Making money from the comfort of your smartphone has become a reality.

With many money-making apps, you can easily supplement your income or save up for that dream vacation. 

In this article, we will explore the 21 best money making apps that offer various opportunities to earn rewards, cash, and other benefits. 

Whether you want to take surveys, shop online, complete tasks, or sell your services, these apps have covered you.

Best Money Making Apps in 2024

1. Swagbucks

Best Money Making Apps

Swagbucks is a highly acclaimed rewards app renowned for its versatile and lucrative opportunities that empower users to earn money through various channels. 

Established as a digital platform, Swagbucks has garnered significant popularity due to its innovative and user-friendly approach to providing many earning options. 

By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with engaging tasks, Swagbucks caters to a diverse audience seeking to augment their income or obtain rewards for their online activities.


  • Various earning options, including surveys, watching videos, and shopping. 
  • Redeemable rewards like gift cards and PayPal cash.


  • Surveys may disqualify users after some time

2. OnMyWay

onmyway Best Money Making Apps

OnMyWay represents a distinctive and trailblazing mobile application that actively promotes and incentivizes safe driving practices by offering compelling rewards to users who refrain from using their phones while driving. 

Rooted in the mission of curbing distracted driving, a prevalent issue contributing to road accidents and fatalities, OnMyWay has emerged as a revolutionary solution that effectively merges technology, behavioral psychology, and positive reinforcement.

At its core, OnMyWay utilizes cutting-edge smartphone technology and sensors to detect when users are driving.


  • Encourages safe driving habits. 
  • Rewards can be redeemed for cash or discounts on products.


  • Limited to earning rewards while driving only.


public Best Money Making Apps is a comprehensive investment app that has revolutionized how individuals engage with the stock market and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

By breaking down barriers and offering fractional share investing, has democratized the world of finance, empowering users of all financial backgrounds to partake in the exciting world of stock ownership.

At its core, functions as a user-friendly platform that grants investors access to a vast array of stocks and ETFs from well-known companies and emerging industries alike.


  • User-friendly interface for investing. 
  • No commission fees for trading.


  • Limited to investing; may involve financial risks.

4. Fundrise

fundrise Best Money Making Apps

Fundrise represents a sophisticated and innovative real estate investment platform that has revolutionized the traditional approach to commercial property investing.

By harnessing the power of technology and financial expertise, Fundrise has opened doors for individuals of various economic backgrounds to participate in the lucrative world of commercial real estate.

At its core, Fundrise operates as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a unique twist.

Unlike traditional REITs that often require significant capital investment and are predominantly accessible to institutional investors, Fundraise focuses on providing individual investors with the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial properties.


  • Diversification in real estate investment. 
  • Potential for higher returns compared to traditional savings.


  • Long-term investment with potential liquidity limitations.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb Best Money Making Apps

Airbnb is a global phenomenon and a pioneering platform that has transformed how people experience travel and accommodations worldwide. 

Founded on community, trust, and shared experiences, Airbnb has created an expansive ecosystem connecting hosts with travelers, offering a diverse range of unique, local, and authentic accommodations.

At its core, Airbnb operates as an online marketplace that empowers individuals, known as hosts, to list their properties, be it homes, apartments, villas, treehouses, or even castles, for short-term rentals. 

This inclusive model allows hosts to monetize unused or spare spaces and offers travelers many accommodation options beyond traditional hotels. 


  • Opportunity to earn extra income by renting out space or properties. 
  • Flexibility in setting prices and availability.


  • Dependent on the demand for accommodations in your area.

6. Medium

medium Best Money Making Apps

Medium has emerged as a prominent and influential online publishing platform that has transformed the landscape of digital content creation and monetization. 

At its core, Medium provides a powerful and user-friendly platform for writers and content creators to share their ideas, stories, and expertise with a global audience.

One of Medium’s defining features is its commitment to fostering a diverse and vibrant community of writers. 

The platform welcomes voices from all walks of life, allowing individuals to publish articles, essays, opinion pieces, and long-form narratives on various topics. 


  • Opportunity to earn through writing. 
  • Access to a large readership base.


  • Earnings may vary based on readership and engagement.

7. Soundcloud

soundcloud Best Money Making Apps

SoundCloud is a trailblazing and transformative music streaming and sharing platform that has redefined the landscape of online music distribution and artist monetization. 

With a vision to empower creators and democratize the music industry, SoundCloud has emerged as a haven for established musicians and aspiring artists seeking a global audience.

At its core, SoundCloud provides a user-friendly and accessible platform for artists to upload, share, and promote their music. 

Unlike traditional music streaming services, SoundCloud embraces diverse genres and encourages artists to experiment with their sound, fostering a rich tapestry of musical expression. 


  • Independent musicians can earn revenue from their music. 
  • Access to a vast music community.


  • Earnings may depend on the popularity of the uploaded content

8. Shopkick

shopkick Best Money Making Apps

Shopkick has emerged as a dynamic and innovative shopping rewards app that has transformed the retail experience for millions of users. 

