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Safest Instagram Growth Service: Growthoid believes in implementing organic growth strategies to grow your business.

We believe that this is the only way to do safeguard your account whilst doing business on Instagram with a growth service, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is why we think that Growthoid is the safest Instagram growth service in 2021.


Getting people to notice you on Instagram and gaining a good following can be challenging – and it’s only becoming harder. This is where using an Instagram marketing service can be useful and beneficial.

Without third-party assistance like this, trying to get real, genuine people to follow your account on Instagram is often a time-consuming, tedious process. Attempting to do this by yourself means adding more mundane tasks to your already overloaded schedule that the day never seems to have enough time for.

This is why there are now hundreds of Instagram marketing services, all over the internet. They’re so widely available these days precisely because of this problem, and they endeavor to help you get more followers so that you can reap the benefits through profit and brand deals.

On paper, the thought of this is great. However, there are now many options out there, which means that trying to find the safest Instagram growth service for your account can be overwhelming. Think of this article as a guide and a checklist that you can use to weed out the average Instagram marketing companies and ultimately decide which one is going to be safest for you and your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in. Here’s what you need to be looking for in order to find the safest Instagram growth service in 2021.

Instagram Growth Services: The Pros and Cons

Instagram Growth

It’s needless to say because you already know it – the main goal of any Instagram growth service is to help you increase your follow count.

However, the best Instagram growth service is not only going to help you achieve this, but they’re also going to help you increase your exposure naturally and organically.

This means that you’ll get real followers, not just overnight success.

If you get your followers the quick and easy way, they’re not going to convert into sales. They’ll stick around for a couple of months, but then they’ll drop off again, leaving you where you started.

There are so many Instagram growth services that come with this dark side that ultimately puts your account at risk because of their spammy behavior, which is why there are people out there who are reluctant to use these types of tools.

Low-quality Instagram services have even been accused of getting profiles shadowbanned or even cut off by Instagram itself.

However, there is good news in all of this. A high-quality Instagram service is going to do the opposite – it’s going to help you grow your Instagram in a way that is both beneficial and secure to your account and brand overall.

The safest Instagram growth services out there are the ones that are going to put ‘social’ back into the phrase ‘social networking.’ After all, what is it that you want the growth service to do for you?

Do you want it to link you to new leads and allow people to interact with your brand?

Are you hoping that it will put you in front of your dream audience so that you can impress them with your product or service?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then you’re on the right track.

Along with bringing you a satisfactory Instagram following, a high-quality Instagram growth service can also:

  1. Save You Lots of Time: because Instagram growth services automate the process of bringing more followers to your Instagram, they do the majority of the work for you, if not all of it (depending on the growth service). This means that your schedule is freed up to focus on other important aspects of your brand.
  2. Increase Your Reputation Online: having a high follow count on Instagram is going to immediately give your brand a sense of authority and help others that are in your industry’s niche look to you for the answer. This can open the door to fantastic opportunities including collaborations and an increase in sales.
  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction: if you are a digital agency of a manager of social media, then you’re going to want to try an Instagram growth service. This is because they keep your accounts continually growing, which keeps your client happy.
  4. Increase Overall Sales: if you’re an online brand, the more followers you have on Instagram, the more people you’ll be able to convert into customers. This gives you great opportunities to sell your products – especially with the number of shopping features that Instagram has implemented now.
  5. Improve Your Rate of Engagement: engagement rate is perhaps one of the most important parts of being on Instagram these days. Not only do you have to have an impressive following, but you also need to have a good level of engagement with your posts. If you have a considerable following, but next to no engagement on your content, then people aren’t going to think that you’re genuine. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm constantly changing, having a good rate of engagement is essential to growing a successful Instagram profile.

The safest Instagram growth services out there will help you achieve all of these aspects automatically, whilst keeping your account safe from spam; streamlining the way that you grow your Instagram.

Now, let’s talk about how you can figure out if an Instagram growth service is legitimate or not.

Here are seven things to consider when looking for the safest Instagram growth service of 2021.

