Almost two years of recession have left small business closing shop. The ADP estimates that as many as 2.6 millions jobs have disappeared from small scale enterprises reeling form the economic meltdown.

And those that are lucky to remain in business are stripped to the bone, as it were.

They are getting by with the just slightly better than a skeleton workforce while some have reduced payslips.

Cost cutting measures have never been more severe.

Branch offices are shut down or floor spaces reduced to save on rentals and electricity where workers can just do their job from their homes at reduced salaries.

Full time employees become part-timers and many job functions are outsourced overseas with cheaper labor cost.

Corporate America will never be the same again. With skeleton workforces often taxed to their productivity limits right in their homes that are wired to the internet.

With this, a lot of savings had been realized that just might be extended even after the recession.