Whether you’re a busy parent, a college student, or simply someone who thrives working outside the traditional 9-to-5 framework, part-time evening and night jobs can provide valuable opportunities.

With a wide array of industries and positions, these jobs are perfect for those seeking flexibility and potentially higher pay rates.

In this guide, you’ll find that a multitude of options are available to suit your skills, preferences, and goals.

From the comfort of your own home to bustling work environments, there is a job out there that will match your unique needs.

High-Paying Part-Time Night and Evening Jobs

Best Part-Time Night or Evening Jobs

1. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can work as a freelance professional providing administrative and organizational support to clients.

These jobs often allow you to create a flexible schedule and work remotely.

Some tasks you might do include email management, scheduling, data entry, and research.

To succeed, you should be tech-savvy and have excellent communication skills.

Generally, virtual assistants can earn between $15 to $30 per hour depending on their skills and experience.

2. Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for writing, consider becoming a freelance writer.

You can work on projects such as blog posts, articles, website content, and more.

Freelance writing offers the flexibility to work on your own schedule, making it an ideal part-time night or evening job.

You can find work on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or even through social media.

Earnings for freelance writers can vary greatly, but it’s possible to earn up to $60 per hour for high-quality and specialized content.

3. Online Tutor

Do you have expertise in a particular subject or a talent for teaching others?

Becoming an online tutor can be a great part-time night or evening job that’s both high-paying and fulfilling.

You can connect with students over video calls, helping them with homework, test prep, or learning new skills.

There are several online platforms where you can find tutoring gigs, such as Varsity Tutors and Chegg Tutors.

Online tutors can earn between $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the subject and level of expertise.

4. Bartender

A classic evening job, bartending can be both enjoyable and high-paying.

You’ll be responsible for mixing drinks, ensuring excellent customer service, and maintaining a clean environment.

Bartending can be a great opportunity to interact with people and make connections.

Of course, this job requires you to work nights and weekends.

You might consider taking a bartending course to improve your skills and increase your earning potential.

Experienced bartenders can earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour, including tips.

Jobs for College Students

Jobs for College Students line cook

As a college student, finding a part-time night or evening job can be a great way to earn extra money while gaining valuable work experience.

Here are two excellent jobs for you to explore:

5. Casino Dealer

If you’re looking for a fast-paced and social environment, working as a casino dealer might be the perfect fit for you.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for overseeing gaming activities and ensuring a fair, enjoyable experience for all guests.

Casino dealer positions often require evening or night shifts, allowing you to work around your class schedule.

To get started, you may need to attend a dealer school or obtain a gaming license, depending on the requirements in your area.

As a casino dealer, you’ll have the opportunity to foster your customer service skills, multitask, and learn more about various casino games.

6. Line Cook

Another great option for college students seeking a part-time night or evening job is working as a line cook in a restaurant, diner, or cafeteria.

In this position, you’ll be preparing and cooking food, as well as maintaining kitchen cleanliness and safety.

The fast-paced nature of this role allows you to hone your time management and multitasking skills, which are essential qualities for success in both your studies and future career.

Many line cook positions don’t require previous experience, making it an ideal choice for students who may be new to the workforce.

With dedication and motivation, you may even have the chance to advance to a higher level cooking position or management role.

Work from Home Night Jobs

Work from Home Night Jobs blogger

Working from home has increasingly become popular as it offers flexibility and convenience.

If you’re looking for part-time night or evening jobs to fit your lifestyle, here are a few options to consider:

7. Blogger

Blogging is a casual, fun, and engaging way to express your ideas and expertise to the world.

You can create a blog about your favorite subject, and dedicate your evenings to share your experience, advice, or knowledge with your followers.

Monetizing your blog through sponsored content, advertising, and affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn income while doing what you love in your free time.

8. Freelance Proofreader

If you have a keen eye for detail and excellent grammar skills, consider becoming a freelance proofreader.

Many businesses and individuals require proofreading services for their written content.

As a proofreader, your role is to read their material carefully, checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

The best part about this part-time job is that you can work from home and choose your hours, allowing you to fit work around your other responsibilities.

9. Transcriptionist

Transcribing audio or video recordings into written text can be a great part-time evening job.

Various industries, such as legal, medical, and broadcasting, require transcription services.

To succeed in this role, you should have good listening, typing, and grammar skills.