Choose an Instagram Growth Service that Prioritizes Real Followers

If you choose a low-quality Instagram growth service, there’s a good chance that they are sending ghost followers to your account. Ghost followers are inactive or fake Instagram users who don’t spend any time engaging with your content.

Before you start on your Instagram growth journey, you really need to think about what kind of people you want to follow your account. It’s all very well having a big following, but if this big following is made up of people who don’t really care for your brand or content, they’re going to go next to no interacting. A high-quality Instagram growth service needs to know your goals and personas for your Instagram profile so that they can find the right people that are going to increase that engagement rate.

With a low-quality Instagram growth service, you’re not going to see any real growth. You also won’t see any engagement with your posts, clicks through to your website, or sales from these ‘followers.’

The safest Instagram growth services focus on finding real followers that are not only going to make your follow count look good, but they’re also going to improve your brand as a business, too because they don’t put your account at risk of being banned.

Avoid These Types of Instagram Growth Services

There are three factors that should be red flags straight away when looking for the right Instagram growth service:

  • If they guarantee a specific number of followers per month
  • If they want you to ‘buy’ followers
  • If they offer preloaded accounts that come with ‘thousands’ of followers

Let’s take a look at these three factors a little bit more in-depth:

The ‘Guaranteed’ Followers Thing
First of all, anyone who is guaranteeing you a set number of followers is not going to be your ally, but your enemy.

An organic Instagram growth service is never going to be able to promise you a set number per week or month. If their growth is organic, this is just impossible – they have no way of predicting how fast or slow your account is going to grow with them.

If somehow, the Instagram growth service you’re using is always bringing you the exact same number of followers per week or month, then these are going to be fake or inactive followers.

Buying Followers For Your Instagram
You should never buy Instagram followers.

Why? Because the best case scenario sees you with a bunch of followers who don’t have any interest in your content or your page. This means that your engagement rate will continue to be low.

Ghost followers also take away from your online credibility and reputation and make it almost impossible for you to get a return on your marketing outsourcing.

What’s the worst case scenario, then?

Instagram bans your account for being too spammy. Having fake followers that sit on your account and don’t interact with your content is in violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions, and is one of the biggest reasons why Instagram suspends or bans accounts.

While you may be tempted to buy followers on Instagram for a quick fix, it’s not going to be worth it in the long run.

We get that this can sometimes seem tempting – you see all those that you are competing with gaining thousands of followers quickly, and you don’t get why you can’t do the same.

Having a growth service that delivers this level of followers in a short space of time may look good to you, but it’s not going to help you sustain your business in the long run. This is because you’re never going to be able to turn inactive or fake followers into real, paying customers.

Instead, try to focus on quality instead of quantity – it’s much better to just have one hundred real followers who are always on the lookout for more content for you that one thousand fake ones that just sit dormant. Spam tactics also end up screwing up your analytics, so you have no idea what strategies are working and what aren’t.

With these thoughts in mind, it’s much better to stick to organic growth methods so that you can measure in real time the different engagement levels of your audience and their preferences over time.

The Preloaded Account
This is when you buy an account that already has thousands of ‘followers.’ However, in this type of industry, if something seems a bit too good to be true – then it probably is.

This is because while these followers may be following that account right now, they’re going to start unfollowing it before too long. This is because they’re most likely fake followers.

There’s a small, slight chance that they are real people, which means that the chances of them being interested in your brand and your niche are even smaller. You have no idea what this account was all about before you took over, so how can you be sure that the existing followers are going to transition over smoothly to your brand. It’s definitely the kind of risk that you don’t want to take.

Look For These Types of Growth Services Instead

So, in saying all this, what should you be looking for in an Instagram growth service?

First, you need to find a growth service that’s constantly talking about organic growth. When it comes to social media, this term refers to people who interact with your account and content without any type of prompting. This type of growth is essential if you want your brand to reach new heights.

Secondly, any growth service that you’re thinking about trying should be all about finding real followers on Instagram. We have already talked about why ghost followers are bad. With ghost followers, you’re never going to grow your brand to where you want it to be – even if you’ve got a large following of them.

Bear in mind, then, that growing a successful Instagram account that has impressive engagement ratings isn’t going to happen overnight.

