A rich and prosperous civilization ruled Egypt, the remnants of which you can see in the desolate ruins that are strewn all over the land.

The process of mummification, which gives insight into how people in those days preserved those who had passed away, is well known.

However, it is not just these that are meant to be known, but many other locations that are not so popular to understand the country’s heritage and culture.

Key Monuments To Visit When Staying Here

Egypt is a land that brings on the ancient world through its many old-world sites and structures, which were built by hand and to this day, showcase marvelous engineering.

Arrive here on Egypt Air flights to have a fabulous vacation. Here is a look at the monuments that are a must-visit while vacationing here:

Egyptian Museum

A huge collection of fascinating artefacts is showcased here, each with its own story to tell.

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Out of the many collections, one that you must check out is the Tutankhamun collection, which has so many rich, beautiful items belonging to ancient Egypt.

The many jewelry items, mummies, and fascinating pieces of jewelry give insight into what kind of civilization prospered thousands of years ago.


This city is famous for its Nubian culture, and you can get insight into it by visiting various heritage spots, such as the temple of Khnum.

Do not miss out on taking a wooden felucca boat ride around Elephantine Island. The highlight of this place is the Aswan Dam, a symbol of modern Egypt.

However, it is full of ancient monuments, such as the temples of Abu Simbel, which have been painstakingly carved by human hands from mountainsides. Another similar place to visit is the Philae temple.

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Abu Simbel

It was built by the famous King Ramses II, and its key feature is that it was cut into a rock cliff. The purpose behind building it was to celebrate the king’s victory at the Kadish Battle in 1274 B.C.

A beautiful aspect of this temple is that it is dedicated to a number of gods, such as Pah, Amon, and Ra-Horakhty.

At the entrance is a four-seated colossus of the King, and inside are many paths and rooms. There is also a smaller temple inside, dedicated to his wife, Queen Nefertari.

The Sphinx

It is this form that ancient Egyptians worshipped as a form of the sun god, and it is estimated to be about 4500 years old.

This mythological creature, which has the body of a lion and the eyes of a human, is also seen in Greek, Asian, and Egyptian mythology.

It is the only remaining monument from the ancient world. Actually, though it is a tan colour today, it was once painted in the colours red, blue, and yellow, and you can still see the red hue on one of the ears.

Red Sea Coast

It is given this name because of the seasonal algae that bloom here, which gives its crystal-clear water a sort of reddish-orange tint. Naturally, it serves as a vital trade link between Asia and Europe.

The average temperature in the waters can go up to 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, making it as warm as when used for bathing.

It is the perfect place for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, as there are many spots suitable for them.

Mount Sinai

It is on the summit of this mountain that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, which are sacred for both Muslims and Christians.

One of the things that tourists do famously is climb the mountain at night to watch the sunrise in the morning.

Hiking up the mountain gives you access to breathtaking natural beauty and panoramic views; it also ushers spirituality into your spirit, which stays forever.

You can also take the camel trail to reach the top, which is an easier route.

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White Desert

It is a place of spectacular natural beauty created millions of years ago from a seabed, a reminder of which can be seen in the form of this white rick.

Layers of chalk and limestone are on the surface, giving it a white colour. You can see so many brilliant mountain formations that can be beautifully photographed.

Its stunning rock formations resemble objects like chess pieces, mushrooms, and other surreal shapes.

Egypt Air flights operate regularly to Cairo, from where you can book the tour package that you feel is optimal for the sightseeing that you want to do with your family.

There are so many impressive monuments belonging to the ancient world that can be easily explored through various tour programs, which you can book in advance from your location.