Quora was first created in 2009 and launched to a waiting public in 2010.

The premise was simple, to create a location where anyone could ask a question and other forum members would answer it. 

The app also allowed other users to comment on answers, encouraging a spirited debate and helping people discover the truth about any situation. 

Naturally, some members are simply on the site to cause trouble for other members.

However, on the whole, Quora has been well received and has built an excellent reputation. 

The following Quora users statistics make interesting reading, although the biggest question on everyone’s lips is ‘how many people use Quora?’

Key Statistics

  • As of 2023 Quora has 300 million members
  • Most Quora users are aged between 25-34
  • Between 3,000 and 5,000 questions are asked daily
  • Quora is most popular in india
  • 71% of traffic on Quora is organic
  • 55% of Quora users are male
  • 75% of visitors arrive via a mobile device
  • 35% of US citizens use Quora
  • Quora is a largely untapped marketing opportunity for businesses
  • On average, adults spend twice as long on Quora as on LinkedIn

Quora Users: How Many People Use Quora in 2024?

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1. As of 2023 Quora Has 300 Million Members

Quora has been in existence for a sizable amount of time and can’t compete with Facebook, YouTube, or even Twitter in terms of user numbers. 

As of 2023, Quora has a significant 300 million members.

However, that figure has risen by 100 million in just 12 months, suggesting that Quora is rapidly becoming more popular. 

In theory, Quora could have one billion users by 2030, although it probably still won’t be able to directly compete with Facebook, Twitter, and the other major social media sites. 


2. Most Quora Users Are Aged Between 25-34

Approximately 30% of Quora users globally are between 25-34 years old.

A further 28% of users are between 18-24 years old. 

The next most popular group is those between 35-44 who make up 18% of the audience and those between 45-54 who are 12% of the audience. 

Over 65s are just 4% of Quora users. 

Currently, those between 25-34 ask the most questions on Quora and this makes sense, that’s the age range which is most accustomed to asking the internet questions and is already looking for answers to a variety of issues. 

It’s possible that the main age group will change as current Quora users age, only future surveys will answer this. 


3. Between 3,000 And 5,000 Questions Are Asked Daily

According to a recent Quora study, between 3,000 and 5,000 questions are asked on Quora daily.

That’s somewhere between 90,000 and 150,000 questions in a month and well over a million questions a year. 

In most cases, each question is unique, illustrating the potential for humans to think outside the box. 

The average question will be answered by six or seven members.

This can lead to a mini debate or a refinement of the answer. 

If a particularly popular question is asked, Quora reports it may have as many as 5,000 responses.

That’s a lot of posts to look through.


4. Quora Is Most Popular In India

Quora has 300 million members, that’s a huge audience but not overly surprising as the company has been operating for over 13 years.

What may surprise you is where Quora is popular.

There are approximately 70 million residents of India on Quora every month.

It has proven to be a place where there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

This is particularly appealing to Indians, so much so that there are more of them than US citizens on the site.

In fact, 38.7% of Quora users are based in India.  


5. 71% Of Traffic On Quora Is Organic

Gaining an organic following can be difficult, that’s why so many businesses use paid ads to get their name in front of potential customers. 

Quora is different, it has dedicated itself to becoming the foremost solution website.

If you have a question you’ll either type it into the internet and get a link to Quora, or you’ll go straight to Quora to type it.

It’s worth noting that websites on average will get 40-50% of their traffic from organic sources.

That means creating the right SEO content to get people clicking through to your site. 

Younger businesses will rely more on paid adverts and established businesses can enjoy organic traffic.

But, in both cases, Quora’s organic traffic rate is impressive.

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6. 55% Of Quora Users Are Male

The most recent survey by Quora highlighted that 55% of users are male and 45% female.

This figure was 57% male and 43% female in 2019.

The study doesn’t illustrate why Quora is more popular with men than women.

However, it could be due to the open banter that frequently appears when answering questions. 

A QuickSprout review suggested that male users tend to search for information and advice online, which is why Quora is so popular.

In contrast, females tend to prefer creating connections, which is why they generally gravitate toward Facebook and similar social media sites. 