At its core, Shopkick employs a unique and engaging approach to incentivize consumers by allowing them to earn points, known as “kicks,” for various shopping activities, both online and in physical stores.

The platform seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with gamification to create an interactive and rewarding shopping journey. 

Users can accumulate kicks by simply walking into partner stores, scanning specific product barcodes, making purchases, submitting receipts, or engaging with online content, such as watching videos or exploring sponsored offers. 


  • Earn kicks by simply walking into stores or scanning products. 
  • Redeemable for gift cards or products.


  • It is limited to select partner stores and locations

9. Capital One Shopping

capital one shopping Best Money Making Apps

Capital One Shopping represents an innovative and user-friendly browser extension that has revolutionized how online shoppers find discounts and deals. 

Developed by the renowned financial institution Capital One, this tool empowers users with cost-saving opportunities and a seamless shopping experience.

At its core, Capital One Shopping operates as a comprehensive online savings platform that actively seeks out and aggregates discounts, coupons, and special offers from various sources across the web. 

By integrating seamlessly into users’ web browsers, the extension analyzes the products in their virtual shopping carts and instantly scours the internet for discounts. 


  • Automatic coupon search for potential savings. 
  • Easy to use and saves money.


  • Requires installation and access to browser data.

10. Rakuten

Rakuten Best Money Making Apps

Rakuten, a leading cashback app, has revolutionized how consumers shop and save money online. 

At its core, Rakuten operates as a sophisticated and comprehensive rewards platform that offers users a compelling incentive to shop through their portal by offering cashback on their purchases.

The app’s seamless functionality is designed to enhance the user experience.

Upon signing up, users can browse through a vast array of partner retailers, which includes major brands and e-commerce websites spanning various industries. 


  • Extensive partner stores for cashback. 
  • Easy to use and redeem rewards.


  • Cashback percentages may vary based on partner stores

11. Dosh

dosh Best Money Making Apps

Dosh is a cutting-edge cashback app that has revolutionized how consumers save money while shopping. 

With a focus on convenience and automation, Dosh has become a game-changer in cashback rewards, offering users a hassle-free and seamless way to earn money on their everyday purchases.

At its core, Dosh is a sophisticated and user-friendly mobile application that empowers users to earn cashback on their transactions at participating retailers effortlessly. 

Unlike traditional cashback programs that require users to submit receipts or scan barcodes manually, Dosh’s approach is entirely automated. 


  • Passive cashback earnings with linked cards. 
  • No receipt scanning is required.


  • You are limited to participating merchants

12. Fetch Rewards

fetch rewards Best Money Making Apps

Fetch Rewards is a feature-rich and innovative receipt-scanning app that has transformed how users interact with shopping receipts. 

At its core, Fetch Rewards offers a user-friendly platform that empowers consumers to earn rewards for scanning and uploading their shopping receipts effortlessly.

The app’s functionality revolves around a straightforward process: users simply take photos of their paper receipts or link their email accounts to scan e-receipts from participating retailers automatically. 


  • Earn points for everyday grocery purchases. 
  • Works with any grocery receipt.


  • They are limited to earning through grocery receipts only

13. Ibotta

ibotta Best Money Making Apps

Ibotta is a trailblazing and top-rated cashback app that has transformed how users earn rewards for shopping. 

At its core, Ibotta operates as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that empowers consumers to unlock cashback rewards for purchases made at in-store and online partner stores by simply submitting their receipts.

The app’s appeal lies in its seamless and convenient process.

After downloading Ibotta, users can explore a vast network of partner retailers, which includes grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, online merchants, and more. 


  • Wide range of partner stores and cashback offers. 
  • Multiple redemption options.


  • Requires manual receipt submission

14. TaskRabbit

taskrabbit Best Money Making Apps

TaskRabbit represents an innovative and versatile platform that has redefined how individuals outsource tasks and errands to local freelance workers

With a focus on convenience and efficiency, TaskRabbit offers users a seamless and user-friendly experience for hiring skilled professionals to handle diverse tasks.

At its core, TaskRabbit operates as an on-demand service marketplace that connects users, known as “Task Posters,” with a vast network of freelance workers called “Taskers.”

Taskers possess various skills and expertise, from household chores and handyperson services to administrative tasks, event planning, and virtual assistance. 


  • Opportunity to earn money by completing tasks. 
  • Flexible work schedule.


  • Earnings may depend on demand for tasks in your area

15. UrbanSitter

urbansitter Best Money Making Apps

UrbanSitter is a pioneering and comprehensive babysitting app that has revolutionized how parents find and book trustworthy babysitters in their local communities. 

At its core, UrbanSitter provides a sophisticated and user-friendly platform that caters to the unique needs and preferences of parents seeking reliable childcare services.

The app’s process begins with parents creating a profile and setting their preferences, including their location, desired babysitter qualifications, availability, and any specific requirements or preferences they may have.


  • Earn money as a babysitter. 
  • Access to potential clients through the app.


