After all the bad it has done to the consumer, corporate America and to the country in general, some analyst are pointing to the good that this economic turmoil is leaving in its wake.

The days of bumming around the office with little to do and having more time chatting with your officemates are over.

Businesses large and small are now pretty much aware that productivity can be optimized if you really need to as what the economic recession has brought us to do.

Less workforce, lower operating costs, lower payroll, and smaller office space giving business the same products and services.

You have the tools, the internet, email, fax, the laptop and even Cell phones to keep you working while on the road and at home – all these is re-inventing the way business is thriving.

If corporate America survives this economic glut, it has a very good lesson it won’t ever forget – when push comes to shove, you can do more with less.