Millions of individuals get inked each year, making the tattoo industry a rapidly expanding global market.

In 2021, the tattoo industry was worth more than $1.8 billion, and it is anticipated to expand much further in the coming years.

The growing acceptance of tattoos across the world is one of the main factors driving the expansion of the tattoo industry.

Tattoos used to be frequently linked to counterculture and revolt, but today they are more universally accepted and viewed as a form of self-expression.

The development of social media is also a significant influence in the growth of the tattoo industry.

People may now easily share their tattoos with the world on social media sites like Instagram, which has boosted public understanding and appreciation of tattoo art.

The tattoo industry is also becoming more diverse and inclusive.

In the past, the tattoo industry was dominated by white men, but today there are more and more women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people working in the industry.

This diversity is reflected in the tattoo designs that are available, and it is making the tattoo industry more welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

This article explores some tattoo industry statistics, such as the market size, the most popular tattoo designs, and the average cost of a tattoo, and many other more.

Key Statistics

  • In 2022, the global tattoo industry was worth $1.89 billion.
  • An average tattoo studio has a 55% profit margin. 
  • In the United States, $1.65 billion is spent on tattoos.
  • The tattoo industry’s revenue fell by 9.5% due to the 2020 lockdown.
  • 17% of people who have tattoos regret them.
  • Japanese script is the most-searched language as an inspiration for tattoos.
  • Italians are the most tattooed people globally.
  • Lucky Diamond is the man with the most tattoos worldwide.
  • 76% of employers say they would hire people with tattoos.
  • 59.3% of the tattoo industry revenue is from custom-designed tattoos.

General Tattoo Industry Statistics

Tattoo Industry Statistics

1. The worldwide tattoo market was valued at $1.89 billion in 2022.

Over the years, more and more people are becoming interested in the tattoo industry.

In 2022, the global tattoo market was worth about $1.89 billion and is expected to be worth more in the coming years.

The factors driving the growth of the tattoo industry include the rising demand for tattoos, the expanding availability of tattoo studios and artists, and the technological advancements in tattoo equipment and techniques.


2. A typical tattoo parlor makes a profit margin of 55%.

The tattoo industry is thriving due to the high demand for tattoos and people’s willingness to pay more for high-quality work.

As proof, tattoo parlors have an average profit margin of 55%, which is considered a success in the business world.


3. In the US, $1.65 billion is spent on tattoos.

Tattoos have become a mainstream form of self-expression and artistry, and people from all walks of life are choosing to get inked. 

The tattoo industry in the US is a big and expanding business, with Americans spending over $1.65 billion on tattoos each year.

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially among millennials and Gen Z, because of the growing acceptance of tattoos in society and the increasing demand for unique and personalized designs.

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4. The tattoo industry lost 9.5% of its revenue in 2020 due to the lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the tattoo industry to experience a 9.5% revenue decline in 2020.

Due to lockdowns and other limitations enforced by the government, several tattoo parlors were compelled to close temporarily or alter their hours of operation.

This drastically decreased the amount of time tattoo artists could work and make money.

Aside from the forced closure brought on by the virus, several people avoided getting tattoos during the pandemic because of the fear of contracting a disease.


5. Nearly 2 out of 10 Gen Zs in the US got a tattoo during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 19% of Gen Zs based in the United States got a tattoo during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many people are stuck up in their houses with their phones during this period of severe isolation and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The majority of Gen Zs are exposed to social media platforms like TikTok, where many users express themselves and share a glimpse into their life. 

As time went on, tattoos evolved into a way for people to show their uniqueness, creativity, and values in life.


6. 17% of people with tattoos regret getting inked.

17% of people with tattoos regret getting inked.

Many people who get tattoos regret getting them for various reasons.

The following are a few of the most common reasons why people chose to remove their tattoos: 

  1. People’s preferences might vary with time, so what they enjoyed in one stage of their lives may not be as appealing in another. 
  2. They are not satisfied with the outcomes of their tattoos. 
  3. Some individuals obtain tattoos they later regret, such as the name of an ex-spouse or a tattoo that symbolizes a traumatic event in their lives.

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7. Japanese script is the most commonly chosen language for tattoos.

Japanese script is the most commonly chosen language for tattoos.

Many people opt to get Japanese script tattooed on their bodies.

Japanese writing is frequently regarded as being lovely and graceful.

The characters are intricate and complicated, and there are several ways to combine them to produce beautiful patterns. 

Aside from that, Japanese is a complex and old language with a significant cultural heritage.