Most transcription companies allow you to work from home and set your hours, making it an ideal job choice for night owls.

Flexible Schedule Jobs

Flexible Schedule Jobs babysitter

Finding part-time night or evening jobs that adapt to your lifestyle can be a great way to earn extra income.

Here are some job options that offer flexibility in terms of hours and scheduling, while still allowing you to enjoy your weekends.

10. Babysitter

Babysitting is a classic option if you’re looking for part-time evening work.

As a babysitter, you get to:

  • Choose your own schedule by taking on shifts that fit your lifestyle
  • Decide whether you want to work on weekdays, evenings, or even weekends
  • Develop relationships with families by offering recurring childcare services

Many parents are in need of reliable babysitters for evenings and weekends, so by offering your services, you’re helping them enjoy a night out or attend events while ensuring their children are safe and well-cared-for.

11. Lyft Driver

Becoming a Lyft driver can allow you to earn extra cash while flexing around your current schedule.

As a Lyft driver, you can:

  • Utilize the app to choose when and where you want to drive
  • Opt for primarily evening and night shifts if daytime hours don’t work for you
  • Take advantage of weekend opportunities when the demand for rides might be higher

Keep in mind that as a rideshare driver, busy times can vary, so it’s essential to stay aware of local events and popular destinations to maximize your earnings.

12. Uber Delivery

If transporting passengers isn’t your preference, consider joining Uber as a delivery driver for Uber Eats.

This option enables you to:

  • Set your own part-time hours and select the shifts that suit your availability
  • Earn income by picking up and delivering food orders from restaurants to customers
  • Opt to work during busy dinner hours or as a night owl catering to late-night cravings

Remember that your earnings may vary based on factors like location and demand, but working evenings and weekends could increase your potential income due to higher order volumes.

Jobs for Night Owls

Jobs for Night Owls security guard

As a night owl, you might prefer working in the evenings or at night.

Fortunately, there are numerous part-time job opportunities available for those who thrive during the nighttime hours.

13. Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers often work evening and night shifts, ensuring that inventory management and orders are processed efficiently.

This role may include tasks such as:

  • Picking and packing items for shipment
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Sorting and organizing inventory
  • Operating machinery and equipment

The working environment is typically casual, and you’ll likely have a set schedule that caters to your night owl tendencies.

This role usually doesn’t require any special qualifications, making it an accessible option for many people.

14. Security Guard

Security guards often work night shifts, keeping facilities and properties safe during the hours of darkness.

In this role, your responsibilities may include:

  • Monitoring security cameras
  • Patrolling the premises
  • Responding to alarm activations
  • Managing access control

As a night owl, you’ll find that the night shift offers fewer interruptions, allowing you to focus on your work, and you may even enjoy more independence without the presence of day-shift managers.

To work in this field, you might require a security license or certification, depending on your region.

15. Night School Teacher

Night school teachers have the unique opportunity to cater to folks who prefer evening classes, whether they have daytime jobs, family responsibilities, or simply prefer learning at night.

Your role as a night school teacher might involve:

  • Creating lesson plans
  • Teaching your subject of expertise
  • Grading assignments and exams
  • Providing support and guidance to students

This position is a perfect fit for night owls who have a background in education or a specific subject area.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely need relevant qualifications, such as a teaching degree or certification, to work as a night school teacher.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs call center agent

16. Front Desk Clerk

As a Front Desk Clerk, you’ll be the face of the company for customers and visitors.

You will be responsible for greeting guests, handling reservations, and doing other administrative tasks for your workplace.

Part-time evening shifts are common in hotels, fitness centers, and other spaces where customer service is essential.

To excel in this role, you should have excellent communication skills, a welcoming demeanor, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

These skills will help you cater to your customers, ensuring that they have the best possible experience at your workplace.

Some factors to consider when looking for a Front Desk Clerk position include:

  • Working hours
  • Location
  • Rate of pay

17. Call Center Agent

As a Call Center Agent, you will provide stellar customer service over the phone.

This part-time evening job will have you assisting customers with inquiries, troubleshooting problems, and handling a range of customer service tasks, such as taking orders or addressing billing issues.

To flourish in this position, it will help if you have great listening abilities, patience, and enjoy working with people.

Having a casual tone of voice is typically appreciated by your callers, making it easier for them to connect with you.

