Have you ever stumbled upon a Reddit and wondered what is the most downvoted Reddit comment?

Well, you’re not alone.

Reddit is a platform where users can share their thoughts and opinions on just about anything.

While some comments spark lively discussions, others can be downright controversial, offensive, or just plain bizarre.

In fact, some comments have received so much negative attention that they have become the most downvoted comments in Reddit history.

From corporate PR disasters to insensitive jokes, these comments have earned their place in Reddit infamy.

But what exactly makes a comment so unpopular that it receives thousands of downvotes?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most downvoted Reddit comments of all time and explore the stories behind them.

We’ll examine the factors that contributed to their unpopularity and analyze the impact they had on Reddit users and the wider online community.

So buckle up, and get ready to dive into the world of Reddit’s most infamous comments.

Most Downvoted Reddit Comment

Reddit is known for its upvote and downvote system, which allows users to express their opinions on posts and comments.

While upvotes are a sign of appreciation and agreement, downvotes indicate disapproval and disagreement.

The more downvotes a comment receives, the more unpopular it becomes.

Here are some of the most downvoted comments in Reddit history:

  • EA’s comment about Star Wars Battlefront II:
    • In 2017, EA posted a comment on Reddit defending the company’s decision to include microtransactions in the game.
    • The comment became the most downvoted in Reddit history, with over 683,000 downvotes.
  • Woody Harrelson’s AMA:
    • In 2012, Woody Harrelson hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit to promote his new movie.
    • However, the session quickly turned sour when he refused to answer questions that were not related to the movie.
    • His responses were heavily downvoted, and the AMA is now considered one of the worst in Reddit history.
  • The Fine Brothers’ copyright controversy:
    • In 2016, the Fine Brothers, a popular YouTube channel, announced their plans to trademark the term “React” and license it to other creators.
    • The announcement was met with backlash, and their Reddit post received over 5,000 downvotes.
  • Unidan’s vote manipulation:
    • Unidan was a popular Reddit user known for his knowledge of biology.
    • However, in 2014, it was discovered that he had been using multiple accounts to upvote his own comments and downvote those of others.
    • The revelation led to his ban from Reddit and his comments receiving thousands of downvotes.
  • Ann Coulter’s AMA:
    • In 2013, conservative commentator Ann Coulter hosted an AMA on Reddit.
    • Her responses were heavily downvoted, with many users accusing her of avoiding questions and being disrespectful.

These comments serve as a reminder that Reddit users are not afraid to express their opinions, even if it means downvoting popular figures and companies.

The Downvote Feature

Reddit’s downvote feature is a way for users to express their disapproval of a post or comment.

It is represented by a small arrow pointing downwards, located next to each post or comment.

When a user clicks on the downvote button, the post or comment loses one point of karma.

The downvote feature is an essential part of Reddit’s voting system, which helps to determine the visibility of posts and comments.

Posts and comments with more points of karma are more likely to appear at the top of the page.

Those with fewer points will be buried deeper in the thread.

While the downvote feature can be a useful tool for expressing disagreement, it can also be abused.

Some users may downvote posts or comments simply because they disagree with the content, rather than because of the quality of the post or comment.

This can lead to a “hive mind” mentality, where unpopular opinions are suppressed and only popular opinions are allowed to thrive.

It is important to remember that the downvote feature should be used to promote quality content and discussion, not to silence dissenting voices.

If you disagree with a post or comment, consider leaving a respectful comment explaining your point of view instead of simply downvoting it.

This can help to foster a more open and inclusive community on Reddit.

Implications of Downvotes

When you post a comment or a submission on Reddit, other users have the ability to upvote or downvote your content.

While upvotes can increase the visibility of your post, downvotes can have the opposite effect.

But what are the implications of downvotes?

Firstly, downvotes can indicate that your post is not well-received by the community.

This can be a sign that your post may contain inaccurate information, be offensive, or simply not be interesting to others.

It is important to take downvotes as constructive criticism and use it to improve your future posts.

Secondly, downvotes can affect the visibility of your post. Reddit’s algorithm takes into account the number of upvotes and downvotes a post receives to determine its position on the page.

If your post receives a significant number of downvotes, it may be buried deep in the subreddit, making it difficult for others to see.

Thirdly, downvotes can be used to moderate the community.

Reddit has rules and guidelines that users are expected to follow, and downvotes can be used to enforce these rules.

For example, if a user posts spam or violates the subreddit’s rules, other users can downvote the post to indicate that it should be removed.

Finally, downvotes can lead to a negative feedback loop.

When a post receives downvotes, it can be tempting to downvote it even further, leading to a cycle of negativity.

It is important to remember that downvotes should be used constructively and not as a means of attacking other users.

Overall, downvotes can have a significant impact on the visibility and reception of your post.

It is important to take them as constructive criticism and use them to improve your future posts.

Key Takeaways

After looking at the most downvoted Reddit comments of all time, here are some key takeaways:

  • Controversial topics tend to attract a lot of downvotes.
    • Comments related to politics, gaming, and social issues are often the most downvoted.
  • Companies and public figures are not immune to downvotes.
    • Several comments made by companies like Electronic Arts and celebrities like Woody Harrelson have made the list.
  • Negative comments about Reddit itself can also attract a lot of downvotes.
    • Comments that criticize the platform or its users often receive a large number of downvotes.
  • The downvote system is not always used correctly.
    • Some comments are downvoted simply because they express an unpopular opinion, even if they are factually correct.
  • Downvotes can have real-world consequences.
    • Comments with a large number of downvotes can lead to negative publicity for the person or company involved.

Overall, these downvoted comments serve as a reminder of the power of social media and the importance of being mindful of what you say online.