Japanese script tattoos can be used to represent a range of character traits, including bravery, strength, and wisdom.

(History of Tattoos)

8. 24% of people think tattoos enhance one’s attractiveness.

Different people have different preferences.

We all have different views on what we think is attractive, and what we think is not. 

According to recent surveys, about 24% of people think tattoos make people more attractive.

This can be due to the following reasons, including:

  1. Tattoos can be visually appealing. Tattoos can enhance one’s style and appeal. 
  2. Some are attracted to people who are vocal and express themselves in an artistic way. Tattoos can be a way to express one’s individuality and uniqueness. They can be used to symbolize one’s values, beliefs, and interests.
  3. Some people love mystery. They may be drawn to the mystery and intrigue of tattoos, or they may simply appreciate the beauty of the artwork.

9. Italy has the most tattooed population in the world.

48% of Italians have at least one tattoo, according to a 2022 poll. 

The practice of tattooing has a long and illustrious history in Italy.

In the beginning, tattoos were used to denote social standing, religious convictions, and personal ideals.

Italians view tattoos as a method to display their uniqueness and cultural background.

Numerous Italians express their personalities, convictions, hobbies, and pride in their heritage via tattoos.

Due to the perception that tattoos are a kind of art, they are also common in Italy.

Many individuals get tattoos in Italy merely to admire the beauty of the artwork since Italian tattoo artists are renowned for their talent and innovation.


10. Here are the top countries with the highest rate of tattooed people:

  1. 48% of people from Italy have at least one tattoo.
  2. Sweden with a 47% rate.
  3. 46% of Americans in the United States have tattoos.
  4. 43% of Australians have at least one tattoo. 
  5. Argentina with a 43% rate.
  6. 42% of people from Spain have a tattoo.
  7. 41% of Danish have at least one tattoo.
  8. 40% of people from the United Kingdom have at least one tattoo.
  9. Brazil has a 37% rate.
  10. Lastly, 36% of people from France and Germany have a tattoo.


11. Lucky Diamond Rich has over 1,000 tattoos

Gregory Paul McLaren, most commonly known as Lucky Diamond Rich holds the Guinness World Record for the most tattooed person in the world.

He has over 1,000 tattoos covering his entire body, including his eyelids, mouth, ears, and foreskin.

Rich is an Australian tattoo artist and performer.

He started getting tattoos in the 1980s, and he has been tattooing himself since 1998.

He has been featured in numerous documentaries and television shows, and he is a popular attraction at tattoo conventions around the world.

Rich’s tattoos are a mix of different styles, including traditional, Japanese, and Polynesian.

He also has a number of tattoos that are related to his personal beliefs and interests, such as his Buddhist tattoos and his tattoos of his family members.

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12. 76% of employers are okay with employees with tattoos

76% of employers are okay with employees with tattoos

Recent polls revealed that 76% of employers are now willing to hire employees who have tattoos.

This figure indicates that companies are growing more understanding and accepting of tattoos.

Tattoos were originally regarded as unprofessional and taboo, but with this number, it can be inferred that tattoos are becoming more accepted in the workplace.

Tattoos are growing more popular as time goes on, especially among younger generations.

In fact, at least one tattoo is present in close to one third of US college grads. 

This statistic may also indicate that companies are becoming aware that a person’s tattoos may not always represent their work ethic or ability.

A person with a tattoo can possess the same knowledge and abilities as someone without one.


13. In the US, a small tattoo typically costs $45

On average, a small tattoo costs $45 in the United States.

The size of the tattoo, the difficulty of the design, the level of expertise of your tattoo artist, and the location of the tattoo shop are some of the variables that might affect the cost of a tattoo.


14. About 36% of individuals have tattoos

An evidence of the growing popularity of tattoos and the rising acceptability of various kinds of self-expression is the fact that 36% of people now have tattoos.

The increasing popularity of tattoos is a positive sign.

It shows that people are more accepting of different forms of self-expression.

Tattoos are now becoming more mainstream and are seen on people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions.

This is due in part to the growing popularity of tattoos among celebrities and other public figures.


15. The cost for tattoo removal ranges from $400 to $4000

The cost for tattoo removal ranges from $400 to $4000

In the United States of America, the average price of tattoo removal is between $400 and $4000.

The size, body part where the tattoo is, and intricacy of the tattoo; the kind of laser utilized; and the technician’s skill are just a few of the variables that might affect the price of tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is more expensive for tattoos on the face and hands than for tattoos on other parts of the body. This is so because they need more attention and are more sensitive.