Moreover, being adept at multitasking and problem-solving can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Some factors to consider when looking for a Call Center Agent position include:

  • Schedule flexibility
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Hourly wages or commission-based pay

Retail and Store Jobs

Retail and Store Jobs merchandise stocker evening jobs

18. Barista

If you’re a night owl and enjoy creating delicious beverages, consider working as a barista for evening or overnight shifts.

Many coffee shops and cafes operate late hours or 24/7 to accommodate customers.

As a barista, your responsibilities will generally involve crafting various types of coffee drinks, processing transactions, and keeping the cafe clean.

This is a great opportunity to interact with fellow night owls, hone your customer service skills, and learn the art of coffee-making.

19. Merchandise Stocker

Another option for those seeking a part-time evening or night job is to become a merchandise stocker at a retail store.

This role focuses on organizing and restocking shelves, maintaining inventory, and creating visually appealing product displays.

Some perks of this position include:

  • Overnight shift availability: Many stores require stockers during the nighttime hours, making it suitable for someone looking for night shift work.
  • Physical activity: Keep yourself active by walking around the store and moving items to their proper places.
  • Flexible hours: Some stores might provide flexibility, allowing you to set your own schedule or work on weekends.
  • Opportunities for advancement: As a merchandise stocker, you may have the chance to move up within the company and take on additional responsibilities.

A retail or store position such as a barista or merchandise stocker may tick all the boxes if you’re on the hunt for a casual, part-time evening or night shift job.

These options allow you to interact with others, stay active, and earn income during your preferred hours.

Hospitality and Cleaning Jobs

Hospitality and Cleaning Jobs janitor evening jobs

20. Hotel Desk Clerk

If you’re a night owl and enjoy interacting with people, working as a hotel desk clerk can be a great part-time evening job opportunity.

Many hotels have overnight shifts where you’ll be responsible for check-ins, check-outs, and providing excellent customer service.

Plus, the quiet nighttime work environment can be perfect for catching up on some reading or light tasks between guest interactions.

Just be prepared to handle unexpected situations and maintain a professional demeanor.

21. Dishwasher

Whether in a hotel or a restaurant, dishwashing can be a steady part-time night job.

Your tasks may include cleaning dishes, utensils, pots, pans, as well as helping out with kitchen cleanliness.

It may not be the most glamorous job, but dishwashing can provide you with a steady income and opportunities for advancement within the hospitality industry.

Additionally, working in a fast-paced kitchen environment can improve your efficiency and multitasking skills.

22. Janitor

Janitorial positions are available in various facilities such as schools, office buildings, hospitals, and shopping centers.

As a janitor, your primary responsibilities will involve cleaning, floor maintenance, and waste management.

Responsiveness to incoming cleaning requests and proper handling of janitorial equipment are also crucial.

Often, these roles offer evening or nighttime shifts for part-time workers, making it perfect for anyone looking for a flexible work schedule.

Part-Time Jobs with Benefits

Part-Time Jobs with Benefits mail sorter evening jobs

In this section, we’ll cover some popular part-time night or evening jobs with benefits.

Remember that not all part-time positions offer benefits, so it’s important to do your research before applying.

23. Mail Sorter

As a mail sorter, you’ll play a crucial role in making sure that packages and letters reach their intended recipients.

Working in a facility operated by postal services or private delivery companies, you’ll sort through mail and parcels, ensuring they’re accurately labeled and routed.

This part-time evening job might provide you with benefits such as employee discounts, paid time off, and access to health, dental, and vision insurance.

A high school diploma or GED may be required, but many mail sorter positions don’t require any specific education or formal training.

24. Data Entry Clerk

In the role of a data entry clerk, you’ll be responsible for inputting and updating data in computer systems.

Your responsibilities could include anything from typing in information to cross-checking data for accuracy.

Data entry positions can be found in various industries, ranging from healthcare to finance.

Many companies offer part-time evening data entry clerk positions, with some even providing benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings plans.

While requirements for data entry clerks may vary, a high school diploma and basic computer skills are typically needed.

25. Caregiver

If you enjoy helping others and want to make a positive impact, consider becoming a part-time evening caregiver.

You’ll support individuals who need assistance with various tasks, such as meal preparation, personal care, and light housekeeping.

Caregivers typically work with older adults, people with disabilities, or those recovering from an illness or injury.

Some caregiver positions are part-time evening jobs that come with benefits such as flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and access to health insurance.

