. This is when you may have to consider slippage tolerance. 

In the guide, you can find out the reason why your transaction failed on Uniswap and how you can fix it within a short space of time. 

How to Fix The Transaction Failed on Uniswap Error

Let’s learn how to fix this issue of transactions being rejected or reverted on Uniswap.

There are quite a few factors that you can consider to prevent it from showing up. 

First and foremost, it is a good idea to gradually increase the slippage tolerance value to either 3 percent, 6 percent or 12 percent.

This can help you buy the coin even if the price movement is high but you could end up spending more money on it. 

The following are a few solutions that could help you prevent the transaction failed error. 

Raise Slippage Tolerance To 3 Percent 

If you plan to increase the slippage by 3 percent on Uniswap, you need to consider the default tolerance beforehand. If it is less than 0.1 percent, the transaction will likely fail

It’s a better idea to start increasing the slippage percentage by 1% as this is a moderate value and not too high or low. 

However, if you plan to increase the slippage percentage by 3%, here are some of the steps you can follow. 

transaction failed uniswap 1
  • Firstly it is essential to connect your wallet with the website. 
  • Once you get your wallet connected, you need to select the token you want to get and the one you want to swap. 
  • Click or tap on the transaction settings so that you can change them accordingly. 
  • Choose the option to increase the slippage by 3%.
  • Once the slippage percentage has increased, you can swap the tokens once again. 

It is likely that your transaction may succeed after the increase in slippage, however If it fails again, you can consider raising it to 6 percent. 

Increase Tolerance To 6 Percent 

Sometimes, the transaction can fail after a 3% increment fails if the coin’s price movement is higher. 

In this case, you need to increase the percentage to 6% by following the instructions below:

transaction failed uniswap 2
  • As with the first one, you will need access to the website to connect your wallet to the Uniswap web page. 
  • Select the tokens you are willing to swap and get. 
  • Access the transaction settings and increase the slippage to 6%. 

This time, you could succeed with the transaction and swap the coins you want successfully.

However, if this does not work either and error appears again, you can finally try increasing the slippage to 12 percent.  

Raise The Slippage To 12 Percent 

If you are purchasing a popular coin, there is a good chance that its value frequently fluctuates.

So in order to ensure that the transaction goes through, you may need to increase the slippage tolerance to a higher value. 

Since 12% is relatively high, you can purchase coins at low or high prices. Here are the key steps that you can follow to raise the slippage: 

  • The first step is to connect your wallet with the website. 
  • Once your wallet gets connected, you need to choose the token you are willing to buy and the one you need to swap. 
  • Go to the settings option and change the slippage percentage to 12%.

Once you change the settings, you can make your transaction and there are high chances that it will not fail.

In case the error still persists, try looking into alternative solutions such as the fee transfer on transactions or price movements of coins.

It could help you resolve the issue of transaction failed on Uniswap effectively.