7. 75% Of Visitors Arrive Via A Mobile Device

The Quora annual survey in 2020 revealed an interesting statistic.

75% of visitors to the site came via a mobile device. 

While the usage of mobile devices has been increasing and has recently surpassed desktop access to the internet, it is still a close call.

Currently, 60% of internet usage comes via mobile.

The higher rate for Quora users may be connected to the fact that most of their traffic comes via YouTube.

As YouTube is largely video-based and people prefer watching videos on their mobile devices, it stands to reason that Quora is more frequented by mobile users than via desktop computers.

This percentage is likely to increase as mobile internet access gradually eliminates desktop access. 


8. 35% Of US Citizens Use Quora

A recent survey of Quora customers highlighted that a large proportion of them are from the US, although not the largest proportion.

These figures, compared to the number of US residents, confirmed that 35% of the US population use Quora on a regular basis. 

In other words, if you’re selling anything that may appeal to Americans, you need a Quora presence.

You can do this by answering questions and appearing like a professional in your chosen niche. 

Or, if you prefer, you can simply advertise on the site and get your company and product known. 


9. Quora Is A Largely Untapped Marketing Opportunity For Businesses

Following a survey of customers and ad usage in 2019, Quora announced that 60% of companies using Quora ads are business to business (B2B), and 40% are business to consumer (B2C).

More notable was the fact that most businesses pay more attention to Facebook and other social media outlets, despite the number of Quora users. 

In other words, Quora has a large audience that most businesses could appeal to, yet most businesses are missing the opportunity. 

It is possible to market your business on Quora without using adverts. However, this approach is generally more complicated and time-consuming.

It should be noted, Quora ads generally see four times higher conversion rates than any other platform. 


10. On Average, Adults Spend Twice As Long On Quora As On Linked In

The key to success for any business is to reach your target customer.

If you can reach them you simply have to convince them they need your product or service.

The most effective way to do this is to locate your audience and share the issue, in a way that they can relate to.

They will then purchase the solution. 

Many businesses focus on social media to find their customer base.

However, the average adult will spend twice as long per day on Quora than they will on social sites such as LinkedIn.

In short, know your audience and target them accordingly.   


Getting Started On Quora

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Having read the statistics regarding Quora users and other relevant facts, it’s time to create your account and join the club. 

Create Your Account

Creating an account is very easy.

Simply head to the Quora website and choose the signup option.

You can sign up with your Google account, in which case all the known details will be filled in for you. 

Alternatively, manually create an account with your email address and a password.

Make it aé strong password. 

Choose Your Topics

Once you’re logged in you can choose the topics you want to follow and that you would like to contribute to.

It’s best to choose at least 10 topics. 

Add A profile

You’ll now be able to fill out all your profile details. You should also check the privacy settings to decide which information you want others to see.

For example, you’ll have to enter your real name into your Quora account.

But, you can choose a screen name so that other users don’t see your real name. 

Quora asks for a lot of information, such as education, location, and even your employment.

It’s up to you how much information you provide. The more complete a profile is, the more genuine it appears. 

Start Posting

You’re now ready to start posting. Monitor your favorite topics. If someone asks a question you can answer then write your answer and post it.

But, be sure to check the other responses first, someone else may have written the exact same thing. 

If you ask a question on Quora and can’t find an answer then post the question, and let others answer for you. 

Over time, your interactions with posts will lead to other members following you. Your profile will be taken increasingly seriously.

Of course, it’s difficult to get the number of followers you could get on social media. But, gaining a following on Quora is often more satisfying. 

Summing Up

How many Quora users are there?

Over 300 million and this figure is likely to grow rapidly in the next 3-5 years.

Although, it should be noted that Quora focuses on quality over quantity. 

However, the key takeaway from these statistics is not the number of users, it’s the fact that this platform offers an excellent marketing opportunity and marketers across the globe need to start paying attention to this fact. 

With a little effort, anyone can exploit the relatively untapped potential of Quora and transform their business.

Individuals can simply access the service and get their questions answered by experts.

It’s worth checking it out today.  


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