However, if you are committed to implementing the safest practices for your Instagram engagement and using the power of such tools to your advantage, you’re going to be well on your way to creating a successful online brand.

Finally, you need to find a service that tells you exactly how they work. Don’t just settle for a vague description that briefly mentions works like real and organic. You need to look for the evidence behind their promises.

Transparency and honesty are the top qualities that you can find in an Instagram growth service, so you need to find yourself a tool that can offer both.

Look Into Methods Used by the Growth Service


Each Instagram growth service that you come across will use a unique method to find you those organic followers, from following users that are within your target audience to liking content posted by people like this. It can also include sending direct messages to people and commenting on their posts.

Each of these strategies has its advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing the right Instagram growth service for you, it’s vital that you figure out which method is going to be worthwhile for your brand.

The Method of Liking

There are many Instagram growth services out there who try to get you more followers by interacting with their content and liking it. This is definitely the most secure strategy for organic Instagram growth.

Most, if not all organic Instagram growth services will use this method to get you more followers. When choosing a growth service, it’s important to find one that can outline their strategies before you commit to anything.

If a growth service only performs a limited number of actions for you, then they’re going to be a waste of time. Additionally, if they perform too many actions on your behalf, then they could put your account at risk of being suspended or banned.

For example, Growthoid uses advanced software to determine how may actions are permitted by Instagram for every client’s profile. This means that the maximum amount of actions can take place without the risk of that account being banned.

The liking strategy is by far the least intrusive, which is excellent if you’re wanting to slowly grow your audience without them thinking that you’re too aggressive.

Bear in mind, though, that because it is less intrusive than other methods, it’s going to take more time to grow your audience to where you’d like it. However, it is still a much more efficient way of doing things than if you were to tackle it yourself.

The Unfollow/Follow Strategy

The next strategy on our list may help you to gain more followers faster because it tends to have a higher point of contact.

However, there are potential issues with using this method, and one of these is that it’s a lot more intrusive than just liking other people’s photos. While many people will initially follow you right back, there is the risk that they’re just going to unfollow you again after a week or so – something that’s pretty common in the world of Instagram.

On the other hand, if they stay, they may not spend too much time engaging with your content, because they only followed you because they felt obligated to. The biggest issue, however, is that this particular method is pretty obvious. If it’s not done in the right way, then Instagram is going to start noticing it and may suspend or even ban your account.

Auto-Direct Message or Auto-Commenting

While these methods have a higher point of contact than just liking someone’s photo, it’s a bit less than following that person.

In saying this, though, it is by far the most unsafe method. If you’re not careful, implementing either of these methods can actually do your brand’s reputation more harm than good. This is because it tends to be seen as a bit spammy. You also run the risk of your account being suspended or banned.

If a growth service you’re using is implementing a bot to comment and direct message people, then this is quickly going to look very spammy. This is because a lot of the time the comments and messages aren’t going to hit their mark, so they’re going to look incredibly random.

Additionally, these types of actions are clearly quite intrusive. People don’t want to get messages from a brand if they don’t even know them. This is why the safest Instagram growth services will not use these types of engagement methods.

What is the Growth Service Offering When it Comes to Targeting Options?

Before you land on an Instagram growth service, you need to find out exactly how they choose which Instagrammers they’re going to target for you. If they don’t target users that are going to like your brand and potentially buy your product or service, then you’re not going to see your brand do too well.

In fact, there are some low-quality Instagram growth services out there who just start liking accounts at random, with no regard for whether they’re relevant to your target audience or not. This makes absolutely no sense – why would you engage with people outside of your target audience? Any Instagram growth service that doesn’t offer a number of different targeting methods is not going to be one you should use.

The safest Instagram growth services out there use accounts, hashtags, and locations to find your target audience.

Consider Their Filtering Methods

Not only do you need to ensure that your Instagram growth service is interacting with your target audience, but they also need to be making sure they’re avoiding the wrong audience as well.

There are even some organic Instagram growth services out there that don’t have proper filters in place, which means you’re at risk of liking the wrong content and tarnishing the reputation of your brand. There are different methods of customizing your audience to fit your preferences.