  • Dependent on the demand for babysitting services in your area

16. Rover

rover Best Money Making Apps

Rover is a transformative and comprehensive pet-sitting app that has revolutionized how pet owners find and connect with reliable pet sitters and dog walkers. 

At its core, Rover provides a sophisticated and user-friendly platform that caters to pet owners’ unique needs and preferences, seeking trustworthy and loving care for their furry companions.

The app’s process begins with pet owners creating a profile and detailing their pet’s specific care requirements, including their species, breed, age, medical needs, and temperament. 


  • Earn money by pet sitting or dog walking
  • Opportunity to interact with pets.


  • Demand for pet-sitting services may fluctuate.

17. Upwork

upwork Best Money Making Apps

Upwork is a revolutionary and comprehensive freelance platform that has transformed how businesses connect with skilled freelancers for a diverse range of projects and services. 

At its core, Upwork provides a sophisticated and user-friendly marketplace that caters to businesses’ unique needs and requirements, seeking talented professionals and freelancers offering their expertise and services.

The platform’s process begins with businesses posting their project details and requirements, outlining the specific skills and qualifications they are seeking in a freelancer. 

Upwork’s advanced algorithm then matches businesses with a curated selection of freelancers with the necessary expertise and qualifications, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to the hiring process.


  • Access to a wide range of freelance opportunities. 
  • Ability to set your rates.


  • Competition from other freelancers

18. Fiverr

fiverr Best Money Making Apps

Fiverr has emerged as a revolutionary and expansive freelance marketplace, revolutionizing how freelancers showcase their skills and services to a global clientele. 

At its core, Fiverr provides a dynamic and user-friendly platform that caters to a diverse range of professionals, allowing them to offer their unique services, also known as “gigs,” to clients worldwide.

The platform’s process begins with freelancers creating detailed and compelling gig listings, outlining the specific services they offer, the scope of work, delivery timeframes, and pricing. 

Freelancers can design their gig pages, allowing them to showcase their expertise, portfolio, and unique selling propositions. 


  • Opportunity to monetize your skills and talents. 
  • Global client base.


  • Gigs may initially be undervalued until a reputation is established.

19. Mistplay

mistplay Best Money Making Apps

Mistplay is an innovative and immersive mobile gaming platform that has revolutionized the gaming experience by offering users a unique opportunity to earn rewards while playing their favorite mobile games

At its core, Mistplay provides a feature-rich and user-friendly environment where gamers can indulge in their passion for gaming and earn tangible rewards and incentives.

The platform’s process begins with users downloading the Mistplay app and creating a personalized profile. 

Upon signing up, users gain access to an extensive library of mobile games from various genres and developers. 


  • Earn rewards for playing games. 
  • Variety of game options.


  • Rewards may take time to accumulate

20. Bananatic

bananatic Best Money Making Apps

Bananatic is an innovative and comprehensive gaming rewards platform that has revolutionized the gaming experience by allowing users to earn virtual currency while playing and testing games. 

At its core, Bananatic offers a feature-rich and user-friendly environment where gamers can immerse themselves in a wide variety of games and unlock valuable rewards and incentives.

The platform begins with users signing up and creating a personalized profile.

Upon registration, users access Bananatic’s extensive gaming catalog, which includes a diverse selection of games spanning various genres, platforms, and developers. 


  • Earn virtual currency for playing games. 
  • Fun and interactive platform.


  • Virtual currency may not have direct cash value.

21. Gamehag

gamehag Best Money Making Apps

Gamehag is an innovative and multifaceted gaming platform that has redefined the gaming experience by offering users various rewarding activities. 

At its core, Gamehag provides a feature-rich and immersive environment where gamers can enjoy playing games and earn valuable rewards through various quests and community engagement.

The platform’s process begins with users signing up and creating their personalized profiles.

Upon registration, users gain access to Gamehag’s extensive library of games, encompassing a diverse range of genres, platforms, and developers. 


  • Earn rewards for playing and interacting with games. 
  • They are engaging the community.


  • Rewards may be limited to in-game items or virtual currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these money-making apps legitimate and safe to use?

Yes, the apps mentioned in this article are reputable and safe.

However, exercise caution while providing personal information or payment details.

Can I use multiple money-making apps simultaneously?

Using multiple apps allows you to diversify your earning opportunities and maximize your potential rewards.

How do I receive payments from these apps?

Payment methods vary depending on the app.

Most apps offer PayPal cash, gift cards, or direct deposits.

Are there any age restrictions to use these apps?

Yes, some apps have age restrictions.

Make sure to review the app’s terms and conditions to ensure eligibility.

Do these apps require a lot of time and effort to earn rewards?

The time and effort required to earn rewards depend on the app and your chosen activities.

Some actions may require more time than others.


With the best money making apps at your disposal, earning extra cash and rewards has never been easier. 

Whether you prefer taking surveys, shopping, offering services, or playing games, these apps offer diverse opportunities for users to monetize their time and skills. 

However, remember to exercise caution, prioritize safety, and read the app’s terms and conditions before embarking on your money-making journey.

Happy earning!