A logo serves many important purposes in business. With its help, the brand becomes recognizable. Customers easily distinguish the product from many analogues.

The logo reflects the mission and values of the company, creates lasting associations and appeals to the target audience. A visual brand symbol can be text-graphic, abstract, verbal or monogrammatic.

Popular Logo Creation Programs

A good logo is easy to remember and visually does not get lost among others. It carries a message and serves as a means of identification.

When creating a logo, it is important to keep aesthetics and symbolism in mind. There are effective tools for creating logos – generator programs, designers, as well as virtual assistants that combine the functions of the first and second.

They are easy to use on the Windows platform. Some applications are designed specifically for mobile devices.

Neural networks today are not yet capable of completely replacing living intelligence, but they help process images, make presentations, and develop brand names. Popular services that will help you create a logo in a few clicks:

  • AAA Logo
  • Turbologo
  • Looka
  • Brandmark
  • Nammelix
  • Logo Maker/Logo Maker Plus

Convenient and simple development for creating original, aesthetic logos includes a set of ready-made templates. The library contains 6 categories of blanks.

image 2

The program allows you to develop a project from scratch. Just select one of the categories. It could be economics, art or entertainment.

After selection, you are prompted to proceed to editing. You can add text, change shape and color.

To edit a specific area, you need to click on this place. Clicking on a part opens the Shapes and Text Style panel. A rich color palette allows you to apply any shade.

Using the object library, you can select suitable symbols, combine them, and delete parts. It’s easy to resize, rotate the image, add an effect.

The application interface is simple and clear. Even a beginner can create a logo in the program. The service works with the Cyrillic alphabet and contains more than 300 fonts with the ability to upload your own.

The fastest English-language neural network allows you to quickly and easily create logos for business.

image 3

The service library includes a large selection of templates and icons, color schemes and fonts.

The user can easily create a unique logo that reflects the values and activities of the company.

Using the Turbologo platform is easy, the interface is clear and user-friendly. Even a beginner can use the program.

A large number of templates are available for different areas of activity. Provides ample opportunity for individual customization.

Instant generation ensures time savings and excellent results. You can download the finished layout in any format.

Offered assistance from designers. To create your own logo, just go to the site and start working immediately without registration.


This graphic editor is designed for working with banners and creatives, but it is also suitable for creating branding. You can create logos and download from them in low resolution even in free mode.

image 4

A premium subscription gives you access to additional filters and templates. This provides an expanded storage size.

The platform’s library contains 8 thousand templates, which can be used for free. A paid subscription gives you access to 600 thousand templates and 3 thousand fonts.

The application supports the Cyrillic alphabet and has a simple, intuitive interface. It is possible to automatically save layouts in your personal account.

Integration with social networks, Google maps, photo stocks and other services is available.


A convenient platform that combines the functions of a designer and an assistant, available in a free version. To do this you need to register.

image 5

No payment is required to create the logo, but a purchase is required to download it. Several subscription options are offered.

The library includes more than 300 templates, 20 fonts. The application contains a name generator. The interface is clear and convenient.

The color scheme is easy to customize. Users note some disadvantages of the service: slow page loading, lack of Cyrillic fonts.


A profitable solution for business. Three tariff plans are offered, from which you can choose a package that meets your company’s needs.

image 6

Using the service, unique logos are created automatically based on neural networks. Customization of results is available. You don’t need designer skills to use the program.

To start developing your own corporate symbol, just enter the company name, add keywords, and the system will offer suitable options. Having chosen a suitable logo, you can edit it: remove the icon, change the position of elements, customize fonts, perform color correction.

Logo Maker/Logo Maker Plus

You can create your own unique brand name not only on a computer or laptop. But also from a mobile device.

image 7

Logo Maker works on iPad and iPhone. You can use the trial version for three days. To continue working, we suggest you sign up for an annual subscription.

The program has wide functionality. More than 1000 fonts, 100 templates available. There are also about 5,000 pictures and stickers available.

It’s convenient to work with, but users note some shortcomings in the platform’s operation. It is impossible to download the image immediately. A previously saved creative is missing.

Logo Maker Plus version expands the boundaries of creativity. The service contains more ready-made templates, useful functions, and fonts.

Logo development is an important stage in the formation of a company’s image. It is reasonable to entrust the creation of a brand name to a designer.

If you want to develop a logo yourself, you should listen to the recommendations of professionals. Good work will make your logo the true “voice of the brand.”

A large number of virtual assistants makes it possible to choose a convenient platform for creativity. Choose a program that is easy for you to work with and create your own unique logo.