A safe Instagram growth service like Growthoid will use the following filters to make sure that your target audience is the right fit for your account:

  • Blacklist Filter: this allows you to avoid specific people.
  • Business Accounts Filter: this means that if you’re a brand, you’re not going to want to target other brands.
  • Foreign Language Filter: this is a time-saver and avoids targeting accounts that don’t speak English.
  • Gender Filter: your audience may be mainly male or female – this filter targets either or depending on personal preference.
  • Profanity Filter: your brand’s reputation is essential, and it doesn’t need to waste any time with accounts full of profanity.
  • Ignore New Accounts: if an account has only been around for a little while, this filter avoids it.
  • Ignore Suspicious Accounts: these are the types of accounts that don’t have a good follower to following ratio. There’s a good chance that these profiles could be Instagram bots.
  • Ignore Inactive Accounts: if an account hasn’t posted anything new in the last ninety days, then there’s a good chance that they’re inactive. It’s a waste of time trying to engage with them.
  • Ignore Private Accounts: because you have to wait for a private account to accept your follow request, you’re not going to get a lot of engagement out of them.

It’s important that you choose an Instagram growth service like Growthoid that has varied filtering options available. This will save you a lot of time and help you reach as many people in your target audience as you can.

Customer Support is Important

We have talked about all of the features that an Instagram growth service needs to have to be worth paying for.

However, there’s also another feature that is equally as important – their customer service. This is a factor that you definitely need to take a look at before you commit to anything. If you sign up to a company that has bad customer service, you’re going to end up having a pretty frustrating experience. If you choose a growth service that has a customer service team willing to support you through it all, this is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Perhaps it’s worth considering the following when looking at the quality of an Instagram growth service’s customer support is:

  • Committed Customer Success Manager
  • Live Chat
  • FAQ and Help Page
  • Support and Tutorial Videos

What is Their Online Reputation Like?

If you really care about the quality of the growth service you choose, then you’ll need to know that their online reputation is good. There are websites that you can check out like Trustpilot that have genuine customer reviews of Instagram growth services.

Growthoid appears on a number of different customer review sites like Trustpilot, so there’s ample third-party information out there that can help you make an informed decision about their service.

Growthoid also has reviews on their website that customers have left, too. These can help you get a good idea of how other people have found their service.

Compare Quality and Price


When looking at your Instagram growth service budget, it’s important to remember one thing above them all: you will get what you pay for.

Instagram growth services have quite a wide range – there are companies out there who charge $5 a month, and there are companies out there who charge $200 a month. When looking at how much an Instagram growth service is going to cost you, it’s important to have your overall goals in mind. If what you ultimately want is quality, real followers, then you’re not going to get these by paying for a cheap Instagram growth service.

At the end of the day, you want to go for affordable, not cheap. There’s a reason why some of them are cheap, and it’s because they’re selling you fake engagement. While you may have to shell out a bit more than you’d like initially, you’ll quickly find that it pays itself off in no time. It’s much better to pay a bit more than rock bottom for a service that’s going to look after your Instagram profile and overall brand.

Additionally, a lot of Instagram growth services offer free trials and money back guarantees, which can make your initial investment a bit easier.

The Safest Instagram Growth Service 2021

So, what does this all come down to, then? The quality of your followers.

There are hundreds of services out there that can help you increase your follower count in no time. However, if you’re serious about the online presence of your brand, especially through Instagram, then you’ll know that just having a large follow count isn’t going to be enough.

Remember, Instagram is always working on its platform and implementing new strategies to help businesses and brands alike monetize their popularity and presence. This means that it’s more essential than ever to make sure your community on Instagram is engaged and loves what you offer them.

While we may be slightly biased, we have been around for a while now and know what a dodgy Instagram growth service is when we see one.

GrowthoidGrowthoid believes in safeguarding your account by only using proven, reliable techniques to keep your account undetected by Instagram’s algorithm by using smart techniques.

We believe that this is the only way to do business on Instagram, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is why we think that Growthoid is the safest Instagram growth service in 2021.