Tattoo removal costs are often greater for more skilled professionals.

However, they also have a higher chance of being able to remove the tattoo successfully and with little to no scarring.

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16. In the US, there are 21,000 tattoo parlors.

An indication of how widespread tattoos are in the US is the fact that there are 21,000 tattoo parlors around the region.

It is possible to use tattoos to convey one’s values, views, hobbies, and experiences.

In addition, they can be used to mark significant occasions in life or to promote a cause or organization.

With social media becoming more and more prominent, the tattoo business is also gaining.

Finding and sharing tattoo ideas has become simpler thanks to social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

As a result, a wider spectrum of individuals are now more likely to get tattoos and to be more conscious of them.


17. Custom-designed tattoos account for 59.3% of the tattoo industry’s income.

A growing number of people are seeking tattoos that are special to them and that reflect their own personalities, views, and values.

About 59.3% of the tattoo industry revenue is from custom-designed tattoos.

Custom-designed tattoos can range in complexity from a straightforward name tattoo to an elaborate and detailed design.

They may draw inspiration from a person’s interests, trips, or life events.

Commemorating significant life milestones like a graduation, a wedding, or the birth of a child may also be done with custom tattoos.

The popularity of bespoke tattoos can be attributed to a variety of factors.

They enable people to express themselves in special and individual ways, which is one reason.

People may express their creativity and personality with custom tattoos.

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18. Women make up 70% of those who get their tattoos removed.

70% of people who get their tattoos removed are women.

This can be due to social stigma as women have traditionally been more judged for their appearance than men, and tattoos are still seen by some as unprofessional or taboo. 

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19. The tattoo removal industry is valued $280.25 million in 2022.

The tattoo removal industry is estimated to be worth $280.25 million in 2022.

The market for tattoo removal is expanding more quickly than the tattoo industry itself.

The market for tattoo removal has experienced tremendous development in part due to an increase in the number of individuals having tattoos.

There is an increasing need for tattoo removal services as more individuals obtain tattoos.

The removal of tattoos has also become simpler and more efficient because of technical improvements in tattoo removal methods.


20. The hottest tattoo trends of 2023

The hottest tattoo trends of 2023

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Here are four (4) of the hottest tattoo designs this year: 

  1. Butterfly

Butterfly-designed tattoos have always been one of the most popular tattoo trends ever since the ‘90s.

And now, this 2023, butterfly tattoos are becoming more popular.

The concepts of metamorphosis, beauty, and freedom are frequently linked to butterflies.

They may also represent optimism and fresh starts.

They may be intriguing to those who are going through a change in their lives or who are searching for a tattoo that symbolizes their own growth and development because of these traits.

  1. Mini hearts

Aside from being cute and minimalist, mini hearts are a delicate and discreet method to convey feelings of love, sympathy, or compassion.

They could also stand for acceptance and self-love.

Due to its adaptability and ability to be worn anywhere on the body, little hearts may be popular.

  1. Tiger designs

Tiger designs are infamous for being among the more well-liked tattoos that represent the adage “go big or go home”.

Tigers are strong and beautiful animals that are frequently connected with independence, bravery, and strength.

The fact that tigers may symbolize these traits as well as the wearer’s uniqueness and fortitude may explain why they are so popular as tattoo designs.

  1. Script tattoos

People frequently like the meaning behind script tattoos, making them one of the most popular tattoos for a reason.

Many different topics may be expressed by script tattoos, including quotations, music lyrics, and personal mottos.

A tribute to a loved one or to mark significant moments in life may also be done with them.

The fact that script tattoos are a unique and significant method to express oneself may be the reason why they are so popular.

Remember, these are just tattoo trends that might give you an idea on what tattoo to get.

A tattoo is permanent, therefore, you should always consider what is meaningful to you and the type of design you would like to have on your body for many years to come as you search for the ideal tattoo.

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The tattoo industry is a worldwide phenomenon currently experiencing steady and rapid growth.

There are over 21,000 tattoo parlors are now in business, and the tattoo industry in the US is estimated to be worth over $1 billion.

Other regions of the world, like Europe, Asia, and South America, are also seeing a rapid expansion of the tattoo industry.

The tattoo industry is an incredibly successful sector that is constantly changing.

A lot of brilliant artists and enthusiastic individuals work in this field.

It has become a sector that is expanding in diversity and inclusivity.

Now, more individuals can express themselves through tattoos, and this is a movement we ought to embrace.

It is important that we became aware of all these tattoo industry statistics as we will continuously witness its success in the coming years.


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