To succeed in this role, you should be compassionate, patient, and have an attentive nature.

Keep in mind that specific qualifications and certifications may be required depending on the client population you work with.

Online Platforms to Find Night Jobs

Online Platforms to Find evening Jobs

When you’re looking for part-time night or evening jobs, online platforms can be a great resource.

Two of the most popular freelance platforms are Fiverr and Upwork.

On Fiverr, you can create a profile showcasing your skills, set your own prices, and offer various services (called gigs).

Buyers interested in your gigs will contact you, and you can work at your own pace.

It’s an excellent choice for people seeking flexible night work, especially in fields like graphic design, writing, or programming.

Upwork is another platform that connects freelancers with clients.

To get started, you’ll need to create a profile highlighting your experience and skills.

Then, you can search for job postings relevant to your abilities and submit proposals.

Clients will review your proposal and, if they find it suitable, will hire you for the job.

This platform is perfect for someone looking for a more structured part-time night job as projects can range from short-term to long-term contracts.

There are other options, too, for finding night jobs online.

Websites such as Indeed and Remote.co often have listings for part-time night or evening positions.

On these sites, you can filter your search based on location, salary, and job type, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your schedule and skills.

Lastly, don’t forget about the power of social media!

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can be helpful in your job search.

Engage with groups and communities related to your field and keep an eye out for openings.

Networking within these digital spaces may lead to new opportunities that align with your ideal part-time night or evening job.

Remember, patience is key when searching for a night job online.

Keep applying, networking, and sharpening your skills, and the right opportunity will come your way.

Good luck!


What are some good part-time night or evening jobs?

There are a variety of great part-time night jobs to choose from, depending on your interests, skills, and schedule.

Some popular options include:

1. Night auditors in hotels
2. Warehouse workers or stockers
3. Bartenders or restaurant staff
4. Online tutoring or teaching
5. Customer service or tech support agents
6. Freelance writing, graphic design, or web development

How can I find part-time night or evening jobs?

You can start by searching online job boards like Indeed and filtering your search by keywords like “evening,” “night,” or “part-time.”

Don’t forget to explore your local community by checking out newspaper classifieds or neighborhood job fairs.

Networking can also be a powerful tool, so let your friends, family, or colleagues know you’re looking for an opportunity.

What’s the typical pay rate for part-time night or evening jobs?

Pay rates can vary greatly across industries and positions, but generally speaking, you might earn a little more with night or evening hours because of added incentives or shift differentials.

Entry-level positions like retail or fast food might pay near minimum wage, while jobs requiring more experience or certification, such as nursing or teaching, can offer higher pay rates.

Can I do part-time night or evening jobs from home?

Absolutely! There are plenty of work-from-home opportunities available for night owls.

Online tutoring, freelance writing, graphic design, web development, and virtual customer support are just a few examples.

Be sure to verify the legitimacy of a work-from-home position, though, to avoid potential scams.

Are there any challenges with working part-time night or evening jobs?

While night or evening jobs offer unique benefits like flexible schedules and potentially higher pay, they can also present some challenges.

For instance, you might have to adjust your sleep schedule, deal with a less social work environment, or balance your day job (if you have one).

It’s essential to consider these factors when choosing the right job for you, but remember, you’re not alone in navigating these challenges!

Key Takeaways

You might be considering a part-time night or evening job for a variety of reasons, like needing extra income or fitting work around your studies.

Whatever your reason, there’s a range of opportunities to explore.

Here are some key takeaways from this article for you to consider:

  • Good income potential: While hunting for a part-time night/evening job, aim for those offering competitive pay rates. Many of these jobs can provide a decent supplemental income.
  • Sustainability: Look for jobs that you can sustain throughout the year. This means choosing roles that offer consistent hours or repeatable customer needs, ensuring you won’t be left struggling for work during certain seasons.
  • Flexibility: Your ideal part-time night or evening job should offer flexibility regarding time and location. Many positions provide options to work remotely, ensuring you can balance other aspects of your life more easily.
  • Accessibility: It’s important to find a job that doesn’t require high-profile credentials or qualifications to start working. Many available roles only call for basic skill sets or on-the-job training, making it simple for you to get started.

Keep in mind that part-time night and evening jobs can span various industries, so you have plenty of options to consider.

Some popular fields include healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

With so much variety, you’ll likely find a suitable role that matches your interests and skillset.

Good luck with your job search!